500 Intimate Questions For Couples Review: The Pros & Cons

500 Intimate Questions For Couples

What is Michael Webb’s 500 Intimate Questions For Couples?

Developed by Michael Webb – a famous and successful relationship expert, this manual is a detailed collection of questions that can bring a couple closer, in more ways than one. These questions revolve round intimacy and sex. The author firmly believes that the success of any relationship is rooted in excellent communication. Only when you can talk to your partner freely about intimacy, can you achieve that level with him or her, and be completely comfortable. Thus, this book helps you to build those bridges with your partner, so that you not only have a rocking sex life, but your relationship is enriched in all ways. The questions act as aphrodisiacs to boost your sex life. The book is not limited to any particular type of couple. It can be used by newlyweds, couples married for years or anyone else.

500 Intimate Questions For Couples

What does the guide include?

The guide contains 500 questions that will help to increase the intimacy and comfort between a couple. The questions are divided into different categories as follows:

Category 1: Warming up

This category contains 136 questions and is intended for the couples who have yet to have sex with each other. The questions here act as a foundation on which you can build the intimacy of your relation by getting to know and understand your partner better.

Category 2: Taking it to the next level

With 96 questions, this category is aimed at making you comfortable talking about sex. The knowledge you will gain by asking these questions to your partner will help you get closer to your partner, both physically and mentally.

Category 3: Worth the wait

This category specifically deals with the different experiences that give your partner pleasure. By talking about things that you specifically enjoy, you get to know your partner well and both of you are able to understand each other’s needs.

Category 4: Special Occasions

When you are years in your relationship or marriage, there is a chance that things might get routine. However, by embracing something new on special occasions, you can keep the novelty in your lovemaking and in your relation.

Category 5: Through the Years: Questions that keep home fires burning

This category ensures that the fire of your lovemaking keeps growing even after years into the relationship.

500 Intimate Questions For Couples Through the Years: Questions that keep home fires burning


When you buy this guide, you also get access to the following wonderful bonus reads:

Bonus 1: 101 Romantic ideas

Originally priced at $15, this guide will give you over 100 ideas that can add romance in your life. It includes ideas such spelling ‘I love you’ on the ceiling with glow-in-the-dark stars, dancing at a secluded romantic spot, and many more.

Bonus 2: 53 Sexy coupons

Valued at $10, this book includes printable coupons that will be the perfect surprise for your partner. All the coupons will help add spice in your love life.

Bonus 3: How to give your partner great massages

The original value of this guide is $25. As the name suggests, this will walk you through all the steps for giving your partner a refreshing, sensual massage that will lead to much more.

 500 Intimate Questions For Couples How to give your partner great massages

What are the benefits of the program?

  • This is an extremely simple guide, which is packed with information that is very simple to follow.
  • The guide is available in downloadable format. Hence, you can access it on any device – your smartphone, laptop or computer.
  • Once you make the payment, you get immediate access to the guide. There is no waiting for the product to be shipped and delivered to you.
  • You get access to all new updates for free with a single, one-time payment.
  • Your purchase is backed by a 100% 60-day cash back guarantee, making it completely risk-free for you.

Testimonials from Users

  • Brian W says, “I am loving 500 Intimate Questions. I have purchased all your other books and this one has been the most powerful in my relationship. For the past month we’ve made the ritual of putting the kids to bed and then sitting in front of the fireplace to read through 10 of the questions. We usually take about 30 minutes to discuss and more times than not, it has resulted in passionate lovemaking right in the living room.”
  • Eleanror G is happy with this guide and she says, “My husband and I had been making love about every three months. To be honest, I don’t think we were that much in love anymore after 37 years of marriage, raising 4 kids, etc. I know I’m not as attractive as I was when we were first married but some resentment on my part also crept in. The questions were a god-send. We’ve been going through them for 3 weeks now and we’ve made love 8 times — without the blue pill even! The best part for me is the emotional intimacy that has returned (although I’m not complaining about the very, very good sex).”
  • Sari V says, “I got the questions because I wasn’t ready to have sex with my boyfriend. We went through the first 100 questions and I realized it would have been a huge mistake. We see sex/making love so differently! Your book saved me a lot of heartaches I’m sure.”
  • This is what Brigit had to say, “I love how all the questions weren’t just about “sex” but also about dreams, desires, romance and love. That is what really turns me on. I was a bit more nervous about asking/answering some of the hard-core sex questions but in the end it was very worthwhile. Helpful hint: drink wine while asking the questions if one of you is more reserved.”

500 Intimate Questions For Couples Testimonials from Users

How much does this manual cost?

Although the original cost of the manual was $87, you can get full and immediate access to 500 Intimate Questions for Couple, along with all the bonus manuals, by paying a discounted price of only $37. This is a steal compared to the benefit it will add to your love life. Moreover, this payment comes with a 100% 60-day money back guarantee. In case you are unhappy or dissatisfied with the product and wish to return it, you can do and get your entire money back, with no hassles.


500 Intimate Questions for Couples will help you strengthen your relationship by allowing free communication between you and your partner. Sharing personal details and wishes will bring you closer than before and this will keep your relation enriched and fulfilling. Try the guide today and see the difference it will bring into your relationships!

500 Intimate Questions For Couples Conclusion

New Update – July 2019

There are times wherein our relationship with our partners are on jeopardy for various reasons and you do not want your relationship to be in that situation. A lot of couples are frustrated because they do not know how to resolve that problem of theirs. Thankfully, a product like this has been created which will help you bring a spice on your relationship.

Since I posted a review of this product several months ago a lot of people have already solved their relationship problems significantly. To give you an insight into what to expect with the product, here are the following benefits that you can get if you will buy this product.

  • It will help to add spice in your relationship by handing you some useful love questions that will make you become more intimate with your partner.
  • Your overall health will significantly become better you will be engaged with sex more frequently than the usual.
  • You can minimize or complete diminish your quarrels quickly which will give you a more satisfying relationship with your partner.

So if you want to put your relationship with your partner to the next level then this product is definitely the best one that you should buy!

500 Intimate Questions For Couples

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