Modern Love Review – Does the Courses of Clay Andrews Work or Not?

Modern Love Saved my Heart: How One Woman Pieced her Heart Back Together

You might have heard that girl under the lamppost back at sixth street (Ed Sheeran is love!) who wrapped her arms around herself as he left her stranded while crying and counting how many steps he took as he was walking away from her. He didn’t assure that she is kept warm by wrapping his leather jacket around her anymore. She was left with cold hands and cold heart. He did not look back. For a split second, she was hoping that he will take a glance and then run back to her. For a split second, she imagined him embracing her while apologizing how cruel he has been and promises her that he will never leave. For a split second, she believed he would.

Romantic couple in love kissing on rooftop

The story behind how I found

That person left by the lampshade (any gender could be substituted here) was you because at once, she was me. Breakups demands mourning especially if you have spent a great deal with the person you thought would marry you. No matter how long you were together, they just left you like that. Worse, if they left you because of another person. Although cheating might become the ultimate betrayal in an exclusive relationship, sometimes we can’t help but wonder what we did wrong for them to stray.

The story behind how I found

Hold it right there! Before you completely go through my review of this miracle website that will change your love life forever, I want you to believe that you are a good woman/man who deserves a great man/woman to be with them. You see, love is life. Falling in love with a great person could be one of the wonderful experiences one could ever have. Some people weren’t even given a chance to experience it.  To have loved is better than not to love at all, as what a great poet says so.

Let’s go back to me who was left by the lamppost, crying herself as if the man who left was the last man she’ll ever love. Looking back, I didn’t know how to stop. For a whole month, I was a walking broken heart with repeated self-pity mantras. I kept on filling in the blanks on the statements such as “If only I were more responsive then he would not withdraw from me” and “If I were thinner then he would not have looked for another woman.”

Modern Love

Back then, everyone was kind enough to listen, but I knew that their patience would eventually run out. I was slapped by reality by a friend who told me that getting stuck as the pathetic dumpee will just make my ex-boyfriend laugh because he has won. Not desiring to compete between us on who has a better life, I took my friend’s statement as a challenge to turn my life around. Trust me, getting sad even if it has passed the grieving period does not feel good. Why would someone continually enjoy crying to sleep every night? Why would someone continually rage at once when a familiar tune will set in?

It depends on you though. No one could actually tell you how long you are allowed to grieve. You can grieve according to your own time frame. For me, grieving for a longer period of time just drained my energy and even blurred my future even more. That was how I found the miracle website I was talking about.

My friends were great in lending ears and telling me things they knew I wanted to her. But that’s it. They tell me things I wanted to hear. But deep in my heart, I knew that the kind of love we’ve had was worth the shot even just for once, even if I fail decently. They will probably laugh mockingly and roll their eyes if we will get back together. Of course they can because I’ve drained their energy and time by being with me and listening to my broken heart. So instead of continually ranting, I resulted to find answers at the most unconventional place- the internet. I knew it might sound clichéd and a little bit ridiculous to hand over the fate of my relationship to strangers online, but it was a risk I was determined to take. In love, you take all the risks and reap all the rewards, which of course, I’ve gotten. saved me from becoming a complete broken heart with drained love. They were sentimental and forgiving on the mistakes you’ve made. They knew what you want and guide you through it. No matter how stubborn you have become, the programs will eventually lead you to the love you need.

I knew that they are the best people to spend money on the moment I’ve read a passage on their homepage that says: “Great relationships don’t happen at the wedding altar or on expensive dates. Successful relationships happen because of the small moment by moment choices you make or refuse to make on a daily basis.”

Through the courses, you would be enlightened on the relationship mistakes that the world is continually repeating that leads to cheating, breakups, and bitter divorces. The myths of relationships will be debunked as they don’t really prove strengthening relationships in the first place.

In my case, I knew I had to get my ex-boyfriend back even if he might be already dating another woman. I know this may sound repulsive and desperate, but this was my relationship that needed mending. I knew that the man I love should be taken back to the right path with me.

Modern Love

The Compatibility Code Course

Forming a connection with a person is in our nature. If it’s not then we wouldn’t have friends in the first place. There wouldn’t be civilized communities because people would not go along with each other. But the most important connection you can have before you enter into a beautiful relationship is the connection you have with yourself.

Yes. It might be tempting to drown yourself in eternal demise and be constantly viewed as the “the victim.” It might look and feel good in the eyes of the public, but over time, it will not help you to create a lasting relationship with someone else.

Modern Love The Compatibility Code Course

The Compatibility Code Course taught me about the BS Machine that we kept on operating within ourselves. This machine subconsciously tears us apart and scare love away each time we use it without even knowing it. When you go through the program, you will learn how to mute that voice in your head that perpetually imprisons you as a loser.

