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Dugi Guides

Dugi Guides by Dave Farrell are the best WoWsolutions for the gamers. Pick any character as your wish, pick any level as you wish but take Dugi guides to guide you through the journey of World of Warcraft. It’s not mare marketing for the product. It is the fact. If you want to reach till level 90 with all the tools and your character, then try these amazing Dugi Guides.

Dugi Guides review will show you all the features, benefits and services of the most successful guides ever in World of Warcraft. You jump to any server you want and lead the way. It will be clear to you once you follow the guidelines and play accordingly. You will be mesmerized with the leveling speed of your own playing.


Dugi Guides Review
Dugi Guides

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The Dugi Guides comprise with


I.            Wow leveling guides (updated) mist of pandaria.

II.            WoW Leveling Guides, Alliance Horde, and mist of pandaria.

III.            Wow leveling guides mist of pandariaAlliance & wow leveling guides mist of pandariaHorde.

IV.            1-90 Leveling Guides.

V.            Automatic Gear Suggestion.

VI.            Loremaster& Dungeon Guides.

VII.            Daily & Events Guides.

  1. Achievement & Profession Guides.

IX.            Title & Reputation Guides.

X.            Pet & Mount Guides.

All these Guides are-

  • Fully automated with automatic step detection and automatic waypoints.
  • Easy and simple to use. You will get Step by step easy to understand and easy to follow instructions.
  • Compatible with any level character.
  • Well-suited with Recruit-a-friend, PVP levelingandDungeons Heirlooms.
  • The guides are Light weight and do not slow down your PC.
world of warcraft
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Dugi Guides by Dave Farrell have been available to the gamers from 2005 when Classic World of Warcraft started to amaze the gamers. Since then Developers have been upgrading the guidelines.TheseGuides have developed from aninscribed step by step guide to an easy to understand in-game guide to a refined automatic guide. That is the 6th generation guide from the very beginning.


  • Completely 100% ProgrammedSystem
  • The standard features will let yougust through every zone in World of Warcraft.
  • Automatic Step Completion
  • Quest History Tracking
  • Easy Guide Selection System
  • The Taxi System – This is a world-shattering feature, the best method that will mark the waypoints arrow very lively and it will inevitablycraft the fastest way for your chosen character to acquire your position from yourpresentlocation. Taxi System will also repeatedlyrecommend the use ofFlight master, Teleport spells, Hearthstone, Portals,Zeppelins, Boats, and more.A custom-made route will be created to guide your character.
  • Multiple Display Modes and Multiple Objective Tracking– You can choose from multiple customizable display options and 16 skins. Dugi Guides will graft and apt with any User Interface and play flair. Now you have the choice to ride with aslightcovertness guide that doesn’t mess your User Interface
  • 3D Model Viewer- The model viewer will display you precisely what every NPC or Item look like in 3D. For that reason now you know your objective before reaching your destination. There can’t be any better option.
  • Map Preview
  1. This feature is new and available with Dugi 5.2
  2. The map preview displays anunruffled HUD style spectacle to promptly show you your destination and focus the pursuit area. This feature can besimplystarted by ticking the quest objective button.
  • Target Button- This powerful feature is a customized above them to help you find them.
  • This is a priceless feature that will help you find those pesky hidden NPC or help you compete against other players for killing monsters in heavily populated servers.

There are three different set to twinset every player skill level.

  1. Easy for Beginners (Gentler leveling speed,little risk of death)
  2. Normal for Regulars (Stable leveling speed and toil)
  3. Hard for Veterans (Model for virtuous players geared with Heirlooms)

You don’t have to worry about the guide for not being well-matched with your character as Dugi Guides will mechanically load the precise questing track for any blend of each class and race.

Dugi Guides
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Keep in mind-

I.            If you’re weary of worsening time taking the wrong pathway to level 90, these guides are for you.

II.            If you don’t recognize what to ensure in dungeons, these are for you.

III.            If you have no clue on how to earn repute and thorough everyday quest, these are for you.

IV.            If you do not have any knowledge on how to finish events and get easy attainments, these are for you.

Now after completing the Dugi Guides review, it is understandable to you that these guides are really useful. You will be more and more confident using Dugi Guides once you order the complete package and see on your own the magic touch. Play World of Warcraft with style and finish all the levels taking your character with more speed.

New Update – January 2019

Playing World of Warcraft is really exciting especially you have the chance to interact with a lot of players all over the world. It is very satisfying to play this game especially if you are on the early levels of the game.

The dilemma starts when your level increases, the difficulty of getting yourself to level up also gets harder too. For this reason many players are quitting once they reach a certain level that they are having difficulties already

Thankfully, this “Dugi Guides” was created to help you surpass those plateaus on leveling up. Many people who tried this managed to reach level 90 in no time.

That is why it also became a hype in online World of Warcraft forums because of its ability to help people in leveling their characters up.

Here are the following benefits that you will get if you buy the product:

  • Obtain the max level of your character immediately.
  • The methods are legit and legal that is why there is no risk of you getting banned by Blizzard.
  • Impress your friends with your high level character.

These are only a few benefits that you will get if you buy the product. Buy it now until it still working and let your character standout and prevail among the rest!

Dugi Guides

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