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CPC Practice Exam

Certified Professional Coder Exam

Confused how to prepare for the prestigious Certified Professional Coder Exam? Or have you written the exam already and not able to qualify? Seeking for a companion who would lend you a helping hand and let you climb the ladder of professional success? Thank God!!! You have reached at the right destination. CPC Practice Exam Questions for 2015 has come for your rescue.

CPC Practice Exam

Quick Glance into CPC Exam

AAPC’s Certified Professional Coder (CPC) is one of the most prestigious standards for medical coding and is taken by almost one lakh coding professionals. Certified Professional Coders are entitled to compliant and profitable medical practices and they usually outperform other non-certified coders. On an average CPC earns about 20% more than non-certified coders. “Survival of the fittest”, yes this is exactly the advantage that CPC provides for a career-driven professional. Moreover it also enhances your chances of being hired and retained in a competitive job market. It gives you better promotion chances as well.

CPC is touted as the path to lucrative medical profession. Any person who is aspiring to become a Certified Professional Coder should qualify in a rigorous test and convince employers that he has good grasp in reading and analyzing medical chart and determine the exact diagnosis (ICD-9), procedure (CPT), and provide (HCPCS Level II) code for versatile clinical cases and services

Established in the year of 1988, AAPC gives education and professional certification to medical coders and to enhance the standards of medical coding by providing training, certification, education, networking and job opportunities. AAPC has developed beyond outpatient coding to incorporate training and credentials in documentation and coding audits, inpatient hospital and facility coding, regulatory compliance and physician practice management.

CPC Practice Exam Review: The Truth Revealed!
CPC Practice Exam

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Areas of expertise provided by CPC

  • Proficient in verifying, analyzing and assigning exact medical codes for diagnoses, procedures, performed by physicians and other experienced health care providers in the office or facility setting (as in inpatient hospital)
  • Expertise across versatile services that comprises of evaluation and management, anesthesia, surgery, radiology, laboratory/pathology and medicine
  • A sound understanding of rules, processes and regulations including compliance and reimbursement
  • Ability to tackle issues like medical necessity, claims denials, bundling issues and charge capture
  • Ability to integrate medical coding and payment policy changes into a practice’s reimbursement processes
  • Sound understanding of anatomy, physiology and other relevant medical terminology which could correctly provide diagnosis and services


Peep into CPC exam

  • 150 multiple choice questions (proctored)
  • 5 hours and 40 minutes to complete the test
  • Students who fail in the first attempt are allowed to take one re-take at no additional fees.
  • $325 ($260 AAPC Students)
  • About 70 percent of the questions are related to coding scenarios.
  • Exam results are provided within 7-10 days of time
  • If applicant does not have 2 years of work experience before taking the CPC exam, he/she will receive a CPC-A credential after passing. The “A” stands for apprentice. When you submit proof of 2 years of coding work experience, you can remove the apprentice status from your credential.
  • CPC exam is held four times in a year

CPC Practice Exam Peep into CPC exam


any person who aspires to become a successful medical coder will need to qualify in certification test which comprises of two main tests:

  • Certified Professional Coder (CPC) Test
  • Certified Coding Specialist-Physician Based (CPC-P) exam.

One may need to take additional examinations based on which field they are interested to work with.

Medical Coding Certification Requirements 

  1. Aspirant should have an associate Science degree.
  2. During application submission itself pay fees
  3. Maintain current membership with the AAPC.
    1. New members must submit membership payment with examination application.
    2. Renewing members must have a current membership at the time of submission and when exam results are released.
  4. All exams will be reported with exact scores and areas of weakness/strength (scores less than equal to 65%).

What makes CPC Practice Exam book unique?

  • CPC Practice Test that comprises of 150 questions
  • Answer Key with clear and lucid explanation
  • Scan Tron Bubble Sheets
  • The Exam Study Guide comprises ofCommon Anatomy Terminology HandoutsCommon Medical Terminology Prefix, Root Word, and Suffix Handouts
  • The Official AAPC Proctor-to-Examinee Instructions
  • Available in pdf format it is instantly accessible after download, it is just a matter of click
  • Achieve your goals without sacrificing your job
  • Achieve better promotion and hike in your job while gaining knowledge in parallel
  • All these features are available it as low as 37 dollars –“wealth is knowledge” by qualifying in this prestigious exam one can demand a hike of 20 percentage

Any serious aspirant could definitely feel that book is worth every penny spend.

coding photo

Payment Options




Important topics covered in this book

CPC exam can be broadly classified into three main sections

  • Medical Concepts
  • Surgery and Modifiers
  • Remaining CPT codes

For better clarity each of these topics are further sub-divided.

