My Boat Plans Review: The Pros & Cons

My Boat Plans

My Boat Plans: All About “The Easiest Way to Build Your Boat”

Did you grow up by the sea, on a lake, or near the shore of a swiftly moving river? Has your idea of the perfect vacation always included a life jacket, and deck shoes? Do you fancy yourself a craftsman, and love to tinker around with things in your garage on weekends, and in the evening? If all things marine are secretly, or not so secretly, your passion, My Boat Plans by Martin Reid is the product for you.

My Boat Plans

What is My Boat Plans

Building a wooden boat may seem like a daunting task. This product helps take the guesswork out of boat building. With this product, you are getting more than a simple, or perhaps overly complex, guide to boat building. You are also getting:

  • Simple step-by-step video tutorials,
  • Hundreds of pages of illustrated guides,
  • CAD design software,
  • Free upgrades for the life this product.

You will be able to craft beautiful, high quality, boats using more then 518 detailed plans, schematics, cutting patterns, and material lists, for all types of boats. Without the benefit of independent wealth, you will be able to experience the luxury, and pride of boat ownership.

What Comes With This Package

When you purchase this guide, rather then receiving an indecipherable guide to a cheap-looking, or flimsy product, you get:

  • A comprehensive guides to over 518 different kinds of boats,
  • Material lists,
  • Step-by-step guides,
  • Illustrations.

My Boat Plans What is My Boat Plans

The package even provides a list of recommended suppliers around the world. With this product, you are getting a true guide, a mentor on your journey in craftsmanship. With over 518 boats to choose from, all available via download from the Internet, you are sure to find a boat (or boats!) that fit your need. You are free to download, and view, any of the plans and guides any time you like. A DVD version is also available, and can be shipped worldwide.

My Boat Plans Review: The Pros & Cons

What Kind of Access Do I Have

Hobbyists know no boundaries. If you want to tinker around with your projects in the garage, back yard, or shed, on Sunday afternoon, or at midnight on Tuesday, you will have access to any and all of the boat designs. Did your vision change, grow larger, or have to scale down? If you originally envisioned a Cabin Cruiser, and then decided a Houseboat was more your style, you can change plans at any time. With this guide you get:

  • 24-Hour instant access to all plans, blueprints, guides, and photos via the internet,
  • DVD’s available for members, which can be shipped worldwide,
  • Over 518 sets of plans, which would not fit into any standard book, but members are free to print any material for review at their leisure,
  • Email help-desk tickets available and typically answered in less then 24 hours.

With easy, convenient, and instant access to all 518 plus plans, there is no reason not to launch your hobby in earnest today.

My Boat Plans

Blue Waters Await

For the maritime enthusiast in all of us, My Boat Plans by Martin Reid  is a  perfect, yet inexpensive way to indulge. Building a well-crafted product with your own hands, using your own vision, is something everyone can feel good about. Isn’t there a little piece in every one of us that longs for that kind of self-reliance and satisfaction? With the tools available here, you can begin to literally build your dream, and learn from the experience of masters in the craft. You will be sailing away before you know it.

New Update – April 2019

Designing a boat can be a difficult task because it needs a lot of skill because it involves many complexities. If you want to become good at it you will need a lot of training because not all of us have an innate talent in drafting and using pieces of software. But with this product, everything will become easy for you.

It is composed of different guides and tools that you will need to become an excellent boat designer. A lot of people have already tried this product and they were all satisfied with the new skill that they have acquired from this product.

So if you want to design boats and master it thoroughly then this is definitely the product that you purchase because this is the best among the rest. A lot of good boat designs will be possible with this product and you will surely be surprised how spectacular it is.

Purchase this product now and get an idea of what we are talking about here. This is a great stepping stone to become a master in the world of boat designing.  We wish you good luck on your boat design journey and success in all your future endeavors!

My Boat Plans

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