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Body Weight Pilates Fact-Based

Every woman is conscious about her own self-image. A positive body image helps you to exert confidence in other areas of life. Moreover, it helps to boost your productivity and enthusiasm levels. There are several factors that influence a woman’s idea of self-image. However, the most important factor is an impeccable physical fitness.

Usually, a person’s low fitness level is betrayed by the bulging belly and hence many women are resorting to the Pilates exercise system for trimming their abdominal as well as their hip muscles. The Pilates system is more effective than other fitness techniques and diet systems because the exercises strengthen the core muscles that makes our body flexible, strong and stable.

Body Weight Pilates Fact-Based

Today, the Pilates exercise system has a large number of women followers who undergo training in mat classes, gymnasiums and private studios that have sprung up across the country.  But many of these women get quickly frustrated after their hard work and dedication does not yield the desired results. This is because students do not follow the system accurately and instructors often overlook the common mistakes that their students are making.

Now, women frustrated with their body image do not need to worry further because Sylvia Favela’s Body Weight Pilate system is here to teach the correct Pilates techniques. These exercises not only build the core muscle strength but also burns the stubborn abdominal fat that gives rise to a bulging belly.

Body Weight Pilates Fact-Based

The Body Weight Pilates program

Sylvia Favela’s Body Weight Pilates program is quite different from other programs because it does not need any specialized equipment or machines to pursue the Pilates workout regime. The program emphasises using our own body weight as a resistance.

All the exercises have been instructed and illustrated in a downloadable e-book. The program helps to beat stress and build fitness by offering  a smooth transition flow that is progressive. The eBook can be directly purchased and downloaded online from the product website.

The entire Body Weight Pilates exercise program comprises of the following components:

  • Component 1: 31 core Pilates for toning the physique
  • Component 2: 11 Upper  body Pilates exercises
  • Component 3: 11 Lower body Pilates exercises
  • 68 follow-along videos
  • Body Weight Pilates Guide book
  • A  three-part ‘bonus’ video series that helps women to strengthen their midsection muscles

The entire package is accompanied by Workout Calendars and worksheets for better planning.

Body Weight Pilates Fact-Based

About Sylvia Favela

Sylvia Favela, the founder of the program, was any other ordinary woman who wanted to stay in shape by cutting down on flab. There was a time when she was called as ‘fat and emaciated’ because of her pear-shaped figure and thin arms.

Moreover, she had wide hips and all her efforts to reduce weight were futile. She had joined gym to get in shape but the cardio exercises or weightlifting sessions were of no use to reduce flab.

Even though she achieved success in reducing weight, Sylvia could not get a firm and well-sculpted body of a Hollywood actress. To make matters worse, Sylvia Favela met with an unfortunate car accident at the age of 30 and the incident left her with a severe shoulder injury.

To add to her worries, Sylvia suffered a severe setback when she started having a troubled relationship with her husband. The negative experiences affected her self-esteem and crushed all the positive thoughts she had about her body-image.

Refusing to budge, Sylvia decided to take the challenge and come out with confidence. Finally, she decided to follow the Pilates system to rehabilitate herself.  Miraculously, the Pilates workout not only rejuvenated her but it also gave her life a new direction.

The short routines followed by Sylvia during the Pilates workout helped to heal her pain and develop a well-trimmed physique. Sylvia Favela’s twelve-minute-per-day routine inspired her to become a Pilate instructor in her own studio in Los Angeles. The digital Body Weight Pilates program was born out of her desire to reach out to millions of women who wish to have an enviable physique.

Who can follow the Body Weight Pilates program?

The program can be followed by women of any age who wish to stay fit and feel beautiful. In fact, the workout sessions will be beneficial to elderly women who find it challenging to pursue daily activities like lifting a bag of groceries or picking up a heavy object from the object from the floor. The exercises has proved beneficial to women who have suffered from high blood pressure and cholesterol problems.

The Pilates system is independent of the woman’s fitness level and even candidates new to fitness training can pursue the program. Even though there isn’t any particular criteria to buy the product, each customer must stay consistent with the Pilates exercises.

Body Weight Pilates Fact-Based  Who can follow the Body Weight Pilates programBenefits of the Body Weight Pilates program

Experts and customers who have tried and tested the Body Weight Pilates system have mentioned the following benefits that the program offers:

  • Builds  core strength: Pilates is a perfect way to strengthen the abdomen as well as the back
  • Helps to stabilize muscles: Performing the Pilates exercises helps to build individual stabilizer muscles that help to maintain your body in an upright position
  • Improves body balance:  The exercises makes your body very flexible enough for performing day-to-day activities without suffering any injuries or muscle pain
  • Reduces stress and hormonal problems: Pilates metabolizes stress hormones thereby providing a relaxed and a peaceful state of mind
  • Eliminates back pain: The strengthened back muscles eliminates the risk of pulled back muscles
  • Builds a six-pack abdomen: Strengthening of the abdominal leads to a well-chiselled abdomen
  • Improves concentration: You tend to focus on your breath as you exercise and hence the routine exercises lead to improved attention span.
  • Increases brain power: Pilates improves blood circulation which leads to a greater efficiency of the nervous system
  • Helps to prevent injuries: The system strengthens your muscles in a way that they become insusceptible to injuries.
  • Offers one of the most time-effective exercise routines: This unique system can also be followed by every working woman who is striving to achieve a proper work-life balance. Moreover, the system can be followed by women in all age groups.
  • Improves your sex life:  An improved physical fitness helps to spice up your romantic relationships

Body Weight Pilates SiteGet Body Weight Pilates Here

 Product Pricing

The actual value of the exercise manual is $67.  However, the entire product package can be downloaded for just $37. Besides availing a discount of $30, customers can avail the bonus video files that are worth $297.  The product can be purchased through ClickBank, the reputed global payment gateway.

Payments made via ClickBank are very secure and ClickBank guarantees that the payment will be refunded to customers who are not satisfied with the product. Customers are free to evaluate the product for a trial period of 60 days.

The Verdict

The Body Weight Pilates system is a terrific program for any time-constrained person who wishes to achieve a firm, flexible and a svelte figure in a short amount of time. The program  will surely prove an asset to all women who wish to develop a positive self-image.

The results can be observed almost immediately if the customers follows the instructions dedicatedly.  However, customers need to follow their daily Pilates schedule very diligently in order to reap the true benefits of the program. It will be difficult to achieve the goals if the schedule is skipped for two days or more.

People suffering from back problems must refrain from using the Pilates exercises for their back muscles. Moreover, all the exercises need to be performed with care, concentration and focus. A careful attitude will ensure that you will be making the most of the best Pilates training available in the market today.

New Update – January 2019

Pilates is a great exercise that has a lot of benefits to a person who performs this routine that is why performing pilates is great for one’s overall health.  Since I posted this review several months ago many have found success in this “Body Weight Pilates”. Here are the following benefits that they obtained from the product:

  • They lose a lot of unhealthy fats on their body leading to a fitter body.
  • They gained lean muscle mass which makes their look more toned.
  • Their energy increased which is a good thing because they have more energy for their work.

That is why if you want to make a difference on yourself the action that you can take is to buy this product now. This is a tried and proven already in the world of pilates and what people liked about this product are the following:

  • Easy to follow routines.
  • You do not need any gym equipment anymore because the only thing that you will use in the routines is your body weight.
  • It is fun and they never get bored of it.

So if you want to experience what they experienced then the thing that you must do is to buy the product now.

Body Weight Pilates Fact-Based

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