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Family Bunker Plans


Are you ready for any disaster that will come unexpectedly? Can you keep your family safe? Our world today is becoming a scarier place, war, De luge,  eartthquake seems to haunt our peace of mind everyday. It is happening in other countries right now, We have seen the victims especially the poor innocent kids. Sometimes, it makes me think, what if a big disaster will one day to our place, do we have a chance of survival? Can i do something to make my family safe? These thoughts is surely in your minds if you care so much for your family.

Because of these thoughts and fear, someone who is a certified disater and survival expert came to create something that could prepare us for any disater. The Family Bunker Plans by John Hartman is a bunker plan that is effectively created and absolutely designed to protect your family from a disater. As you see, there is no harm if you are prepared for anything rather than have regrets in the end.

Family Bunker Plans
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The following are the “should be” chararteristics of a good bunker:

  • the bunker should be hidden and secretive – because if it is located in a very obvious location, you are not safe from theives and from other people’s curiousity
  • it should be impossible to break into – when a disaster strike, any one can enter any one’s dwelling. you are not safe from any one. So make sure that your bunker is build strong and impossible to break into.
  • big enough to fit 5 people comfortably – it is important, because you dont know how long you will stay in the bunker. It should be made that your fa,mily will be comfortable.
  • it needs to fit enough food and water supply for 6 months straight – these are the necessities of surviving. So keep it in mind.
  • it needed to ventilated – The right ventilation is a must.
  • it needed to have source of renewable energy for unlimited power – In this manuial you will be giuven a complete instruction on how to create a sourse of unlimited power.
  • it is needed to be durable and solid enough to withstand natural disasters or terrorists attacks – off course, the bunker should be disigned to withstand even natural disaster. It is not easy but the family bunker manual will give you all the information needed to build your bunker strong for natural disasters.

The Family bunker plans manual will give you everything you need to know about building a perfect bunker for your family. The informations out in this manual are combined knowledge of two disaster and survival experts. It is layed out in a step by step guide to build your own survival bunker for your family.

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Here are the importants topic that you will flearn in the Manual:

  • Use the secret sources to get your materials at the lowest possible price. this can make or break your chances of building a low cost bunker.
  • Crucial site preparation tip! Warning: You must know this before preparing any site. Not knowing this tip could result of heart ache and loss.
  • How to obtain your permit. Get full step by step instruction to obtain a building permit including a check list of what you need to do. Just check them off as you do the step.
  • Design and lay out planning tips and advice from a qualified expert. the design steps in this manual will help you choose the right lauout for yolur family needs.
  • You will get proffessional 3D diagrams to help you along the way.
  • Learn how to correctly prepare your site. It goes into a quiete detail with plenty of diagrams and pictures in this topic because this is where newbie container builders go wrong. So pay attention to this and don’t miss a step.
  • Get an electrical lay out and illustration plans. It has digrams to make simple for to understand as possible.


The plans the Family Bunker Plans Manual is lay out in simple step by step instructions that even if you are not a builder, you can follow and understand it. You can choose whether you will build an underground bunker or above ground bunker. Its up to you. With this manual, you can build it like a proffessional builder. Just follow the instructions correctly so you will get the perfect result. Preparing for any disaster is a must, so start building now.

Reasons why Family Plans Bunker is the Best:

  • Affor-ability – letting a builder build your bunker will cost you a lot. Building it on your own will save you a lot money.
  • Design – you can easily modify the plans to create a modern sleek look.
  • Strength – The bunker taught in this manual is designed to withstand any disater and terrorist attacks.
  • Time – the plans in this manual are made for ordinary people not a builder so you can build it in a record time.
  • Unique – You can customized many parts of the bunker, so it will be unique.
  • Secretive – When disasters strikes, theives and bulgars are rampant. So yoour bunker needs to be hidden.

The Family Bunker Plans by John Hartman manual is the most comprehensive and up to date construction guide available today. The plans in this manual is very detailed that even a first time builder can do it. It is really important to prepare for any disater. The problem is; nbot everyone can build a bunker. And this manual is the perfect solution for that problem. It will teach you everything you need to do that will make your bunker perfect and an effective haven for your family. You are also learn in this manual, the things that you can do to make it more comfortable to live for six months.

This bunker plans is really amazing because the steps here is so easy to follow. Anyone now will have a chance to build their own safe bunker. Be prepared for any disaster. Keep your family safe. Use a guide that is created by the experts so that you will not waste your money and time. Use the Family Bunker Plans manual today. It is surely a perfect and effective lay out guide for your bunker.

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In our time today, when terrorist attacks haunts in some country we are not safe. So it is very vital that we will be open minded about preparation for our survival. This Family Bunker Plans will give you the right instructions needed to build a strong bunker. Imagine, having a safe location where you and your family can retreate whenever disater strikes, it will surely give you a peace of mind. It is a great feeling to be always prepared.

This amazing survival plans will only cost you $47 for one time investment. You and your family deserve to be safe. With $47 dollars only, you can now keep your family safe from disaters. Having a Family bunker is a great investment. Your childrens children can inherit it one day. So, no worry that your investment will come to nothing because it will not. Preparing for a disaster is a good investment and a must. Plus, if you avail this manual now, you will be given bonuses.

3 bonus you will get when you avail the manual now:

  1. Bonus Guide #1 Survival Stockpile – This manual will give you a list of tools and essentials you need to get through the crisis alive while staying in the bunker.
  2. Family Protection Plan – You will be taught of the perfect Family protection plan that will never fall apart.
  3. Off-grid Power Backup – This will give you a step by step plans that will give you unlimited power by setting up a mini off grid power system. Having access to unlimited power could mean the difference between life and death .

So avail now the Family Bunker manual!!! Do what you need to do now by providing absolute security for your family. For only $47 for your family survival. If ever you have any question about the manual, you can always contact their support system anytime. So you are not alone in the process.

Family Bunker Plans Review - What are the Benefits?
Family Bunker Plans

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Hurry now!!! Avail this manual now and get the bonuses for free!!! This is the best investment that you will ever have. For $47 dollars only in exchange for your family survival.This is something that you should not miss!!! The Family Bunker Manual is the best solution for all your worries!!!

New Update – February 2019

There will be a time wherein we will be in need to survive a certain disaster and the only way to survive it is by doing some survival techniques however, the problem arises if a person does not have any idea on how to implement such techniques.

Thankfully, a product which is called “Family Bunker Plans” was created because of it people now have an idea on how to protect themselves on such kinds of disaster. This is very important because if you have this kind of product you can ensure that you and your family are safe at all times.

Here are the following benefits that you can get if you buy the product:

  • You will learn the different techniques needed for you to secure the safety and life of you and your family in all types of disasters.
  • You will have a peace of mind that you are safe at all times which reduces stress.
  • The techniques are very easy to learn and understand that is why you will not have a hard time grasping the knowledge from the techniques.

Our life is very important that is why we must take good care of it no matter what. By buying this product now you are giving yourself the gift of life.

Family Bunker Plans

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