Introduction To Basic Electronics Review: The Truth Revealed!

Introduction To Basic Electronics

Are you a geek in electronics trying to develop new circuits and just need to revise the topics? Or are you a newbie to electronics field who wants to start everything from the scratch and yearning to build your basics? Or are you in a comfortable level to grasp concepts and fine-tune your knowledge on edge cutting technology? Whatever be your current knowledge level you could definitely create wonders by following “Introduction to basic electronics” by Greg Carpenter. Greg has unravel many complex topics in a clear and lucid manner.

Introduction To Basic Electronics

How to define electronics?

Electronics is branch of science that deals with the flow and control of electrons and analysis of their characteristics and their influence in transistors, diodes, power devices and other semiconductors devices. By learning Electronics properly one can develop your own projects by proper connection of components and feeding them with proper voltage

Summary of “Introduction to basic electronics” by Greg Carpenter

The package consists of two main eBooks in pdf format, some bonus eBooks and a couple of mp3 audio files which gives a brief summary about the main ideas rendered by the course. The two main eBooks demonstrates basic electronics tutorial. The first eBook helps the reader to grasp fundamentals in nine easy to comprehend modules. The second eBook is named as Building Simple Circuits.

This book does not demand much analytical skills nor the ability to comprehend complicated mathematics equations that one finds in other electronics books. Thanks to Greg for that because you don’t need it for accomplishing electronics project successfully. But it is one of a kind book that clearly elucidate fundamentals of electronics in a narrative manner so that one does not even feel that he/she is learning complicated topics .It provides clear idea on what are the essentials that you need and will use when you are messing with electronics.

The topics on soldering and building circuits with solder are very simple to follow. Greg shows you how to build the same circuits using modern solder less breadboards. Solder less breadboards as used by hobbyists and professionals alike.

Greg has done an appreciable role by giving you all the information that one need to understand the majority of projects that you might come across as a hobbyist. Greg neither go into any depth about integrated circuits nor does he say much about digital electronics.

Topics covered

The text is categorized into nine sections.

  1. Electric Current And Voltage –explains what causes electrons to move in a circuit
  2. Resistance – depicts what kind of materials restrict electron flow, reason behind this behavior and amazing properties
  3. Capacitance –elucidates how electric field can be confined within a box or container
  4. Inductance –portrays what happens when a magnetic field and coil of wire come closer
  5. Alternating Current in day to day life –describes how ac is generated , properties like frequency and about transformers as well
  6. Transformers and their applications –explains how transformer can step up or step down voltage
  7. Reactance – describes resistance offered by inductor and consumes zero power
  8. Impedance – effective of pure resistance with reactance
  9. Semiconductor and properties –Here is where exactly electronics start its mystic journey. Silicon diode, germanium diode, rectifier, transistor, field effect transistors ,integrated circuits are explained in this module

Introduction To Basic Electronics


Electronic Terms

This is the main attraction of the package which is a pretty comprehensive glossary that deals with most of the technical terms that an electronics enthusiast is likely to come across. This is a valuable resource especially for those who are not from electronics background. This book covers everything from Absorption Wave Meters to Zeppelin Antennas.

Electronic Projects just for fun

An ensemble of seven electronic circuits is illustrated for construction simplicity. Step by step instruction on how to build the circuits are also mentioned.

Crystal Set

T Making a crystal radio set would sound interesting to passionate electronics engineers. The instructions are laid down in layman manner which makes it easy and interesting to make a working radio receiver with so few components. I personally felt this part of the book as quiet interesting.

Waves and Antennas

This section demands strong analytical skills also to follow the concepts completely. Designing, building and refining antennas and waveguides would sound interesting to core electronics engineers.

Ohms Law Secrets

Ohms law-This would be the first law any electronics engineer would be learning as it defines the entire soul of electronics. I feel this is the section that one should go through first as it defines the foundation for electronics and most of the consecutive theorem has its roots in this law. This Book can be considered as a valuable asset to any Basic Electronics Study Course.

Soldering Parts 1 & 2

He has done a laudable effort in creating a simple topic which explains how to perform soldering and its application in product design.

Important Electronic Symbols

He has listed about eighteen important electronic symbols that an engineer is sure to come across.

Introduction To Basic Electronics

Why you should buy this book

  • Downloadable, quick learning and of course it is inexpensive too – this book is ideal for anyone who wish to build their career in electronics stream and that too at incredibly low price. One can also learn this at their own pace and convenience
  • Easy to understand – Wonder how transistor, diodes and resistor work? Leave your ear to Greg, he would explain everything clearly Most of the books used to “beat around the bush” leaving novice electronics enthusiasts to utter confusion. But Greg has done admirable effort by portraying even complex concepts in easy to understand manner.
  • Hands-on-Experience –Practice makes man better. This is what Greg wants every electronics professional to do as well. He has set sound fundamentals through first book and this can help you do hands on as well. Second book deals with simple projects which can ignite the scientist within you.
  • Risk free guarantee – 6o day money back guarantee is also given by Greg if reader is dissatisfied with the book

Building Simple Circuits

Part 1-Building Circuits with serial and parallel resistors

Series and Parallel resistors offer different properties in terms of conduction current and conduction voltage. This constitutes the fundamentals of electronic circuits.

Introduction To Basic Electronics Review - It Is Effective?
Introduction To Basic Electronics

Part 2- Tips to build simple Light Emitting Diode circuit

Fascinated by the LED display in your watch or counter? Amazed how to build one for you?

Part 3- Tips to build simple transistor circuit

Dream high? Want to generate simple transistor circuit? Now you can achieve that dream and even more by following this book. Learn how to control light or buzzer.

Part 4-Capacitor charge and discharge circuit

Illustrations that display charging and discharging of capacitors is given in this book.

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Most of the time the students those are interested in learning Electronics find it difficult to learn as they do not know they should start from. Complicated and unnecessary mathematics given in some books may tarnish vigor in passionate engineers and they may ultimately give up. That’s why I chose this book to put it here for you. As an Electronics engineer I think this Electronics Tutorial which is an ensemble of Electronics theory, circuit building and hobby Electronic projects can be a good source of knowledge. Greg has “step up to the plate” and done more than a reader could expect by covering chapters of the first book as Chapter Review Audios that you can download and listen to on a mobile device at your convenience. He has included review notes at the end of each chapter as well. “Greg S. Carpenter” who is an experienced person in the Electronics field. His book is 100% Risk Free Guarantee, so there is no reason that you ignore this book.

If you are all set to make your career in electronics, buy this book and reap the benefits. This book is worth every penny spend.

New Update – January 2019

There are a lot of opportunities nowadays when it comes to electronics. From electronic manufacturing to electronic repair the market is significantly growing over time that is why having knowledge in the field of electronics is really a great asset.

However, learning electronics can be a really tough job because it is too complex and needs a tremendous amount of time for you to learn. For this reason, people are backing out after a few sessions of studying electronics because they think that it is too hard for them to learn that is why many fail in becoming literate in the field of electronics.

But after this product was created things have changed because electronics became easy and fun to learn. The product was called “Introduction to Basic Electronics” and it was the real deal when it comes to learning the subject matter in the most efficient way.

Here are the following reasons why people liked the product:

  • The modules are very easy to learn which made them grasp the information real quick.
  • They became an expert in electronics in no time because they have built good fundamentals regarding the subject matter.

Here are only a few of the many reasons why people liked the product really easily. I suggest you to buy the product now if you are really serious in learning electronics because of this the best of the best product that you could ever have.


Introduction To Basic Electronics

Thanks for Reading This Introduction To Basic Electronics Review.

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