Assured Soccer Profits Review – It’s Really Good or Not?

Assured Soccer Profits

Assured Soccer Profits website review 

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This website is about football gambling and trading. According to the site it is for gamblers who are looking for a consistent winning strategy. It provides a full soccer trading source with manuals and tutorial videos. The site owner has been betting for 10 years and has come up with most successful exchange based soccer betting strategies to be sold online in the UK. The strategy is called The Assured Soccer Profits System by John Duncan and with it users can win between £ 3000 and £ 7000 over the course of 12 months.

Assured Soccer Profits

The site explains that the strategy is simple as the users don’t have to expose themselves to huge liabilities and they are in control of most outcomes. The system that is created is easy to use with no bookie interference and needs very little form study and pre-match background. All the users will need is a betting exchange account, computer, internet connection and coaching with tutorials.

The site talks about quick responses of emails, mostly within a 24 hour period. It emphasizes the importance of support and it does everything to help its users. The service they sell has a onetime purchase with no monthly payments. The reason for this is to make it affordable for the users.

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This site is directly marketed to football gamblers who are in the United Kingdom. People who are interested in betting and trading to make money through the bets with minimal loss. This site is for the users who have both a lot of experience and new users are who looking to make the most of their bets; people who want to make extra money on the side; people who don’t want to be instant millionaires but slowly progress their earning; people who are looking for safe small bets. The system that has been generated on the website ensures that anyone can become a professional through coaching and reading tutorials.

Assured Soccer Profits Website users


The site loads pretty quickly this is due there are few images and it is mostly text. The design is fairly simple with no fancy layout. The background is white, a single image of football player, different coloured texts, a video and hyperlinks to different webpages within the website. The first page is very long as anyone using it has to scroll for some time before s/he reaches the footer of the site. The plain white background is minimal and is a great choice as it is easy to read the text that is on it.

The layout is basic and works well for this site as you don’t need various panes or panels to describe what the site is selling. There are three panes that can be seen on this site. There are top, middle and bottom panes. The first one has all the hyperlinks; second has the image and the last is where all the content has been placed.

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The images chosen for the site are sorely lacking. It’s a stock image of a football player kicking a ball and it has been mirrored to make it look like two players. The site owners should have looked for real players and photograph them. There are very few images on the site, this is a good thing as the website is not cluttered.

The text is written in various colours, caps and fonts. This works well as the different colours give a different voice to what is talked about. Users can easily tell apart what the author is saying and from the testimonials and any other person being featured on the site. The caps help to highlight where the site owner wants you to pay attention to. Encouraging the user to know that the point is important to note. The fonts play the same role as the different colours; to differentiate voices on the texts. There are parts on the texts which have been underlined to emphasize the point that is being put across.


There is a single video on the first page that introduces the site visitors what the site is all about and teaches about service being sold. The video does a great job explaining how the service works and is a great addition to the text for easier understanding. The video is dull and users can easily loose concentration. It has been placed above the fold to emphasize its important and if the users navigate away from the page or do something else the video pauses. I think that is a really cool feature to have to ensure that the users are paying attention.

Assured Soccer Profits Review - It's Really Good?
Assured Soccer Profits by John Duncan

Buy at the Official Website


The hyperlinks are placed on top of the page for ease of navigation. There are different web pages available within the site: assured soccer profits; customer testimonials; cookie policy; member login in page; privacy policy; and some questions and answers. Links aren’t properly made as when you browse to a different page the link some questions and answers drops a level. The customer testimonial page is like what the title says, testimonials and is for assuring the new users how trust worthy the site is. The cookie policy and privacy policy page are both redundant as they provide the same information. I think they were both put there so as to make the site look “busy” or “full”. The member login page is the page for their members to sign in and new users to sign up. The sign up process is fairly easy; you start out by paying £ 87 which gives you full access to the site and you get to choose your username and password. From there signing in is very easy. Somewhere in the pages there is a contact us link; to get inTouch with the site owners. I am not sure why it is hidden but it is the only way to talk to them.

Get Assured Soccer Profits
Get Assured Soccer Profits



The website does a fairly consistent job on focussing on what they are selling which is the Assured Soccer Profits System through getting membership. All the text summarizes new users to become members of the site. All other pages have a link to the homepage to encourage people to buy in to their service.

 Assured Soccer Profits



The content is straight forward and very easy to understand. The sales copy is plainly written with little jargon and industry terms for anyone to easily understand what they are selling. The flow of the words is excellent and hooks the reader quickly and goes on until the end of the pages. The different colours, texts, fonts and caps do an excellent job in giving different voices and makes it easier for users to understand.

The text written in black is mainly done by the site owner as he explains properly what he is willing to do for you, his experience and stresses on how safe it is to use his services. It is written in a casual tone that flows naturally throughout the sales copy.

The texts that are highlighted are customer testimonials. These are members or clients who are satisfied by the services provided by the site. These seem to be ordinary people who wanted to make money through betting. They are from experienced users, and from new ones who have tried the services with complete satisfaction.


The other colours have no other function but to stress certain points that the readers should be aware about. They vary from a quick sales speech, the unique selling pint, how safe the experience is with the company. It also gives the author an opportunity to change perspectives from the first person to a third person. This lets him talk about his person experience and then go on to talk about what happens in the industry. The first person conversation point of view is great as it makes you feel that you are talking to a real person.

There are a lot of numbers that are thrown into the texts. Fortunately they are easy to understand. He talks about how it’s possible to make £ 20 a week through betting £ 200. This helps to visualize what you are realistically going to expect from the services they provide. As this is quantifiable you can see what they mean is a success what is a failure. They stress that you can’t be a millionaire using this services but with the example they give it shows you can consistently make money through safe bets.



This is well designed site that is focused on the service that they provide. This is a great site as you don’t have to search for information and everything is laid bare for you. The addition of customer testimonials is great as this is social proof that the site works and people can trust the service. There are few things I would have liked to add: a forum is always great especially since this service is based on interaction with other users; social media is hardly used on this site- addition of Facebook; twitter and google plus will give users more reason to buy in as they can talk to real people and find out how the service has worked for them; lastly the website is sorely lacking in images – the site owner should take advantage of satisfied clients and take photos of them to prove how great the service works.

New Update – January 2019

Until now people are still using this Assured Soccer Profits because of their continued success on this product. Many have become millionaires because of the high stakes of winning. The great thing about this product is it is very legit which will surely help you in achieving your goals in betting.

The techniques will surely work on all levels of experience from newbie to advanced betters. The product’s price remains the same and it is very affordable.

You will just spend a little amount of money which can do good for you in the long run. Many people have minimized their losses and turned them into winning which really helped them increase their financial status.  There is no risk at all because the price of the product is very low you can try it anytime you want to.

It is also the most talked about topic in the forums because of the success that it brings to people who loves to bet on soccer games. For this reason, it is a continuous trend in the online community of betting that is why I advice you to try it out now so that you will understand what I am saying here.

Added the fact that it has a money back guarantee which does not put you to any risks at all. That is why buying this product is a win-win situation for you and that is for sure!


 Assured Soccer Profits

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