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5 Minute Learning Machine

The incredible 5 minute learning machine is a book that reveals the secrets of learning quickly and efficiently. Jack Singer, the author of the book realizes the importance of learning in our daily lives. Not just for the academic students, the job officers but also for the stay at home moms and dads, the program created for everyone.

The name suggests a learning program that helps you boost your memorizing skills in just five minutes. Maybe the author wishes to deliver the same message as well. However it is not quite the case. The book is the writer suggests you should read every day for merely five minutes to get the results in matter of days.

5 Minute Learning Machine

The book includes techniques like:

  • Speed reading

The idea suggests that speedily reading is one of the secrets of getting to learn efficiently. The 5 minute learning machine includes all the techniques you need to follow in order to learn effectively.

  • Problems are half solved already

The author discusses the problem with our learning abilities. For example, if a student of business, accounting, mathematics or any subject like that which includes figures, finds it difficult or maybe time consuming to solve the long complex equations, he needs to understand that most of the time the solution to the problem lies in the problem itself. YES, it is in fact true. The writer has pointed out a great point which many of us miss even in your daily routines. Most the problems calling for a solution are half solved already.

Claiming learning to be “as simple as tying your shoelace”, the author of the book has proven his point. The results observed in the customer’s learning abilities are clear and obvious. The book helps the learners in the following ways.

5 Minute Learning Machine Problems are half solved already
5 Minute Learning Machine by Warren Banks

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Skyrockets your reading speed

The author – Warren Banks has put most focus on how to increase your reading speed. Your reading speed increases twice as fast as it was earlier. It is belief that the most important part of learning is reading. Once you learn to read speedily, you learn t ‘learn’ speedily. It is not just the reading speed that fastens, but along the way, the power of understanding too. As you read speedily, you start learning concepts quickly.

Skyrockets your vocabulary

The book doesn’t only reveals the ideas of learning effectively but increases your vocabulary as well. It literally ‘skyrockets’ your vocabulary, which means your vocabulary reaches to an extent that you no longer find difficulties in understanding the concept only because you didn’t get the meanings of most of the words.

Skyrockets your power to handle figures

Dealing with figures, say in mathematics, accounts or statistics, is always problematic. No wonder the subjects are hated by so many students. But then, the same subjects are the favorites of some, too. It is tricky, yes. And the ones who learn to solve the tricks get over the figures while the ones still in a confusion why two positives equal a negative are lacked way behind. The author of 5 minutes learning machine has revealed methods by which you can get a complete command over figures. And YES, it is possible. For a teenage girl, who used to hate mathematics, once used the 5 minutes leaning machine, starts LOVING it. It enhances your power of recognition, observation and configuration and thus skyrockets you power to handle figures.

The author of the book has mainly focused on one simple concept: Concentration.

You need to concentrate on everything around you. Say for instance you’re drinking a glass of water. Is the glass clean? Is the water clean? Where did you get the water from? Was that a clean source? And just like that a million questions start crossing your mind. This is the first step of observation. Once you observe, you realize the nature of it. You realize the nature of the problem. And moving inwards, you start observing deeper complexities. Thus defined the whole concept of concentration.

5 Minute Learning Machine


You get three bonuses for ordering by midnight:

  1. You get the copy of the famous E-book “Advanced Memory Techniques: How To Create Total Recall” that is worth $39, but you get it for free.
  2. Another book on “New Advanced Body Language Secrets”. The book that claims you will never look at the world the way you used to look at it.
  3. The third bonus is the Audio Interview With Jack Zufelt – Author Of The Best Seller “The DNA of Success – take a look” Also worth $39.95 but presented for free.

My final verdict

Priced at $27 only, it is a great deal to buy all the benefits along with a superb

New Update – June 2019

It is really a great advantage if you are the type of person who can memorize things really easily and quickly. It will be a great advantage in the sense that you can be able to grasp the learning that is required for you to make yourself better.

However, not all of us are born with such nice genetics that’s why a lot of people end up being frustrated when they are memorizing kinds of stuff. Thankfully, a product that is aimed at teaching you how to improve your memorization skills has been created.

Since this product was created a lot of people have improved their memorization skills significantly which helped them in their respective lives. To give you an idea of the benefits that you can get from this product here is a quick rundown:

  • You will know how to have a photographic memory that will help you increase the performance of your brain.
  • It will make your overall health significantly better because of the natural techniques that you will learn from this product.
  • Your confidence in whatever you are doing will significantly become better because of the bonus strategies that are inside this product.

So if you want to have a great mind then this product is definitely the perfect one that you should buy! You will surely never regret buying this product and it is guaranteed.

5 Minute Learning Machine

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