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Eat Stop Eat

Weight loss doesn’t have to be as complicated as you think. A very simple and scientifically researched method has been discovered. You don’t have to rely on those low carb/fat diets anymore. After all, those diets don’t really work, do they? It is certainly not fun to be counting calories all day long just for the sake of losing weight. You don’t have to be so selective when you are picking your food. There has to be an easy way. That easy way is finally here in the form of a book called Eat Stop Eat.

This is the book that teaches how to finally lose weight without having to be on diet. The technique is referred to as intermittent fasting. By fasting for 24 hours every other day, the body will tend to burn extra fats. That happens without you losing your lean muscles.

Eat Stop Eat

The man behind the book

Eat Stop Eat was written by Brad Pilon. Brad graduated with a degree in Applied Human Nutrition from the university of Guelph. He has been interested in human muscles and wanted to develop some for himself. He has worked with a lot of different athletes helping them build muscles. After graduating, he went on to read a masters degree where he researched about intermittent fasting. The research title was ‘The Metabolic Effects of Short Periods of Fasting in Humans and its Potential Application in Weight Loss’.

Eat stop eat

Brad saw for himself, first hand, that intermittent fasting did have a considerable impact on the fat burning ability of the body. Not only that, it also increased the level of testosterone and growth hormone. He then decided to write a book for average people to help them use this method of weight loss. That is how Eat Stop Eat was born.

By relying of this book you get this benefits.

  • A One-of-a-kind Intermittent fasting program
  • Designed to help you Burn Fat Easily
  • Increase growth hormone
  • Be your own weight loss success story
  • Easiest Diet Plan

You may still have some doubts about this technique. This is probably because of what you heard in the news concerning starvation and slow metabolism. Yes, research has shown that the body will tend to slow metabolism if you starve it for too long. But that is not what Brad is talking about in his book. Intermittent fasting is not exactly starvation. It has a twist attached to it. There is a lot of research today that is backing up intermittent fasting and its benefits.

Key difference between starvation and intermittent fasting

  • Your metabolism will not slow down
  • You will not get light-headed and cranky!
  • You don’t have to avoid going to restaurants with your friends.
  • You will not lose ANY of your hard earned muscle.
  • You don’t have to avoid carbs, or fats.
  • And most importantly, you will not waste any of your precious time!

Eat stop eat

Brad Pilon’s method to weight loss really works and he has helped thousands of people all over the world to lose weight. Testimonials are just flooding on his website. For once you get a very simple way of losing weight that really works for everybody.


If you do a search online you would find out that intermittent fasting has even much more other benefits than just losing weight. Brad just focused on how to use the technique to lose weight but you can use it to harness all the other benefits too like:

  • longevity, increased lifespan
  • Reduced insulin level in the blood.
  • Enhanced cardiovascular and brain functions

What if it doesn’t work for me?

Brad is so sure this method will work that he is attaching he 8 weeks full money refund guarantee. Besides, he has his own reputation to protect here. He has personally researched into this in his graduate studies. He wouldn’t want his degree to be withdrawn due to attacks for false information.

Eat stop eat What if it doesn't work for me

On his website he actually gives you the opportunity to try the book for 3 days and then buy it at the full price if you like it, later on.

The good thing about this book is that it already contains all the information that you will need to lose weight. You don’t need any other book. That is why Brad doesn’t bombard you with all kinds of free bonus gift to confuse you like other sites do. He just focuses on offering you the only book that you need.

New Update – February 2019

A lot of people all over the world are having a weight management problem simply because of bad eating habits, lack of knowledge and exercise.  This is the primary reason why we are experiencing a lot of health problems because of our inability to control our weight.

Thankfully, a product which is called “Eat Stop Eat” is there to help people in resolving the problem. This is probably the best gift that you can give to yourself. Since I posted this review a lot of people have tried this product and all of them are really satisfied on the product.

Here are the following benefits that you can get if you buy the product:

  • You will significantly reduce your weight simply because the routines that you will learn from this product are very effective in weight reduction.
  • It will make your overall health better as well because of the healthy routines that you will learn from this product.
  • You will not experience any side-effects from this product because the methods are all-natural.

So if you want to transform your body into a more desirable shape then this product is the most suitable product that you should go for. Buy this now until it is not too late.

Eat stop eat

Thanks for Reading This Eat Stop Eat Review.

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