Backyard Revolution Solar Energy Review – Worth the Price?

Backyard Revolution Worth It To Buy

Backyard Revolution is a solar power generator that seeks to cause a paradigm shift in the electricity or power bills you pay and give you a more reliant source of electricity. This electricity generating system will be apart from the power grid and will be more economical and efficient.

Is this possible? You may ask, but in this review, you’ll find out. But you won’t only find out every fact of this brilliant product, I’ll also show you reasons why it does or doesn’t put you at an advantage. But first, let’s find out a bit about the creator.

Backyard Revolution Solar Generator

Backyard Revolution System Review – Who is Zack Bennett?

Zack Bennett is a husband, father, and Citizen of Orlando, Florida. This solar panel system was inspired by a frightening event he and his family witnessed in their house some years back during a local electricity outage in his neighborhood.

In October 2016, Zack Bennett and his family were supposed to go on a vacation but due to the weather, their flight was canceled. That cancellation forced him and his family to return to their house for the night.

On reaching their house, that same storm had caused an electricity outage in his neighborhood and he and his family had to stay in the dark space. At some point in the night, some people invaded their home but lucky for Zack Bennet and everyone at home, they ran away once they heard his startled daughter crying.

Though they were unhurt, Zack Bennett held this event close to his heart. He then vowed that he’d do everything possible to make sure he and his family were never put in such a precarious situation again.

Hence, the Backyard Revolution system project that exists to fill many people’s energy gap.

Backyard Revolution Reviews – What are the Solar Panels all About

A major issue with people that live in developed and developing counties is the amount of money they spend on energy bills. If I was to be more specific, I’d say electricity bills. This has become so much of a problem that many have combined the supply from the power grid with an alternative – a solar panel system.

But what if that is also not enough?

What if the solar energy generated from the power plant or panels runs out quickly and you wish you could double the supply from the solar power system?

Well, this is where the Backyard Revolution guide comes in.

The resources and every relevant thing in the program include a video guide, a step-by-step procedure, and some tutorials to teach you how to build this awesome power source in your home. There, you’ll find relevant diagrams and shopping lists to set up the backyard revolution solar array.

The online video tutorial on their website will show you easy steps on how to make and install the solar panel in your house. You can place this four-foot solar system anywhere in your house or even carry it with you as an energy source on trips and vacations.

This astonishing program was founded on extensive MIT studies from as far back as 2012. The result is that the energy from solar panels will double through a specific mode of arrangement of the solar power cells. That particular team of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT, tried something different.

Instead of fixing flat solar panel planes with the same base area in solar energy systems, they built cubes that extended the solar energy cells upward in a 3D solar panel configuration. The result was that this new zig-zag arrangement gave a power output of double and even up to twenty times that of the previous solar panel installation.

Backyard Revolution System Review – Why is the Solar Panel System a Good Option

Environmental Sustainability:

Backyard Revolution is about using solar energy to supply electricity to your home. And as you know, solar energy is a clean source of energy – no greenhouse gases and a low amount of carbon footprints. Not only is this a safer alternative for our environment, but it is also a cheaper one.

Less Maintenance and Space:

Most conventional solar panels require a lot of their users in the area of maintenance cost. There’s almost always something wrong. Also, it usually costs more to keep these solar panels working in varying weathers, especially the cold seasons. But with the zero maintenance of the renewable energy of Backyard Revolution, this is not so.

The mode of arrangement of the panels makes it easy to the packed and stored away. It consumes less space as compared to the traditional arrangement of stacking the panels side-by-side.

Energy Saving:

Backyard Revolution claims more than 65% savings in energy. If it lives up to this, then you’d be evading a whole lot of cost in electricity bills in the long run. Of course, you’d have to spend some amount in getting the program, but it should be worth it altogether.

Bonus Materials:

Alongside the whole Backyard Revolution package, you get access to a full year of email support and also get other gifts that will help you maintain your solar power station. This email support also grants you direct access to Zack for whatever inquiry you might have.

60-day Money-Back Guarantee:

A good side of this product is that it comes with a money-back policy. If you fall out of love with the product or its concept within the first two months of using it, you can surely have your money back. I guess this makes it safe to try out.

Backyard Revolution System Review – Special Features

Like I’ve emphasized from the beginning of this Backyard Revolution review or article, this product is a brilliant innovation.

But what are those particular resources or facts that make this backyard revolution plan world-class? You’re about to find out.

Energy Stockpiling Secrets:

Backyard Revolution will generate you enough power – even more than you need. By that, this report will teach you everything you need to know about storing excess power.

Homestead EMP Protection Protocol:

According to their website, this is “a foolproof, disaster-proof and EMP-proof off-grid power source for any impending emergency.” This teaches you to build a specialized system of protection that supplies power even if an EMP or natural disaster causes prolonged power blackouts.

Homestead Alternative Energy Sources:

It’s a special report that lists the absolute essentials that many energy enthusiasts never even consider.

Backyard Revolution Easy Way To Make Solar Panels At Home

Backyard Revolution System Review -Is Backyard Revolution a Scam?

Manual Labor:

What the product provides is the installation process. What it doesn’t include is the manual labor to set it up. Not only will you need assistance if you can’t get it done yourself, but you might need someone with knowledge of a solar system or 3D solar panels, in general, to get the job done correctly.


Some people have complained of not being able to clearly understand the instructions and guides.

Nonetheless, most got clarity was needed through the email support.

Backyard Revolution System Review – Does it Really Work?

Backyard revolution seems to be the answer to the cry of anyone seeking to lower their power bill. Not only does it seem to put this issue to bed, but it has also done so in a way that is accessible and usable by people with zero knowledge of electricity.

Having gone through the pros and cons of this product and having considered all other major factors, I would say it is safe to try out the Backyard Revolution System.


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