DIY Bike Repair Videos Review: Read Before You Buy!

DIY Bike Repair Videos

What is it?

DIY Bike Repair Videos by Dave Delgado –A video guide to bicycle maintenance and repair having more than 200 videos and DIY manuals. It teaches you to repair mountain bikes, road bikes and a section of racing bikes. Most people dread of going to bicycle repair shop again and again because of the mechanics does a little thing and takes a lot of money. Most of the mechanics can’t maintain your bike as good as you can. You can maintain the parts of your bike by your own, like –grip, chain, derailleur, gear etc. and your bike will be super smooth if you do these things on regular basis.

DIY Bike Repair Videos

Who made it?

A person named Dev Delgado, who is the founder of DIY Bike Repair and a professional bike designer made this program for the bike enthusiasts to help them learning the right things needed to repair the bike.

What things will be needed to repair your bike?

You have to buy these things in order to repair you bike by yourself, you won’t be getting these tools with the program. So be prepared to buy these if you want to join the program or wants to repair your bike. These are some most commonly used bike repair tools, listed below (you will also find the detailed list in the program):

  1. Three Leg Bike Repair Stand: It will be almost impossible to repair some areas of bike without putting it on a stand, when it comes to stands, three leg stand are better for balance and safety.

By using the bike repair stands you can repair your brakes in few minutes.

  1. Cam-Type Clamps: These are the clamps which will gives you to an ease to work on the tires without having to worry about the movements of tire.
  2. Some other tools: Brakes are very important component of your bike to be taken care of. Using the bicycle stand, a screw driver and a couple of crescent wrenches you can repair your brakes in a moment. Even if you don’t have the bicycle stand you can repair your brakes, but you will face some difficulties. You will need some tools other than these, like: chain riveting tool, cable cutters, flat cone wrench, chain riveting tools, pliers, chain checker, floor pump , Hex keys etc.
    DIY Bike Repair Videos Review: What You Should Know Before Buying
    DIY Bike Repair Videos by Dave Delgado

    Buy at the Official Website

What will you get?

With this program you will get the complete DIY Bike Repair System (VIP Deluxe Edition), which includes:

  1. Over 200 step-by-step videos
  2. Hundreds of pages of repair manual
  3. Tune-up secrets and upkeep tips book
  4. Complete bike repair and Maintenance manual
  5. Free lifetime updates
  6. Free one-on-one training (limited places!)
  7. A DVD containing all the videos and books.

DIY Bike Repair Videos


  1. Comprehensive and easy to understand book with step-by-step approach.
  2. Video Tutorials are well explained, comprehensive and educational. It goes through every minute detail about the bicycle.
  3. This program understands the mechanical knowledge limitation of a newbie. It is made by taking care of the fact. So, it is useful for both newbie and pros, anyone will hardly face any difficulty understanding the techniques.
  4. Can be downloaded on the laptops and phones.
  5. A free tune-up secrets book.
  6. 60 days money back guarantee.


DIY Bike Repair Videos
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  1. The common version of the program does not cover all the racing bikes, for that purpose you will have to buy VIP Deluxe Edition.
  2. You will have to buy the repair tools in addition to the program; you won’t be getting any tools with program.


In general, the program costs more than $150 but as of now the program is available at a cost of just $47. No one knows when the price will go up, so if want to buy the program, hurry up.


For those who are new in this sector, let me tell you, “There are some worthless video tutorials are available in the market which promises you a lot but end up giving you crap.” But this is not the program which will give you nothing. This program has been ranked as one of the best in its segment by several websites and has received a good customer feedback. So, you can trust the program, also it gives you 60 days hassle-less money back guarantee so you are totally safe if you didn’t like the product after purchasing. Wide range of payment method is also available including paypal.

Finally I will say, “DIY Bike Repair videos is one of the most detailed and comprehensive Bike Repair program available in the market. With this program you will learn a lot and you will be able to make your bike super smooth without going to any mechanic or any repair shop.” As being a risk free program, you can give it a try.

New Update – January 2019

There are times when we are on the road and suddenly our bikes broke down. It is a very stressful thing that can happen while you are on the road and what makes it more stressful is that it if you do not know how to fix a bike.

Nowadays, the use of bikes is becoming a trend because people are becoming health conscious day by day. With the use of bikes, you are doing a lot of good benefits for your health as well as you are also doing good for the environment.

After posting this review a year ago people who are bike lovers immediately bought the product because they wanted to learn the different DIY techniques that they can use whenever there will be a problem with their respective bikes.

Here are the following benefits that you can get if you buy the product:

  • You will learn the secret techniques on how to repair your bike.
  • You will always have peace of mind whenever you go because you already know how to fix a bike.
  • You will learn the different effective tools to use in repairing your bike easily.
  • The guide will give you the different ways on how to maintain your bike to make it sure that it is in tip-top shape every time you use it.

These are only a few of the many benefits that you will get if you buy the product that is why do not hesitate and purchase it now! It is for your own good and safety that is why grab the opportunity until it is still available for sale.

DIY Bike Repair Videos

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