Make Small Talk Sexy Review: What you should know before buying

Make Small Talk Sexy

Make Small Talk Sexy is a guide about how to make small talk with women. It is a guide full of tips and tricks for you to use when conversing with women, and for use in everyday situations. It tried to tackle the psychology of small talk to make you better at handling conversations and attract women. The guide book is written by Bobby Rio.

Core of the book:The guide begins with a brief history of Rio himself, and explains in his own words how and why he came to write such a guide, and how he learned to be a conversationalist. The book outlines the six main traits of a good conversation topic, to help you guide conversation and appear more attractive. The first point is that a good conversation topic is one that builds a rapport between you and the woman. You should both be able to relate to each other and the topic, and that lets you connect with each other better.

The second point of a good topic, is that it should evoke emotions in the woman. This is especially important if it evokes positive emotions, because the woman will be more receptive to you. His third point is that the topic should not put you across as shallow or lacking in personality. Point four dictates that the topic must be able to keep the conversation going. Any topic that can’t maintain the conversation or has no conversation hooks are not optimal as it’s harder to become engaged in it. His fifth point is that the topic should highlight or point towards your positive traits and characteristics, like being a leader, socially competent, or fun. The sixth point is that the topic should eventually lead to something sexual, as building sexual tension is a great way of appearing attractive to a woman.
Make Small Talk Sexy Review: What you should know before buyingContent:Rio’s main point of the book is that in order to succeed in his task, you must eventually leave your comfort zone and change your lifestyle. This can be hard for many people, but the point of the book is to change your current approach and try something new. The guide itself is thorough, and has solid advice, if somewhat dated. It comes with included audio and video files, and even some cheat sheets to help you if you get stuck. It’s full of advice on building a conversation up, getting a good rapport with a woman, and keeping a conversation going.

Conclusion:The big flaw with Rio’s guide is not whether it works or not, but in it’s mentality. His guide treats talking to women like a game, and picking up women as almost a scoring method of masculinity. It’s fundamentally degrading, and reduces all women to two-dimensional objects to be won in conversation. You might become a great conversationalist, and if your goal is picking up women, then this might be the best guide available for you. But if your looking for something a little more substantial you won’t find it here.

New Update – March 2019

Many men have this innate shyness when it comes to talking with women that is why it compromises their potential in building a relationship with them. This is the primary reason why a lot of men ends up lonely on one point of their lives and the worst case scenario I the part of their lives.

That is why if you want to improve your game when it comes to women this product is definitely the best one for you. Since I posted this review a lot of men have improved significantly which resulted in more satisfying and memorable experiences.

So if you want to become successful too like them then purchase this product now. Here are the following benefits that you can get if you buy this product:

  • You will learn how to establish rapport with women which will help you gain a lot of charisma that will lead to more hookups.
  • You will learn how to read body languages which you can surely use to your advantage.
  • Your confidence with women will greatly improve which puts you to a great edge among other guys.

I suggest that you buy this product now so that you can start transforming yourself for the better!

Make Small Talk Sexy

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