Blow by Blow Review – Does it Really Work?

Blow by Blow

It’s on your lunch break and a sex topic about blowjobs is on discussion by your girls. You try and assume their existence but the topic gets hotter every minute. You get fed up ad try to join the conversation but no! You know nothing! No need to panic. We are here to make you an equal contributor to the topic if it arises again in future. Blow by blow mainly revolves around the art of blowjobs and how women have mastered it.

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What is blow by blow?

It is 68 pages PDF file downloadable at a promotional rate of 27$. The review is authored by Mr. Michael Webb, a professional love books writer. Mr. Webb has authored 19 other books with an example of hi first one ‘the romantic’s guide’. He has also appeared in many radio and television shows including the Oprah winfrey show and men are from mars/women from Venus.

What inspired blow by blow?

Many men are often heard complaining of their wives not giving them good blowjobs or not giving them at all. The women on the other hand can not be blamed as they are not taught on such an aspect. In the modern society, blowjobs in relationships are considered to be a level up and often associated with longer lasting relationship. The book was designed to teach the women on the procedural requirements during oral sex and how to give their husbands the best blowjobs.

Blow by Blow Review - Does it Really Work?
Blow by Blow

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Why purchase Michael Webb’s Blow by Blow?


1. The first of its kind in the market

It’s rare these days to find a product that generally explains on how to give your boyfriend a hot blow job of his dreams. This has led to many people purchasing it to gain the enormous benefits it provides. The book is directed at the curious woman who is ready to learn the new tricks which will make her husband to want more. It is highly beneficial to the individual woman who reads it and re-reads it to master all the concepts. Purchasing this product will put you at a better position to completely satisfy your man as compared to other women who in the real world are your competitors.

2. Money back guarantee

The book has a 100% money back guarantee. Dissatisfaction by the reader after purchasing the product would certainly give him the right to return the product and get a refund after 2 months of purchasing it. This policy was established to reduce the risks that the purchaser will be submitted to during and after purchasing.

3. Affordable

The blow by blow is priced at 27$, a price lower than the normal consultation fees you have to pay to ask your private counselor a limited number of question. In fact, all what is covered here would require you to gather more than 3 counselors to answer these questions of which they can’t cover all the highlighted information.

4. Informative/educative

Rather than recommending the best techniques to use when giving your boyfriend a blow job, the book also plays an educative role by informing the women on all what is needed to get ready for a blow job and how to carry it out safely. A good example is the issue of contracting a virus or a STD when giving your boyfriend a blow job. This can be easily avoided as the review outlines the step by step precautions to take before ensuring that you are ready to give him the blow job.


The blow by blow should be thoroughly understood before any further practical steps are taken. Topics such as that of handling STI’s and HIV active individuals should be read in detail to avoid chances of the lady contacting the diseases.


The blow by blow is a very important product due to its unavailability in the markets. There are very few informative materials which educate women about the art of blowing your man and this product should be taken into consideration when researching bout ways to make your man happy. The results given by women who have successfully used the product are a clear manifestation of the real value and the magnitude it can have on your love life.

New Update – August 2019

A key to a good sexual relationship and satisfaction is undoubtedly a woman that can give a hot blowjob because it can spark up the libidos of both partners immensely. However, not all women have the capacity to give an excellent blowjob because not all of them are well-trained. This is the primary reason why lots of relationships are put into jeopardy because of below satisfactory sexual performance.

Thankfully, a product like this has been created because of this a lot of women have learned how to blowjob properly and effectively which made their relationship with their partner stronger. Since I posted a review of this product a year ago people began to become more satisfied with their partners and to give you an overview here are the following benefits that you can get from it.

  • It will make your overall health significantly better because a person with an active sex life tends to improve their wellbeing.
  • You will not accumulate that much stress at all because you will have a better relationship with your partner meaning you will minimize or completely lessen quarrels and arguments.
  • It will surely make your day better because a satisfying sex life will give you better moods which will help you combat certain mental illnesses.
  • It will take your relationship to the next level which will result in a happier love life.

So do not hesitate now and buy this product immediately until supplies last!

Blow by Blow

Thanks for Reading This Blow by Blow Review.

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