Easy Video Suite Review – It Is Effective?

Easy Video Suite

Producing videos is easier now than ever with innumerable cameras and accessories. The cameras and the shooting equipments are not unattainable by common man at present. The video market is also very active and friendly. But all these being as they are, the competition in the field is huge.

Easy Video Suite

To manage this competition and emerge as a successful video marketer you need something extra. That extra is provided by the revolutionary product Easy Video Suite. This is complete and all-inclusive software produced by an expert in the arena named Josh Bartlett.

This software is incredibly easy to operate and extremely beginner-friendly. Usually the beginners in this field come with great enthusiasm and when confronted with a professional software, will be put off and leave it at that. But this all-in-one software is much easier for them to use.

Easy Video Suite by Josh Bartlett  allows you to upload a video with a drag-and-drop option. The video can be made using this soft ware, if you have an ordinary web cam. Thereafter you can upload it into the software and work wonders with it using the program.

Easy Video Suite Review - It Is Effective?
Easy Video Suite

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Even if the video is shot by some other equipment, it can be easily uploaded into this and you can edit it, convert it, customize it and even frame it with fancy skins and backgrounds. After you put your videos through this software, even you will be surprised at the end product.

Wonderful features of Easy Video Suite

  1. Recording and editing: This software allows you to record videos and edit it using the exceptional editing facility of the soft ware. You can trim the video as you like and add many features to it. You can edit the way you want to present it in your website as well as the video itself. You can add graphics or texts if you want.
  2. Conversion and uploading: Formerly there was a problem with video formats when you want to upload it. The videos shot in different formats using different equipments may not suit the web site you want to upload it to. There begins the laborious process of adjusting the frames, changing the formats etc. but now all you have to do is to drag and drop it into the Easy Video Suite desk top app. It will be instantly an automatically converted to suit any format you want.
  3. Video customization: You can be very creative with your videos after they are shot. You can literally do anything with your presentation. You can give the video a decorative frame if you want. You can customize the appearance of the video. You can make the texts and other features of the page when the video is playing. Work your imagination and you can realize it.
  4. Customizing the video timeline: Instead of the usual linear time line you can make it appear anytime. What’s more, you can make buttons share buttons, social media icons or option buttons appear any time you want. Then you can set chapters. This is kind of setting marks which can be used by the viewers to skip back and forth while watching the video.
  5. Customizing web pages: Easy Video Suite can automatically create a web page to host your videos just in case you do not have one. This is a wonderful hosting technique for those people who do not have a web site.
  6. Analytics: the software will do all the tracking for you it will track all the details of the viewers like the location from which they are watching and how long they are watching etc. This is very useful when it comes to the marketing.

Easy Video Suite Wonderful features of Easy Video Suite

Video marketing with the software

Easy Video Suite ware is an excellent video marketing tool

  • It converts edits, hosts the videos automatically
  • You can create a quality web site using this software
  • It creates web pages for hosting if you do not have a web site for hosting your videos.
  • The soft ware can find reliable and useful servers to host the videos
  • All the SEO and analytics will be done by the software.


  • An easy drag-and drop interface
  • Runs on Windows and Mac
  • No need of sophisticated equipments for video making
  • Can be converted into mobile and web formats automatically
  • A variety of extremely effective editing tools
  • High level of customization of web pages as well as videos possible
  • No HTML knowledge necessary
  • Automatic uploading to multi platforms possible
  • Uploading possible without a hosting web
  • Unlimited video bandwidth
  • Can add gateways and events that compel the viewers to subscribe
  • Can upload videos shot with other equipments
  • Fast file conversions and uploading capabilities
  • Hosting and tracking accomplished by the software automatically


  • Rather expensive
  • Will fetch an income only if there is a quality video content

Easy Video Suite Cons

All in all, Easy Video Suite is highly sophisticated software, which is very effective in shooting, editing, converting, customizing and marketing the videos.

New Update – April 2019

Before as we would notice creating videos take a very long time before it finishes because we lack the sufficient tools in creating such videos that’s why people are discouraged to produce videos frequently. We are lucky that a lot of new technologies have been created nowadays because of the tremendous editing job to produce videos is significantly reduced.

One big help is by buying this product, with the use of this software you will be assured that you can easily produce videos in no time. Here are the following benefits that you can get if you buy this product:

  • You can create videos that are truly astonishing without having a hard time.
  • You can save up a lot of space in your hard drive because the file size is very compact.
  • It is proven that you can create high-quality videos because you will have the right set of tools to do the job.

So if you are planning to take video editing seriously then this product is definitely a must-have. You will surely get the most out of your talent and you will further enhance your skill if you are still a newbie. By buying this product you are taking your video editing skills to a whole new level.


Easy Video Suite

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