Medical Concepts:

  • Guidelines
  • Payment management
  • Medical terminology
  • Anatomy
  • ICD-9-CM codes
  • HCPCS codes

Surgery and Modifiers:

This section is devoted to the surgery portion of the CPT book and assigns 5-10 category specific questions to each of the following categories

  • Integumentary
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Respiratory system
  • Cardiology
  • Hemic/Lymphatic systems
  • Mediastinum/Diaphragm
  • Digestive system
  • Urinary
  • Male and Female reproductive organs
  • Maternity/ Endocrine system
  • Nervous system
  • Eyes/Ears

CPC Practice Exam

Main CPT Codes:

This section of the examination is based on rest of the CPT codes and assigns 5-10 category specific questions to each of the following categories

  • Evaluation and Management
  • Anesthesia
  • Radiology
  • Pathology
  • Medicine

CPC practice exam which comprises of 150 practice questions is designed using the above mentioned structure list in order to emulate the actual CPC exam. Solution for each of the questions also mention why other answers are not the exact match. Examinees could predict exactly what to expect on the examination day. Categorizing into structures would help examinees to have better grasp for the exam by concentrating on category specific questions. Aspirants can gain confidence by analyzing the areas in which he/she has sound knowledge. One can also identify areas of weakness and slowly boost those areas and convert them to areas of “confidence”. One can curb pre-examination anxiety and approach the examination confidently.

Tips to qualify in CPC Certification test:

Majority of aspirants fail in CPC certification exam just due to lack of effective study techniques. One should be proficient in taking notes as the exam is open book exam. Score of seventy percentage is determined as the cut-off. For most people, studying from videos is much better than studying from lectures due to the higher retention rate.

Work on enhancing listening skills and give more focus on being attentive.

Try to learn at your own pace and make revisions if possible

Try to skip topics that one is already proficient in and concentrate more on weak topics. On your first test, did you find it difficult to find solution for with the Radiology codes? Concentrate on that topic again. Were you sloppy with your ICD-9-CM codes? Review the ICD-9-CM manual.

Practice book has loads of useful information beyond the codes. For example it has a number of diagrams of the human body, including illustrations of respiratory system, musculoskeletal system, the endocrine system and the like. Take note of these pages and refer to them during the test if you are stumped on a question related to anatomical terminology.

Get CPC Practice Exam
Get CPC Practice Exam

Resources one can use during examination

Approved coding manuals can be used for the test but make sure that writing in them doesn’t contain notes such as word definitions and any advice from coding resources. One cannot add or paste any papers inside. Make sure that you carry only the professional edition that is the one which follows AMA Standard. You cannot carry expert edition or books crafted by any other publisher.

The books you can use during the test are current year and/or previous year CPT books.

Officially published errata updates which displays errors in a book and list the appropriate revisions can also be carried along with you.

ID: Make sure that you carry a government-issued photo ID.

Recent news on CPC

  • Medical Billing and Coding Specialist students at Kennesaw State University’s are now receiving training and support from the “gold standard” of the industry due to the partnership with American Association of Professional Coders(AAPC).
  • Precyse, performance solutions and Vermont HITEC to create 1000 new coding jobs in Vermont. Medical coding jobs will make it possible for people to work from home
  • Jeff Rose human resources director at Munson medical center reveals that the hottest position at Munson is a medical coder – one who is an expert on diagnostic codes and vital to the medical billing process.

New Update – June 2019

If you are currently looking to pass your CPC exam because you want to become a professional coder, you are probably in the right place because this product will bring you to your aspirations of passing the exam.

Many coders are frustrated because they are not able to pass their exam to become a certified coder. It made them hopeless because they thought that they will pass and eventually they will just fail.

Thankfully, a product like this has been invented and because of it a lot of coders who aspire to become certified have passed their exams. They have benefitted from the practice exams that are included in the product which honed their skill more.

If you will buy this product expect that you will get the following benefits:

  • It will sharpen your knowledge regarding the different medical codes which will truly help you in your exam.
  • You will know the various strategies that you can use to memorize the codes.

So if you want to pass your CPC exam to be certified real quick then this product is definitely the best one that you should buy. Your satisfaction will be guaranteed because it will make you achieve your dreams by doing one big step which is to become certified!

CPC Practice Exam

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