Human Anatomy and Physiology Course Review

Human Anatomy and Physiology Course

Human body is a complex science to understand but if your teacher is a role model, the anatomy and physiology study would be even much easier and interesting. Dr. James Ross to me is like Walter White to Jessy Pinkman who knows anatomy and physiology inside out and always comes up with easy explanations. I am running my small medical dispensary and studied from University of Columbia.

Human Anatomy and Physiology Course

I was not bad at college or university but gaining grip on practical aspects is somewhat different than academicals world. One needs apt skills, presence of mind and enormous practice to be master of difficult cases. Before I develop a full-fledge medical practice I needed guidance from someone who can make ma confident as after all doctors deal with human lives and there may not be second chance!


The source of purchase

I found out about this course from PRWeb where review of the product has been published by Shane Michaels, who is best in the review work. However, I didn’t just rely on such information as I wanted some more evidence and the website of Dr. James Ross helped find out customer reviews and credentials it achieved. I wanted to know if the course was equally helpful to professionals as well and as I could find satisfying reviews of medical teachers, medical practitioners and nurses I developed an interest in the course. In fact, the course was initially sold only to medical professionals who prove that they would have undergone a research for sure.

Human Anatomy and Physiology Course Review: The Truth Revealed!
Human Anatomy and Physiology Course

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What should you know about Human Anatomy and Physiology Course?

Dr. James Ross has developed a home study approach on human anatomy and physiology study. The study is more than 3000 pages and but within 3 days or less the course can be completed. This was as surprising to me at the first place as reading 3000 pages is not a child’s game. However, the video modules, pictorial and graphical presentation plus practical examples make it really easier for students or professionals who want to master the subject. It covers lessons plans to organize the study and if required more time can be allocated. If studies are done together with any mates, then quizzes can become more interesting. Solutions are provided to so as to compare the results and get the credit.

Human Anatomy and Physiology Course

What was the plan to study the course as a medical practitioner?

I have undergone a medical training during my university days but the easy explanations, revisions sought, printable documents etc. can eliminate the requirement of a practical training. I prepared my own notes to note down the weaknesses and later do the exercises again and again to hold a grip on the subject. With solutions already provided I could literally compare my answers to know how do I progress and further practice if required. Need not to say I used to study all these during my practice time and as videos can be paused and restarted from where we leave it was really helpful. If find time, weekends are other days when I used to revise the work done during the week days and a same to decide the agenda of the next week.

Human Anatomy and Physiology Course What was the plan to study the course as a medical practitioner

Was the knowledge helpful to pass on to staff?

As a medical practitioner, passing on the knowledge requires both real-time and off the business training. I have a young girl as nurse and few helpers working in my dispensary who needed some teething problems to be solved while serving to patients. I conducted a survey of the difficulties they were facing and areas where they think they need training. For this I had to study the relevant part of the course again to prepare me but I could literally quote reference of Dr. James Ross’s easy explanations and philosophy about human anatomy and physiology during their training. The feedback I have received from my staff is simply awesome. I believe I have gained professional respect and built a tempo in the team to get going. I am sure ultimately the patient’s satisfaction will improve.


Being a practitioner the costs of the course was not that difficult to bear. $37 and all the good material in hand then who would not like to buy it? The course is only worth 1-2 patients’ fees and can be recovered within just few days of practice. The other advantage was to prepare checklists for certain medical situations which I could always take as reference while reviewing the work of my staff. It also served as a good benchmark for improving their individual services.

For any misunderstanding or further clarification one can approach to the customer care support. They also solved some of my technical queries which I didn’t expect them to. This course is completely worth of investment for me!

New Update – January 2019

Having a “Human Anatomy and Physiology Course” product was really a great help especially when you are a medical practitioner simply because you cannot learn all the knowledge that you need in your medical practice just in school.

Because of that, this product was created to help medical practitioners in improving their services. This is truly the best buy if you want to learn more regarding that subject.

Because a lot of medical practitioners tends to make mistake for the reason that they lack some knowledge in performing a certain operation because they don’t have the advanced knowledge that they needed in performing such tasks.

Let us face it there are things that are not taught in school that is why if you are just a new medical practitioner then you will surely have a hard time performing operations and medical tasks especially if you do not have any experience yet in doing this.

That is why by buying the course you are minimizing or even taking away the risk of failing on performing certain medical tasks. I suggest that you buy the product now especially if you are really serious in advancing your medical career for you to improve and to excel on your craft more.

Human Anatomy and Physiology Course

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