Basic Past Life Regression Certification Review: Read Before You Buy!

Basic Past Life Regression Certification

All people have their own past. In that case, you will definitely as a human being have your own past memories, these memories may sometimes be good or bad.

Bad past memories cause a lot of pain to many people especially if you do not know how to deal with them or even delete them from your brain. Such memories may be of wrong things that you did in a certain period of your life.

They may also involve terrible things that have ever happened to you. Especially those memories that remind you of bad things have ever been done to you may cause more harm. They may affect you psychologically, mentally, or emotionally. This brings the need of someone knowing what to do to deal with such memories.

What Is Past Life Regression?

This is a method that is said to use hypnosis to assist you pull through your past lives’ memories. It also targets towards healing your mental sores created by your past memories.

Details about the Program

The Basic Past Life Regression by Dr. Steve G. Jones Certification it is an online based system that aims at tutoring and educating people on hypnosis. The program is designed to provide you with enough training and experience to make you a qualified and smart practitioner in Past Life Regression.
Basic Past Life Regression Certification  Details about the Program

The program also targets to change and improve your expertise in the area. This program involves many trainers who are professionals and have dealt with PLR training over a long period of time.

Basic Past Life Regression Certification Review: Read Before You Buy!
Basic Past Life Regression Certification

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This program it is designed to provide it user with a clear and comprehensive understanding of the subject. The entire program it is divided into various small modules with each of them explaining it subject of teaching in a comprehensive manner to help you as a learner benefit.

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The program presents various methods even from the past that you can use to train and how you can apply them. These system is made up of online based video classes and textbooks that one can use for studying.
The program will later present you with a Worldwide Recognized Certification from The American Alliance of Hypnotists upon completion of your training.

Who is Behind the Program? 

The program is researched and founded by a renowned professional in the field of hypnosis. He is called Dr. Steve G. Jones. He is a guy known by very many people more so those who are hypnotists and others who have widely benefited from his work.
Basic Past Life Regression Certification  Who is Behind the Program

Dr. Steve is a professional neuro-linguistics who has built a strong reputation from his training strategies which have seen him change the lives of thousands of people positively.

He has also made numerous researches on the methods that can be applied in Past Life Regression and combined all his results in one program where you can access them easily.

Dr. Steve targets to training other people on the best techniques to use in hypnotizing. He has further made it easier for people to understand his work by outlining his techniques step by step manner. Each of these steps being well explained and detailed.

He is also dedicated to providing his clients with lifetime support once they undertake the training.

What You Will Understand From The Program?

The program is designed to teach you on various techniques of hypnosis as explained by Dr. Steve. The program will help you understand where to start when undertaking hypnosis and how to go about it and perfect your skills.


  • How as a hypnotist you can establish your own efficient techniques to help your clients. This is explained to be possible by use of PLR therapeutic process.

The program will teach you on how to use the therapeutic process to develop the techniques.

  • Most of clients do not believe in hypnosis, others believe that past memories are fantasies.

This program will help you understand how you can deal with such myths and misconceptions from your clients.

It will help you deal with your clients’ negative attitude towards the PLR hypnosis.

  • After dealing with all the inferences towards your client’s acceptance to hypnosis, it is important to feed them with the subject. The system will help you hypnotically induct your clients.
  • Every smart hypnotist would wish to help his/her client the entire time they are together. It will also teach you on how to create your own PRL program to use in your client and benefit the client from the start to the last minute of the program.
  • Understanding your client as a hypnotist is an important task. Also responding to your client’s needs it core in PLR. This is why the system is designed to help you know how to evaluate your clients and respond to their experiences positively.
  • Definitely, for you to understand your clients during hypnosis it is important to ask questions. However, the greatest task is on what questions to ask and how to ask them. This is because you may hurt them more by the kind of questions you ask.

The program will provide you with a comprehensive understanding on how to ask these questions, of what type, plus when to do it.

  • The last step on hypnosis is providing a suitable cure to your clients. The system will assist you to know on how to carry out mental plus emotional states deliverance and establish them to your clients.

More about the Program
The program is designed to be user friendly. From it videos and textbooks, you are free to set your own time to study. This also allows you to do your learning at any place. To offer you a certificate, you will do an exam which upon passing you will receive your certificate.

The system is also affordable. It original price is $2997 but will have a discount of $37.It consists of 20 study modules to ensure full understanding and benefit.

Who Is The Program For?
The program provides enough and detailed information for:

  • Beginners who wish to improve their understanding on PLR are ready to learn.
  • It is also meant for intermediate hypnotists who are in need of developing their skills on hypnosis.
  • Trainers and counselors. It contains so much detailed strategies that can develop trainers on therapeutic experience. This can help them deliver more to their clients.
  • Can also help you as a hypnotist in case you want a recognized certification through The American Alliance of Hypnotists.


  • The program is affordable. Once you purchase the program you get a long term benefit. You do not have to spend more money on other training programs.
  • The program presents you with comprehensive and enough materials to train you on PLR hypnosis. The program 20 modules provide you with enough teaching.
  • It is also convenient to the user. Since it is online based, it is easily accessible at any time. Once you have a computer and internet you can easily do you study.
  • It presents the client with broad and wide experience. More than any other, it has 20 videos plus 140-page textbook. This provides you with enough options on where to start and at any time.
  • The program can be accessed at any time you feel comfortable. This means one is not bid to a certain period of time.
  • It saves time. You do not have to leave your daily works to undertake the program.
  • The program also comes from a very experienced person with great knowledge on hypnosis. This makes it a good and quality product you do not have to worry about.
  • The program comes with a super special benefit of offering a certificate from a recognized organization.
  • The system also keeps teaching, training and improving your skills for the rest of your life. This is from the lifetime support program from its founder.
  • The scope covered by the training is broad as Dr. Steve has compiled all his research together.
  • Payment for the training is done through safe payment systems.
  • The training is not a scam. It provides you with a 2 months refund guarantee.


  • The program is so much detailed for hypnotist which may make it a little bit difficult for a layman to understand some concepts.
  • The system provides everything online which means no hardcopies. This may lock out people willing to undertake the program yet they cannot access internet.
  • It requires commitment and hard work to benefit fully from the training.
  • Has no bonuses.
  • In case of a problem there are no online help group.

I want to assure you this is the kind of training you should now be thinking about for your PRL skills, the training is affordable. It is created by an expert in the area which brings no doubt that it is a quality program
Look at the many benefits brought by the program. It is easily accessible through internet. It provides a long term benefit. It a program that will not only improve your skills but also offer you a certification from The America Alliance of Hypnotist.

New Update – April 2019

We, humans, are very particular when it comes to memories because of that we tend to value each memory. However, there are memories that are very painful that’s why it is just better to forget them completely.

What if you can have the ability to go to each memory of yours either painful or not and use it to your advantage? Then we are talking, this product will definitely help you to make your life better.

By buying this product you can have the following benefits:

  • You will have a more satisfying life because all your emotions will be put aside and the bad emotions will be calmed.
  • Your performance in everything you do will greatly improve because you will have a lot of focus.
  • Your emotional state will become more stable leading to an abundant and happy life.

So if you want to transform your life for the better then this product is definitely the best to purchase. You hold your destiny that is why you should take action immediately because we only live once and we must enjoy our every moment here on earth while it last.

Buy it now and you will surely never regret your decision.

Basic Past Life Regression Certification

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