First Strike Review – Does it WORK or NOT?

First Strike

One of the unforgettable horrors of my childhood was being one of the smallest in my class. Apart from the jeers from mates, my mother kept hounding me at home – “Terry, if you would only eat all your vegetables you will get bigger and taller.”

After much badgering, I started eating my vegetables but to my disappointment I didn’t get any taller. The teasing at school continued until the day the big class bully decided to taunt me in front of my crush. I lost it, jumped in his face and knocked him out flat. From that day till the end of grade school, I had earned their respect.

My experience though juvenile has become a factor in my adult life too. People tend to look down on me because of my small body size. (If only they knew what my girlfriend knows – that I’m big where it matters *winks*)

Therefore, I’m constantly looking for ways to even out the odds against me out there. And this is was how I discovered this First Strike program which has been put together by Todd Lamb, a former Special Operator in the Canadian Forces and Ari Knazan, a personal protection professional with many years of martial art experience under his sleeve.

First Strike

Why you need to strike first

You may be wondering why you will need to learn fighting moves when you are not looking to take up a wrestling or boxing career. You probably don’t even live on high crime streets. But that does not remove you from the line of violence. It’s all around you. Violence will come looking for you even if you’re the coolest guy on the face of the earth.

Element of surprise

There’s nothing as great as getting somebody who is out to get you first. They were probably waiting for you turn on your heel and flee with your tail in between your legs like a scared puppy. Then, you get the first hit! They would be too stunned to even aim a reprisal before you leave the scene.

First Strike Element of surprise

Upper hand

When you read account of killings on the streets, the details mostly show the losing or dead party trying to back down. That is one of the worst decisions to take when faced with violence because you would be on the losing end. So,  taking the first strike gives you a higher chance at survival.

Fast exit

The objective of getting the first strike is not about becoming a prized fighter. It’s mainly about self defense and being able to get yourself and your loved ones away from danger.

I remember a burly guy hitting on my girlfriend at a club and he even had the guts to pinch her butt. I hit him out flat and before he recovered, I was wise enough to have left the place immediately.

You may have tried enrolling in a defense class before and probably copped out with all the intense and complex strategies you were being taught.

But with the way this course is structured, it just equips you with the basic survival instincts you need.

Yes I know survival instincts are meant to be inborn but with civilization, most of these instincts have been watered down

First Strike Fast exit

Who is it for?

If you are a man out there, you will definitely need this program. Even when you are being a gentleman, trouble has a way of hunting you down.

Imagine a guy charging at you on the streets for no reason. Well,  maybe not. You could have snatched his girl sometime back or he may just be high on something strong.

So, you need to be always prepared for the inevitable violence out there. Especially if you don’t want to end up as one of the statistics. You need to be smart to stay alive in this increasingly dangerous world.

Highlights of the program

The devastating strike

If you have found yourself in such dicey situations before, you would realize that the one and only chance you get might be your only chance. Therefore, it’s very important that you get it right.

Special Forces Locks and Breaks

You will be getting 7 special forces locks and breaks that you can use to incapacitate your assailant in mere seconds. These are important especially when your attacker already has you in their grip. They have been specially packaged for you by Todd Lamb and Ari Knazan to meet your exact self defense needs.

First Strike SiteGet First Strike Here

Attack strategies against weapon

When you are hand in hand with your attacker, the odds are better balanced but in the case where he has a weapon, you’re at a disadvantage. So, you will need these strategies to know how best to disarm your attacker.

Tactic against shooter

Shooting massacres often end up with more casualties than other kinds of crime and in such situations, it would be foolhardy to face the shooter without any strategy in mind. In fact, you may be staring death in the face if you try that. The way you choose to flee the scene would make a difference between you and the others, raising your chances of survival.

First Strike Tactic against shooter

The mind game

Sometimes you may be so unevenly matched that only the power of your mind would be able to get you free and safe. Here, you will learn the trick to destablize your attacker even before you make the first move.

Leaving your attacker shell shocked

You would not learn this kind of move in a conventional defense class because it is as unorthodox as they come. Your attacker would not even know what hit them if you are able to deploy this effectively.

First Strike Leaving your attacker shell shocked

Simple and easy to learn

Just like you I was looking for the particular catch of this program that sets it apart from the others. I mean why would this work where the others have failed?

It’s pretty simple and easy to learn! The lessons have been packaged in 3-minute videos that you can watch on the go.

Like I said before the goal here is not to teach you to be a black belt. That kind of skill may not even save you because the violent guys out there don’t play by the rules. They fight plain dirty.

And there is more….

Bonus 1 – Command Presence

With this free manual, you can create a special aura around you that commands respect even before you find yourself in a situation of violence.

Imagine entering a room packed full of ferocious looking guys with a pretty damsel on your arm. They would be scheming how to get her off you but when you command the right impression, they would be doffing their caps to you instead.

Bonus 2 – Advanced Situational Awareness

So many dangerous situations could have been averted if only the people involved were able to decode all the tell-tale signs before its occurrence.

I used to have this friend who would enter a bar and basically sniff the air and tell us to scam because trouble was brewing. This used to get on my nerves because for the life of me I couldn’t see any such signs. But after I got a broken nose in a fight after disobeying that guy’s instinct, I began to respect him anew.

Many men are like me in this regard, we practically walk into danger zones with our eyes wide open. With this bonus guide, you can gain proper insight into developing that sixth sense to be aware of impending danger in your surroundings.

First Strike Bonus 2 - Advanced Situational Awareness

All for almost nothing….

If you have ever had to pay for a defense class, you certainly know they don’t come cheap. So learning these 17 moves would come at a high price, right? Wrong!

When this program was taken at a workshop, it went higher than $300! But because the creators want to make these critical strategies accessible to almost everyone, they are offering it for less than $40!

However, I’m not sure how long this price would remain this cheap. So,  as for me I’m going for it right away. What are you still waiting for?

It is important to be able to keep my woman and family safe from attackers. I want to be the MAN in both word and deed!

New Update – February 2019

It is given that not all of us have the capacity to protect ourselves when it comes to situations that our life is put into danger. It will be no problem at all if we know self-defense techniques which are very crucial that we know because the situations that we face are commonly uncertain.

Thankfully a product that is suited to teach us on how to defend ourselves has been created in the name of “First Strike” has been created. Since I posted this review a lot of people have already tried the product and they were completely satisfied with the product.

What will you get if you buy the product? Here are the following benefits that you will acquire if you purchase the product:

  • You will feel confident because you now have an idea on how to protect yourself on such situations.
  • You will surely be safe at all times because of the self-defense techniques that you will learn from this product.
  • Your physical strength will significantly increase which you can use definitely on your advantage.
  • The techniques are very safe to implement because they are user-friendly which will let you learn the techniques without any hassles.

So if you want to be secured at all times then this product is definitely a must-have!

First Strike

Thanks for Reading This First Strike Review.

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