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What is all about? is a membership site that was launched in 2007 to help prospective homebuyers and investors get comprehensive information about foreclosures, properties that are for sale and those kinds of related searches. Once you register on the site as its subscriber you will be able to get real time and precise foreclosure information. The website is currently in the number one spot as a foreclosure data providing firm in Canada. The firm has achieved this because it has a wide set of property distinctiveness which include information about taxation, images from satellite, information about neighborhood and also contact information. Membership

This is the perfect site for those seeking to buy quality homes at low prices. It is at this site that one can be able to find homes that are up to 50 percent under the market value. The site is very simple to use and surf. If you need to look for foreclosures in your area, you will select your province, enter your email address and then commence your search. After this you will be provided with a full address, information about the property, the images of the property, and the contact details. membership has over 2000 members on their social media sites. It is at these social media sites that they give their members news updates about foreclosures and investing tips. Several Canadian home buyers and investors have used the site and most of them have been satisfied with the service. There have been instances where complaints have been raised by individuals who felt that the service did not meet their expectations.

Registered members of the site have got more advantages which include the following;

  • Instant access to tutorials
  • You will be taught more about foreclosures
  • You will offered information about bank foreclosures
  • You will be told about auctions, real estate and many more
  • As a member you will be offered bonuses which include a 47 page foreclosure buying guide
  • Research data about foreclosures
  • Neighborhood and statistical information
  • Digital street maps
  • Database of foreclosure real estate information which encompasses housing market information and laws on foreclosure Membership

The website offers people a chance to try their service at a fee of $ 7 for seven days. There is also a six month membership offer for $ 197 and one year membership for $ 297. Those who go for the 7 days for $ 7 trial period have the option of opting out before seven days have elapsed to avoid subscription payments. Even after you have subscribed you the option to cancel your subscription anytime you want. Those making orders for membership have their transactions protected by SSL encryption.

What Are The Benefits of Registering on

If you are someone who has interest in investing in real estate or simply you want to buy your dream home then is your best bet. The site unlike multiple listing services that don’t list offers like Foreclosure lists the offers. The MLS services don’t list search offers because do not want potential buyers to know they really need buyers. In MLS services it is not easy for you to get the option to search for foreclosures.

With you have the chance to search from pre-screened foreclosures list and get updated lists. Members also have the advantage of getting notifications on new foreclosure listings that are available in the Canadian markets. Membership

If you are someone seeking to buy a home for yourself and your family it will be important for you to get to know all the information about the area because that place will part of your life. If you go and purchase a home at the wrong neighborhood you will not like it in the long run. If you are member you will be able to investigate about the neighborhood a home is situated before you buy it. This enables you to purchase a home at a place that you know all the information about even for first time home buyers. A member will also know about the security of the neighborhood they wish t buy a home in. An agent will not give you such information for fear of you not buying the house. Membership

What are some of the information that you will get from the program regarding homes?

Some of the information about homes that are available to members includes;

  • The distance of the house from your workplace
  • The reliability of public transport at the location of the house

Who stands to benefit from

Anybody who wishes to buy or sell real estate property stands to befits from the program. Sellers of foreclosure properties stand to benefit from the program. This is due to the fact that they have the chance to list properties on a specialized foreclosures listing site that has a fast selling rate. Buyers on the other hand have the advantage of being able to search for homes without the go-between services of real estate agents who usually need commission. Buyers still have the advantage of buying homes at subsidized prices and can save up to 50%.

How does the program work?

For you to be able to enjoy the services of you must register for its membership first. The foreclosure listings of homes in Canada are put on the market at great prices under specific terms. If you are a registered member of the site who wishes to buy a home you simply do a search on the site’s listings and you will be able to get offers that will be of interest to you.

  1. You can accept the deal the seller is offering and then proceed to make an agreement on a contract.
  2. You could also reject the seller’s offer.
  3. You can also suggest to the seller different terms and instead give him what you can offer.

You have to note though that in the third choice it will be at the seller’s discretion to either accept or reject your suggestion.

What do you get if you join the program?

Users have the option of registering for the free trial membership on just to try the website before they can purchase membership. Monthly introductory program membership will cost you $ 15 per month. With this you will be able to enjoy full access to real estate listings on foreclosure listings in Canada. If you need to cancel the registration you can do it anytime you want if you feel that the membership offered is not suitable for you.

Why Should I join Membership program?

The is a firm that is very profitable but one funny thing is that not so many people know about it yet. Why not take advantage of the program at this time when it is still not known to many people. You have to not that if you are a real estate investor you stand to benefit greatly from becoming a member of the program.

Can website be trusted?

Most website experts normally advise people to be wary of websites that have a domain expiration period that is less than one year. Such websites are considered non reliable even if the owner will extend the expiration period. is a website that has got a domain expiration period that is more than one year meaning that it can be trusted. Membership Review - It Is Effective? Membership

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The website has been around for over five years now and that just shows how reliable it is. The website is popular amongst its users and this goes a long way in proving that indeed it offers services that are authentic to clients.

Even in Alexa which is a platform that measures the popularity of websites is ranked highly in popularity. A website with a lower alexa rank shows that it has more visitors thus proof of the website’s reliability. is ranked in alexa at 496,370 most visited website on the net.

Do the contact details appear on the site?

Usually a trustworthy website freely shows their contact information on their site. The site has also made its contact information available on their records. This is enough reason for you to trust the services that the site offers to clients.

How is the site considered in Google safebrowsing service?

Google safebrowsing service considers a safe website because the website is safe from malware and phishing that checks for.

What is the site’s page rank on Google?

Usually a page rank of a site is measured on a scale of 0-10 and a site with a high page rank means that it is more trustworthy. Google gives all websites page ranks showing how well the site is interconnected with other sites on the net. The site is ranked sixth by Google meaning you can trust it when making transactions through it.


This website is the perfect bet for those involved in real estate deals or those who simply want to purchase their dream homes at low prices.

New Update – April 2019

There are lots of people that are planning to purchase a house however, the budget is really a main factor. This is the primary reason why a lot of them held back because of the budget.

Thankfully, there are foreclosed houses that you can take advantage of however because of the lack of knowledge this has not been utilized at all.

With the help of this product you will get to know the fundamentals that you can use in buying affordable houses. Since we posted the review of this product a year ago a lot of people have bought their houses in a very affordable price.

Here are the following benefits that you can get if you will buy this product:

  • You will know how to scout houses nearby your areas that are ready foreclosure.
  • It will help you not to get scammed on your deals in acquiring properties particularly houses.
  • If you want to take those acquisitions of houses to the next level by means of establishing a real estate business then you will surely have the fundamentals needed by using this product.

Here are only a few of the many benefits that you can get if you will buy this product. Membership

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