Your BS Machine is that little voice in the back of your mind that tells you things like:

  • “You never deserved to be in a great relationship.”
  • “No one will ever love you again.”
  • “This whole thing is your fault.”
  • “I bet your ex is better off without you.”
  • “You’ll be alone forever.”

Yes, these things were mentioned in the preview of the program. Why you should not regret taking this program? Because it would actually build you up again in ways that you’ll end up as a better person who does not have problems attracting and sustaining a good relationship that lasts.

The BS Machine inside of us

This program will help you eliminate the machine that consistently works with you in producing anxious thoughts that drive people away and hides the real you. You will see the world as a cup half full and not be thinking that there are less men or women out there who will take you seriously. With the “scarcity mentality,” we subconsciously attract the people who caught our desperate energies, and we end up in the same unfulfilling relationships while committing the same mistakes.

In this program, there will be a lot of 360-degree turns:

  • It will teach you to be connected completely with the person that they will view you as the best friend who will understand them past all the arguments that the two of you will have.
  • You will also banish those thoughts that kept on keeping your connection with your partner apart instead of strengthening you.
  • The program’s best part is completely re-inventing yourself emotionally that any negative thoughts on panic, anxiety, and fear will banish. With that banishment, expect a more positive relationship that is based on love and respect.

Modern Love The BS Machine inside of us

The program does not only benefit you accordingly in your romantic relationship, but it would also benefit in all areas of your social life:

  • You will learn how to become more confident when you face the people who do not really like you.
  • You will be guided on how to let go of people and circumstances that are not necessary for your growth. You will not be chasing people anymore, and instead they will seek you out.
  • You will learn how to let go of unrequited love from someone who will not actually give you the same kind of love.
  • By the end of the program, you will become the person that loves yourself completely and attract people who deserve to have a place in your life.

 The Ex Solution Program

The right program for me is this. The Ex Solution Program does not disappoint because by the end of it, you will have a stronger relationship that it is impossible to let go of entirely.

Worried that your ex-boyfriend has completely moved because they are already dating someone else? You shouldn’t be! The program will guide you on how to divert his or her attention from the person they are with to you completely. Remember, you’ve been with them longer and made more memories, this new person is just but a “trial and error” kind of game.

The program actually taught how to talk to an ex during a meet-up! Not all relationship courses actually have this. Some of them just focused on attracting your ex again, but this program helps you sustain it to success.

Modern Love  The Ex Solution Program

  • I wondered if I would contact my ex before meeting up with him, and the course taught me how often and how I should text them.
  • Even if he was reluctant at first, the program taught me what to do in order to break his walls down.
  • But of course, you will also learn how not to text that will get you instantly rejected.

The program will guide you through such as what questions to ask to create a deeper connection even after your casual meet up! It worked for me! He even gave me flowers the day I met up with him!

Modern Love

Dating Bravely

I could not be selfish upon finding the website that saved my heart and saved my man. My male friend was so amazed by how better and stronger my relationship has become that he begged me and even wanted to bribe me into telling my secrets.

I was reluctant at first, but I realized that he was there for me when I needed him at the lowest points in my life. So with a warm heart, I guided him to the website that transformed my relationship. My friend, let’s call him Bill, has gone through two engagements that failed. He was giving up the hope that he will find the right woman for him. I recommended him for a certain program called “Dating Bravely” that actually landed him dates!

Bill told me that he was already manifesting all those high value qualities within himself, and he just needed to play the right cards. He became gentler than ever. A few months after we talked, he was getting married! It was fast, but I trusted him enough that the program transformed him as it did to me.

Modern Love Dating Bravely

Loving Boldly

Another program that I recommend for you is “Loving Boldly.” No matter what your status is, you are a woman with depth. It takes a high value man to actually own it, but before they do, you must make sure that you are not a cut-and-paste kind of woman out there who are regularly chased but then forgotten afterwards.

It takes courage to take this course, but it will be rewarding:

  • You would learn how to navigate the world of dating with an open mind but with a warmer heart.
  • You will not become one of those girls who get forgotten by men after a first date.
  • You will be the kind of woman that he will commit to.

 Modern Love is Life

Modern Love  Modern Love is Life

If I wasn’t able to take a brave leap to take the courses and open up my heart to possibilities when I found the website then maybe I will be still going through the regrets in my mind right now. Right now, I am happier than ever. I have changed for myself, and so was he. Our relationship was stronger than ever. The first few years of our relationship were behind us because what lies before us is a lifetime of happiness. In this website, you will be offered books that you need, the podcasts that will tackle the problems you are facing, and Modern Love has The Modern Love Association that members will instantly find a community that supports and practices Advanced Relational Skills that will guide you in creating a fulfilling relationship. Inside the community, you can participate in the weekly Mentorship Q&As with Clay Andrews and Mika so that you can finally have the relationships you want in your life.

You could have this too. We both know that you deserve it.

Modern Love

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