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Cudworth's Racing Lays

Lay Betting: The Basics

Horse betting is a highly recognized sport worldwide, with betting on the races now becoming more prevalent. With the increasing popularity of betting on horse racing, lay betting has steadily become an attractive option rather than the traditional horse betting.

Cudworth's Racing Lays Lay Betting: The Basics

Lay betting refers to picking a horse that you think is likely to lose the race. Lay betting can be more profitable than picking the horse that would win, as you get much better odds this way. Moreover, it offers greater flexibility.

What is Cudworth’s Racing Lays?

If the idea of lay betting appeals to you, and you are looking for more help, we present to you a comprehensive review of the Cudworth’s Racing Lays – a tipster service that is exclusive for lay betting. It is part of the betting stable, Betting Gods. In case you wondering what is a tipster stable, let me explain.

Cudworth's Racing Lays What is Cudworth’s Racing Lays

Managed by Darren Moore, Betting Gods is an online service that is a one-stop shop for a number of different tipsters related to various events from football to horse racing to golf, all under the same roof. In this way, the company owners are directly able to manage the different services and their tipsters while ensuring at the same time that the tips provided are worth your time and money. There are a lot of such betting stables available online and this one is a popular and reliable one amongst those. Set apart from the crowd of independent tipsters, where the profits fail to justify the costs, Betting Gods is as reputable and reliable as they come. If you are new to betting, Betting Gods helps you lower the odds of losing money, and steadily increases your returns.

Cudworth’s Racing Lays is one such tipster service that is promoted by Betting Gods. It offers bets on UK horse racing on a daily basis. It gives you tips on lay betting, that is, figuring out which horses are likely to lose.

Cudworth's Racing Lays

One would think it’s easy to predict which horses would lose. Either the house has been in poor form or is just outclassed by better ones or some other similar reason. But it isn’t quite so. However, with a tipster service like this, you can definitely invest just 5 minutes of your time each day and rake in a significant profit eventually.

Cudworth's Racing Lays

How does it work?

The service is easy to use and once you register with them, they provide you with daily emails every morning between 12 noon to 1 PM. With 1-2 selections provided to the Betfair SP daily, you have a lot of choices with low risk, allowing the accumulation of profits over a period of time. Currently, the world’s largest online sports betting exchange, Betfair is obviously the place to win money by lay betting! If on a particular day, there are no bets being recommended, you will still receive and email informing you of the same. This ensures that you don’t lose out on any tip, any day. You can lay at a maximum BSP of 8.00 ensuring you don’t become foolhardy and risk too much of your money at any point.

Once you subscribe, you will receive an email giving you information about how their service works, along with betting bank advice. The website recommends that you have a starting back on 100 points when you follow this service. You start betting only with an amount that you want to bet with. You then divide it with 100 points as recommended, to calculate the value of 1 point bet.

Cudworth's Racing Lays How does it work

To say that they guarantee a winning bet each and every time would be lying. However, if you willing to accept a few losing bets, their winning streak more than makes up for it and allows you to make profits slowly and steadily, thanks to their consistent tips. Also, the tipster service is genuine. All the results are recorded at Betfair, so you can match your results on their website too.

This sounds easy!

It is! You just need a few minutes daily to make use of their service and you are done. All you need is an Internet connection and a betting exchange amount, and you have your easy-to-use, no-hassles moneymaking service in place!

Cudworth's Racing Lays This sounds easy

One of the practices that sets this tipster service apart from other tipsters is that they also explain their selections. This enables you to learn about the sport while using their tips and can eventually help you to follow horse racing independently by learning the various trends.

They also have a very efficient customer service, with prompt replies to all the queries.

Show me the Money!

Since the time of its commencement in September 2015 till the present day, Cudworth’s Racing Lays has generated a total profit of £713.20, with a 2.14% return on investment. It has consistently shown a high strike rate, which is presently 77.78%. As mentioned previously, the service gives out about 50-70 every month on an average. The longest winning run by this service was 26, with the longest losing run of 5. Cudworth’s Racing Lays has averaged 37.54£ profit per month since its inception with betting Gods in September 2015.

How do I sign up?

They offer different subscription options for you to choose from. By paying £29.95 only, you can subscribe to their services for a month. However, availing their services for a longer period entails you to more significant discounts. A quarterly subscription will cost you £69.95, saving you more money than per monthly basis. You can also have a lifelong subscription by paying a one-time cost of 249.95£.

A minimum of 10 selections is guaranteed per month for each service. However, you undoubtedly get more tips than that. Also, once your payment period ends, your subscription automatically renews.

However, if you still not sure if this is the service for you, you can take benefit of their 30-day trial for only £1. This is an amazing option and after using their services yourself and seeing the results, you can then decide whether you want to subscribe to their service for a longer period or not.

Well, this is not all. In case you are unhappy with the services, you can avail their 60-day, full refund guarantee and get your money back! Although by availing their 30-day trial for a ridiculously low amount of £1, you can understand that the service is all that it promises to be and you are not likely to need this option of a refund.

To conclude…

It has been less than 2 years since Cudworth’s Racing Lays was initiated on Betting Gods, but it has made its presence felt, thanks to the consistently genuine and profitable tips offered by them. With time, it seems likely that their profit would continue to grow.

Cudworth's Racing Lays

If you fancy making some money by investing very little time and are patient enough, lay betting is the way to go, with Cudworth’s Racing Lays the perfect guidance you need. Go ahead, rake in the moolah!

New Update – July 2019

Horse racing is surely a great sport that individuals love to watch and bet on to make some cash. However, the sad fact is most individuals who do this kind of activity is that they lose a bunch of money because of the lack of fundamentals and experience regarding it.

So they just try sports betting without the full understanding of what is all about. Especially with horse race betting, there are specific rules that you must follow and know to become successful. So for you to resolve this problem of frequent losing on horse racing bet then this product is specially made for you to turn things over.

Many individuals who have already attempted this product have transformed themselves into a winner from a serial loser quickly. So if you want to improve your horse racing bet performance for you to make a great profit then this is definitely the best product that you must have.

Get a satisfying income from bets by using the techniques on this wonderful product. Buy yours now and learn everything that you need to have in order for you to become successful with horse racing bets. So I suggest you purchase this product now until it is still up for grabs!

Cudworth's Racing Lays

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