Bad Boy Formula No Hype Review – Get the Facts!

Bad Boy Formula No Hype

Why do nice guys get strung along by hot girls all the Time?

How often have you heard some of these words said to you by a girl you like?

  • Oh, you’re so sweet and thoughtful…I’m sure any girl would like to date you
  • You are so caring, but I don’t think of you in that way.
  • I like you like my little brother.
  • Oh you! You always say the right things to make me smile
  • Hahaha, thats silly. You’re being silly.
Bad Boy Formula No Hype
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If not all the time then I’m pretty sure you have no girl you like in your life.

Frustrating, right?

I’m sure you’ve always been stumped at the fact that you’re a nice guy for any girl except that girl you really like. She always ends up in the arms of that douchebag who is clearly mistreating her not giving a damn.


The Book Bad Boy Formula will probably get you what you want.

Bad Boy Formula No Hype Review - Get the Facts!
Bad Boy Formula

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You want her, right?

Of course you do. The Bad boy Formula is tailored to help you as a nice guy to get that girl, or any girl you want.



What Women Want is Different to what They Say they want.

Women say they want a nice guy who is tall and handsome and blah blah blah! How often do you see a girl choose a bad boy over a nice guy?


The Bad Boy Formula helps you trigger instant sexual attraction and make any woman unleash her inner bad girl and want to get in bed with you.


The techniques in the book help you to get the skills of a bad boy  by Carlos Xuma and still keep your nice guy. You don’t need to be a jerk or beat her up physically.

You just have to turn on her switch and get her to instantly want to shag you in the public toilet just coz you’re “BAD”!

 Bad Boy Formula No Hype

You Don’t Have to Work At it.

The Bad Boy Formula uses normal techniques that most bad boys use and get the girls every day.


The formula teaches you to project your confidence in public. You don’t have to go to the gym or get dressed in leather or ride a big fat Harley that oozes cool and awesomeness.


The Bad Boy Formula is thoughtful to the nice guys out there and knows that you really don’t like to change your look just to get that hot girl. Its just not you.


All you have to do is learn what a bad boy does and you’ll have the ladies smothering you with affection.

 Bad Boy Formula No Hype

Bad Boy Formula + Nice Guy = Success.

Bad Boys aren’t the best in dating girls but through your own eyes you’ve seen that they get the girls. What if they were softies and nice guys as well?


The Bad Boy formula teaches you to speak and project confidence as well as get a girl to be interested in you in “That Way”.


You’ll still retain that nice guy side of you which will come in handy and get her to realise that not only are you a “bad boy” by Carlos Xuma  but also a nice guy who understands and listens to her.


Thats one combination that no other woman can deny. She will run to be with you at any chance she gets.


Let Her Hit on You.

The Bad Boy Formula works on so many levels that bad boys work on. One of the techniques in the book is you letting her hit on you.

When you hit on her, she will likely be interested in her nails rather than your face. But when she hits on YOU, the game changes to your favour.

She’ll be dying to get you in bed with her since she will want to be with you. The book shows you how to make any girl hit on you in a very simple way that even a 3rd grade kid could do it.

If she wants you, she will do everything in her power to get you.

Bad Boys Don’t Get Cheated On.

The formula is a foolproof way of having you get the girl of your dreams and have her thinking of you every time she’s apart. Bad boys don’t get cheated on. Only nice guys do.

The formula shows you how to get her thinking about you always and have her longing for your attention. She won’t go anywhere else to get her daily fix of “bad boy”. You’ll be her daily dose and she’ll be asking for more every time you’re with her.

The Bad Boy Formula isn’t some sketchy eBook that gives you layers upon layers of crap that doesn’t happen in real life. Its nothing more than what you see that bad boy at your favourite bar use to get all the girls he has. It makes you a bad boy and still retains you nice guy side without having you put any effort.

New Update – April 2019

There are men that are naturally shy type especially with the opposite sex that is why their social life and love life is totally compromised. This is the primary reason why a bad boy image is crucial for you to have better chances with women.

We are lucky that a product which is created to solve this problem are now present. Since we posted this review a year ago the men who bought this product have gained significant improvement in their confidence.

By buying this product expect that you will experience these following benefits:

  • You will know how to establish rapport with the opposite sex the bad boy way which will help you get a lot of self-esteem while talking to them.
  • The confidence that you currently have will significantly increase than you can ever imagine.
  • You will learn to understand body language which is very important in getting the attention of women.
  • You will become more awesome which is really great as the women that you plan to date will be completely awed with your attitude.

If you want to experience those and become a womanizer then this product is definitely the best for you. It will greatly increase your charisma which will help you get multiple girls. Purchase this now and I am sure that you will not regret buying this.Bad Boy Formula No Hype

Thanks for Reading This Bad Boy Formula Review.

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