Audello Review – Does it Actually Work or Not?


Are you looking to build a larger audience for your business? Have you tried other traditional methods of advertising but they don’t seem to be giving you the results you need? It may be time for you to get on with current trends in the advertising world. Because most of the audiences you require now spend most of their time online, you would have to reach them on various online platforms.


That may sound pretty basic but it’s not really the case. The various online platforms are competing for who stays on top. This also means a competition between words, images and other visual and audio mediums. For you to succeed in your business using podcasts and audios, you will need to consider how it works in line with your prospective audience’s expectations.

Some common online habits

  • People tend to only skim through words.
  • Images, videos and audios tend to get more attention.
  • People move on pretty fast from one trend to another.
  • People’s attention span can be pretty short.

With these ideas in hand, you will probably realize you need something unique and at the same time easy to catch and retain your audience’s attention. Podcasts and audios have taken an important position in creating more results when it comes to getting a huge audience.

But if you have been doing it all wrong, you won’t be getting any results. You need to make use of catchy themes and insert your promotions in a creative manner. And this is where Audello comes in.

Audello Some common online habits

Some of the important features include:

Podcasting and Audio Pages

With the ever growing popularity of podcasts and audio broadcasts for marketing, this is one platform that makes it so easy for you to use these functions effectively. You can make your podcasts and audios in an orderly fashion. If you are the type that likes to plan ahead, it will work great for you as it has a unique scheduling function.

And if you tend to be flexible and work on your other devices such as recording clips on your iPhone, you can easily import them into Audello.

Custom Playlists

If you tend to have lots of files, you will know the struggle that comes with filtering through to get a specific one. It becomes more frustrating when you cannot even seem to remember the name of the particular one you need. With this software, you can create your own custom podcast and audio lists. Talk about ease and flexibility!

Audello Custom Playlists

Timed Events

It can’t be quite a difficult task getting the hang of a new software. It is either some come with totally unrecognizable techie language that makes you feel like a dunce. But with this one, you can actually manage all parts of its functions efficiently on your own. Even if you are not a geek with techie stuff, this timed events feature allows you put up ‘buy buttons’ at specific times in your podcast or audio.

Advanced Analytics

When you advertise on any platform, you will naturally want to measure your success rates. This is important to pinpoint what you are doing right and what needs to change. It can be hard if you have to do such analytics manually. But with Audello, there is an already integrated analytics system that gives you the exact impressions you are getting with your audios and podcasts.

Audello Advanced AnalyticsGet Audello Here

Beautiful Skins

Since your major strategy is to appeal to the visual and auditory senses of your audience, you will have to choose attractive outlooks. It can get easily monotonous using the same skins over and over again. The software comes with a variety of beautiful skins which you can use to switch up your podcasts and audios and increase your reach.

The unique interfaces

Audello comes in three unique interfaces:

Desktop app

If you are used to working on your Mac or PC, you will find the desktop app very smooth and easy to use. It provides you with a seamless way to record audio or even record and upload your Skype calls directly. And you won’t have to worry about looking for converters as it will go straight into the web format that you will be uploading online.

Audello Desktop app

Web app

The web app is similar to the desktop app. The only difference is that you are working in real time and can control your audios and podcasts by making adjustments to your playlists or any other changes you require. This also gives you great flexibility as you can still access your podcasts and audios even when you are away from your PC. It also allows you to track your analytics.

iPhone app

Your phone probably goes everywhere with you. So, if you have that particular interview you need to make but you don’t want to appear with different types of gadgets. Or better still, that impromptu podcast or audio you have to get done without your other gadgets within reach. With just one button on your iPhone app, you can schedule, upload and publish your podcasts or audios.

Audello iPhone app

Other reasons why Audello is the real deal

It has a WordPress Plug-in

With all the different platforms out there, it can be difficult trying to make your podcasts and audios compatible. Imagine finishing a great podcast or audio and having to scratch your head to go around the uploading issues on your blog or website. With Audello’s WordPress plug-in, you have got no issues.

Interested in your business growth

Anyone can create software and just throw it to the public. But Audello is interested in you actually getting positive results from using their software. So, they have their audio and podcasting Masterclass where they provide interviews, case studies and other training materials. You will learn how to get your desired audience and how to transform your subscribers into paid clients.

All these and more will help you achieve your targets for increasing your audience reach.

Audello Interested in your business growth

Persuasive marketing features

The audio getaway feature is one of their unique marketing features which creatively persuades listeners to undertake particular actions. It is done in such a stylish manner that it does not look as if you are pushing your product or service in the face of your prospects.

Ease and Speed

Audello is structured in such a way that from the setup to publishing your first audio or podcast, it takes just a breeze. You are not stuck with long processes in setting up your account. You don’t have to waste time that you should be using in recording your podcasts or audios on setting it all up.

Audello Ease and Speed

Tested and Tried

I have downloaded and bought software several times in the past that I did not have an idea whether it will work for me or not. And I can relate with the sense of frustration and hurt one feels when you realize you have been fleeced off.

Most times, all one can do is to write a scathing review about the product and it ends there. However, with Audello you can go with the words of top internet content marketers and other business owners who have used it and testified of its high success rate.

Easy linkage with popular related platforms

If you are working with podcasts, it is likely you would be using a popular platform such iTunes. Audello links seamlessly with iTunes and Stitcher Radio. They even have tutorials to help you understand the dynamics of exporting your podcasts and audio to these platforms.

Audello Easy linkage with popular related platforms

Realistic expectations

Most software will sell you the idea that getting on their platform will ensure magical success for you. Audello does not deal in such falsehoods. Making podcasts and audios via this platform will not skyrocket you into a millionaire overnight. You will have to devote time to learning the ropes right and also be ready to make use of relevant information in your specific business industry.

Just give it a go

Until you sign up, you can never know just how great this software is. So, stop your doubts already and go for it. There is also an ongoing discount that you would enjoy if you decide to sign up immediately.

New Update – February 2019

Building your own podcast can be really tough especially if you do not have any experience of building one. Simply because it involves a tremendous process and requires a little bit of experience when it comes to setting up the equipment and tools.

This is the main problem why not all can afford to have their own dream podcast because of this “lack of knowledge.” Thankfully, “Audello” has been created because of this set up a podcast becomes easy as one, two, and three. It is very effective that a lot of people have already set up their dream podcast in no time.

The good thing with this product is that the guides here are very easy to understand and implement. All people who have tried this became successful with their respective podcasts and are very satisfied with the results.

If you want to set up your podcast easily without any hassles then this is the best product to look for! It is guaranteed that you will surely not regret buying this product because this is the real deal. You do not have to search anywhere else because this is the best among the rest. Buy this product now build a great podcast show in no time!


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