Magic Submitter Review – It Is Effective?

Magic Submitter

When I started writing blogs on taxes which is my specialized subject, I didn’t know I will be depending financially full-fledge on this platform. All credit goes to the Magic Submitter! Forget about the money but the kind of niche I have gathered in few years is absolutely stunning!

In 2010, I decided to create my own tax blogs and WordPress plugin was the best in that time to develop a platform. The idea was to learn, create and share to those who seriously crave for knowledge whether they are professionals, students trainees or any interested pool of public. Content creation was never my problem because I was best in the tax advising business. However, creating awareness in the internet market was something that missing in my blogs. There were lot of free advises on WordPress but I was neither a technical expert nor any of them                really worked for me!

Magic Submitter Review - It Is Effective?
Magic Submitter

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How does Magic Submitter create traffic for websites?

The Magic Submitter is like a wheel which keeps spreading the articles, blogs, videos or other content to interested [in technical terms called Quality Traffic]. In quantity they are spread to more than 500 websites at a time and hence automatically it creates backlinks for more than 1000. The idea is to invite more people, spread the original address bar of the website which in turn receives the credit and false reproduction of content receives no undue credit or traffic. Alexander Krulik, the creator of this software is a technical software development expert. He has tasted the software with 15 years of exclusive experience in software development and more than 1000 clients already served. Following are the key ingredients of the software:

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  1. The software is completely automatic and there is no human involvement required.
  2. The website owner only has to keep receiving the credit of his organic creation.
  3. It is proven system and within few days one can see himself in the top selling chart of Google.
  4. It creates 100’s of accounts, verify all of them, spin the submissions and submit them to multiple sites.
  5. It can ping, bookmark and even spin the original links posted.
  6. The software has all internet benefits that is global touch, never ending and wide reach.
  7. Create professional reports to owner e.g. traffic created, famous blogs, keywords most famous, backlinks highly used etc. providing complete knowledge to owner what does work and what does not work!
  8. It has a tie up with major internet market players providing all quick utilities like PDF creators, forum sites, press release sites, social sites, micro blogs, niche sites, or article directories.

How was it useful personally?

My all blogs were originally created on the WordPress and hence I was initially worried if the Magic Submitter will work on the WordPress. Often two different software tools show lot of problem in working together. However, this software adapted meaningfully to WordPress blogs and I saved the time to convert these blogs into different platform. I saved costs of WordPress paid software which serves almost the same purposes. My ultimate objective of buying this software was to create traffic and get the credit of content which were satisfied highly by the software.

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How interactive forums did help?

I was a bit shy in using the forums at the first place because it can leak private information of my business. Therefore I decided first of all to be just a viewer of how people ask query and how experts reply to them. My presence itself earned me good advises learning from others mistakes and experience. Once I had some confidence in privacy policy I approached to experts in the forums who could make difference in generating keywords for me. The forum support comes absolutely free with the software purchase.

What are the other bonuses with purchase? Are they useful?

The support desk, the expert forum, video tutorials, software updates, live coaching and training vault – all are bonus with the software purchase. Instead of waiting in the forum for someone’s reply, asking on the phone to customer support is quick in terms of emergency. With live coaching, one can organize the staff training without any waste of dollars. With video training vault, new joiners can be asked to get trained without any supervision.

I am using the software since last 6 months now. It was $4.95 initially and $67 per month afterwards but worth of investment. I never wanted to make business out of charity of tax knowledge but slowly and gradually I realized generating money through this charity will help me create something really concrete for generations to come.

In fact, today I spent more time in creating the real helpful contents than before just because I know the Magic Submitter will make it available to those who need it the most!
Magic Submitter

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