House Train Any Dog Review – Can You Do It Yourself?

House Train Any Dog It Is Time To Strengthen The Bond You Share

Are you a puppy owner? Did you recently get a new pet – a new puppy of any breed(or new puppies) you believe needs to be trained? Or did you get an adult dog of any age who needs to be trained by its bathroom, potty, or obedience lessons? If so, then this review should help you select the best training method for your dog.

If you own a puppy or puppies, then researching if housetraining is a good idea might become an extremely important priority of yours. This review will inform you about the merits and demerits of housetraining your dog.

To explore more on that check this link: Here or you can equally check out the American kennel club or AKC for short.

Akc is an organization of experts in breed, health, and training information for dogs.

What is Dog Or House Training?

To train a dog is to teach that puppy particular skills or behaviors. This also works for adult dogs of all breeds and age, it might also include bathroom, crate or potty lessons.

Training Techniques

· House or Private Training

The House training process is the type that involves you, your puppy or puppies and the puppy expert. It also usually consists of personalized techniques for your dog by the dog expert eg a personalized bathroom / potty training schedule.

Note: Adult dogs of any breed who have never been house trained or never lived indoors might have a hard time adapting to the home and might need the use of a crate with a one corner door(or many crates as the case may be).

· Group or Public Training ( eg American Kennel Club i.e. Akc)

This method is quite different from private method. Unlike private , group training usually takes place in a facility. It also involves more than one party (ie it involves many dogs and their owners). It entails taking frequent trips to the facility which typically lasts several hours. One of such facility is Akc.

There are many merits to house training your dog and here are but a few of them, and yes, this applies to all breeds:

Pros of House Training Dogs (Adult Dog or Puppy)

1.Difference in behavior would be avoided when you house train any dog

Dogs of all breed are complex den animals and they have strong emotions. It is quite common for a dog to behave when outside than when indoors (more common for adult dogs). Quite a lot of issues pop up when at home that your pet might not display when outdoors.

Training your pet indoors prevents this, he or she would feel much more comfortable indoors than elsewhere.

So your puppy or older dog would act more naturally. Thereby putting all its bad habits on display which in turn would make curbing them easier.

2. The home is the best environment for Potty training your adult dog or puppy of all age

Potty training a dog at home provides enough room for better results. Crate lessons which is extremely helpful for housetraining is a best done at home.

Most dogs tend to have issues that might seem small (eg house soiling, irregular eating or drinking habits). But those little issues tend to grow into bigger deals over time as your puppy grows into an adult dog. Using treats and foods to train your dog would eliminate this since it would serve as positive reinforcement (unlike using a leash etc)

When using the housetraining technique for your puppy, there would be opportunities to eliminate these issues without a leash.

3. Better bonding time with your puppy

Potty training a puppy in the house provides you with more time to strengthen the bond you share.

You would be part of your puppy’s house training method. That would lead to a stronger bond forming between you, it would also teach how to have patience with your puppy.

The patience you exercise during the training of your dog might make all the difference – this also serves as positive reinforcement. Your dog would get to spend long periods of time with you during its lesson sessions.

4. A better listener

For most people, obedience is a prioritized trait they deem required from their dog. House training imparts into your dog the commands or sign he (or she) doesn’t understand yet. An house trained adult dog typically displays a higher chance of listening to every command. That prevents things like accident.

Home training focuses on the things you might want to see addressed with your dog eg bathroom / potty breaks, obedience lessons etc

5. Prioritized Schedule

Home training provides you with a private dog expert. Unlike group training which is more of a business, this more personalized. This way your puppy would not have to share attention with other puppies. You can schedule the hours dedicated to train your pup to time periods that fit into your daily schedule. Your personal dog expert would also be able to monitor your dogs night crate or potty training much better. This way there would be opportunities to get tips from the expert.

This method studies and curbs whatever flaw your dog has.

Having a home trainer would also ensure that you and your dog wouldn’t get distracted by other students and their dogs which would have been present in a public class.

6. A Secure home

The best advantage of home training is the fact that it provides you the opportunity to set boundaries within your home. It eliminate the use of puppy pads as temporary solutions and introduces the crate train method or use of baby gates – which would be useful for vet visits and so on.

Having a trained dog is important yet owning a trained dog who understands boundaries is much better.

With a personal expert, you would have the opportunity to make sure your dog understands the boundaries you’ve set within your home. It’ll also eliminate the possibility of a indoor accident .

This would prevent the occurrence of unpleasant accidents indoors like house soiling, discovering poop in the home etc

Cons Of House Training Your dog

1. Lack of socialization.

Like humans in the humane society, dogs need to socialize. Especially when they are pups. But, home lessons eliminate socialization. Neither does it provide enough room to train the dog except in a yard which leaves too large an opportunity for accidents.

During training classes, your puppy would be mixed together with a bunch of other dogs. That would provide a means of much needed socialization.

The lack of socialization often leads to the development of awful habits like aggression issues, feeding issues or skittish behavior (when your dog is afraid of other dogs or afraid of going outside) when in the midst of other dogs.

2. Cost Effectiveness.

Home training is often much more draining on the pocket than group lessons would be. Group lessons can be much more cost effective especially if you are looking to impact upon your dog the basic skills.

It is often advisable to start up your pup in a basic dog training class(ie for obedience, potty, feeding and any other training) over the home training method except if he begins to show an unusual sign like aggressive behaviors, excessive accidents in which case you might need to visit the vet.

He or she would be able to learn the basic skills and would also get to socialize with other dogs.

3. Limited Environment for potty training.

Training your dog at home would result in your dog listening to you and obeying all your rules and commands. This would only work indoors and is thus a temporary solution.

A problem that might occur while potty training your dog at home is house soiling. Your dog would need to go outdoors to eliminate that. And due to the lack of experience, he (or she) might have trouble listening to all your commands in the chaotic environment that is the outdoors. Which might lead to unexpected accidents.


In this Home Training Review, we have discussed the Pros and Cons associated with home training your dog. We have explained that it is one of the most important first steps to having a healthy relationship with your dog. It is advisable to have an extensive conversation with a professional dog expert. It is also normal for a few accidents to occur during house training especially after eating or drinking.

Our final thoughts about Home Training is that it is definitely worth it, there are great benefits to be gained from home training (eg free tips from the expert). So, you guys should definitely try it.

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