AK Elite Review: What You Should Know Before Buying

AK Elite

What a piece of genius Brad Callen is! Never thought Amazon.com can make me earn more than $1000 per month without sucking a drop of blood from my body!

If you are a frequent buyer of books from Amazon then don’t just remain as a reader but start earning from it with the help of AK Elite. Yes, since 2012 the Amazon book selling has almost doubled than that of 2009 record sales and that is the reason I started developing interest in this business. That’s because the writers and readers on Kindle have increased double since then and there is a new world all together updating the books list day in and out.

AK Elite Review: What You Should Know Before Buying
AK Elite

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What are the advantages?

Following are noted advantages by me:

  1. There is no need to buy Kindle to start this business.
  2. Publishing a Kindle book was never that easy.
  3. The Kindle book market is too huge, ready to go and publicity through AK Elite is an easy entrance for new comer.
  4. The only thing you know is how to write, publishing and marketing of books are completely taken care of by this software.

AK Elite Review

How does the marketing work on Amazon?

I wanted to get an easy entrance of my eBooks in the internet shopping world. I wrote plenty of books on finance, business and taxes. Some of them were also published through blogs but I was earning only through advertises published on the blogs. Google’s AdSense was the distributor of income but the problem was that the income per month was very less and I had to spend lot of time in developing keywords, SEO optimization, putting tags, linking etc.

Amazon on the contrary works completely differently. I wrote 4-5 books initially on various topics like how to secure good credit score? are payday loans really effective? How can one transfer money through credit cards and reduce debts? Later, I sold them to one contractor for whom I wrote all such books. He has a long history of Amazon Kindle books. And to my surprise, they all got good initial hit. The more time it remains online and the more time people like it and leave reviews the more traffic will attracted and the contractor can get more money benefits. Hence, my each book was like a money tree to him and they still earn dollars for him every now and then.

It was in late 2013 that I realized why should I keep writing for others?

AK Elite How does the marketing work on Amazon

How AK Elite by Brad Callen did change the gear?

AK Elite is software which developed an initial market for me. Getting few customers on my own was not easy especially when no one knew me as a writer and I had hardly any fan base. People don’t trust internet stories or stuff just like that. They prefer reviews, stars attached and a complete profile. This customer’s history helped me develop my own profile on the Amazon. Hence, I started generating the keywords for my books. For example, for payday loans the keywords could be US Payday Loans, Signature Loans, Bad Debt Loans etc.

AK Elite helps in reviewing the top rated books on the subject matter I want to explore. It’s kind of a market research study of Amazon Kindle books. Once you search the keywords getting highest attention, later you can use them for sale of your own books. If your book has a better content, I am sure I short period of time you will be on top of the chart as best seller.

What was the strategy?

The strategy discussed here is my own. I wanted the software to let me know first the number of keywords getting highest traffic. In other words, I wanted to know what people actually search for when they log in on Amazon to find the books. After a complete research I start developing the topics from it and write books based on such keywords. Hence, this is not copying keywords to books already written but writing books for keywords selling the most.

The other idea I got is to start hiring authors on various topics. I ensured that I adhere to different niche topics and do not become boring to my readers.

Costs and guarantee

I found AK Elite very cheap considering the benefits it provided to me while developing my writing business. It works on any new version of Kindle and yes it was quite kind to know that 60 days of trial is possible which thankfully I never needed to return. I went for onetime payment considering it as a good investment to my business. I didn’t know initially how to launch it and their customer support care was prompt enough to drag me on the correct way.
AK Elite

Thanks for Reading This AK Elite Review.

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