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My Survival Farm

I love food! Yes I know gluttony is not seen as a virtue but there is a way I react to the concept of good food.

Even if you are trying to stay on your high horse and behave as if you can survive on mere air, I know you would accept that you need food to survive and keep going.

What’s all the fuss over food?

When the going is all good and you can walk to the grocery store to stock up on your food needs, you tend not to really care about how the food is being grown. As long as you have access to your needs be it organic produce or other processed foods, you would not lose one thought over it.

However, there’s a certainty that we are living on the brink of a global food crisis. It has already began in several underdeveloped countries where millions are dying of hunger. Sad right? But instead of just shaking your head at these miseries or shedding a tear or two over them, you should be thinking about your own back-plan when such a crisis comes to you.

If all the stores were to run out of food today, how will you and your family survive? Probably,  you may have some reserved stock in your pantry but when that finishes, what happens to you and yours?

I’m sure the very thought of not having anything to feed on and watching your hungry kids already scares you but instead of just freezing in fear, you can actually kick-start your prep plan to survive against the odds.

My Survival Farm What's all the fuss over food

What’s the survival farm?

You are probably wondering how possible it is for everyone to have a farm. Not every one has a love for getting their hands dirty in the soil and planting. This is perfectly understandable since we are not all in the farming business.

However, what this unique course does is to give you the right orientation you need to create a successful food farm irrespective of your ignorance in that area.

Highlights of the guide

Planning and designing your garden

It can be quite overwhelming going into uncharted territory and it is normal to make a lot of mistakes with something you are not used to. So,  this part of the course will introduce you to the basics you need to know to start off.

Starting your survival farm will make the difference between you and others who will take to the streets foraging desperately for food when the food crisis hits.

My Survival Farm Planning and designing your garden

Getting nutritious soil

Anyone who knows next to nothing about farming will still realize the need for the right kind of soil in order to realize fruitful crop yields.

This part of the guide will show you how to step up your soul by adding the right things that are available in your home to it.

Planting of variety of crops

When you are thinking of this kind of permaculture garden, you are probably equating it to a backyard garden that can only take vegetables. With this course, you will be exposed to how you can cultivate up to 125 varieties of plants in your backyard. That’s pretty cool,  right?

You will even be getting unique instructions on plants that will grow well in your peculiar environment. So you don’t have to waste time and resources planting the wrong things and getting no results.

My Survival Farm Planting of variety of cropsGet My Survival Farm Here

Knowledge of plant compatibility

Yes even plants just like humans need to be compatible to thrive together. You won’t want to plant incompatible plants together where one will be feeding off the other without giving back. One would call that a toxic relationship in a human scenario. So,  having the right knowledge on the plants that can stay together will definitely prove useful to setting up your survival farm.

Getting rid of pests

This are the enemies for any farmer. Pests can ruin your whole garden and just make you mad at all the damage. So,  your natural reaction would be to hit the stores and buy a strong pesticide to get rid of them.

At the end of the day, the pests are gone but you also end up with chemicals on your plants. Some of which can be harmful to your health.

This guide will show you how to use natural pesticides to get rid of all the pests before they harm your plants.

Getting rid of pests

Coming up with natural fertilizers

Just as chemical pesticides are not the safest option, the use of inorganic fertilizers can also have a negative impact on your plants.

And come to think of it,  you will be saving money as chemical fertilizers can be quite expensive.

Get information on bee pollination

Maybe you have been exposed to the benefits of original honey for your health but you have found you cannot trust the ones on the racks in the stores. With this guide, you can get all the information you need to start growing your own bees,  including the best plants to encourage pollination.

Get information on bee pollination

Animal rearing

During the hard times, you are going to need protein to keep your body strong and that could mean having a source of animal protein. So, you won’t just be stuck on your plants alone and be craving some meat for days and weeks or even months.

This survival farm guide will show you the best animals to rear that would align with your permaculture garden and the best part, they can even live off your garden for their sustenance.

City/Indoor gardening

You may have tuned off this review because you live in the city with the usual apartment having no backyards for planting. But before you cop out,  you should know that this guide also offers some guidance on how you can set up your survival farm indoors.

City/Indoor gardening

Get ideas on medicinal plants

This makes me remember my great grandma who had an aversion for orthodox medicines. She believed for every disease in the world, there is a plant to cure it. And she couldn’t have been more correct.

And remember that during times of crises, access to medical care can be difficult or completely unavailable, so including this medicinal plants in your survival garden is a must if you are going to survive.

And there is more….

Bonus 1 – Permaculture Action Plan and Checklist

With all these packed features you may feel a bit overwhelmed in taking it all in. That’s why this bonus guide helps to compress it into small units that you can easily fall back on. It helps you highlight the most important things to include in your action plan and checklist.

Bonus 2 – Diagrams of permaculture gardens

Seeing is believing, right? So,  you will be getting over ten fully illustrated pictures that shows you what a survival farm should look like. So,  you finally realize it’s possible and believe you can do it.

My Survival Farm

Bonus 3 – SHTF Water

Although the survival farm is designed in such a way to minimize water usage,  you would still be needing water. And as you can imagine, water supply will be scarce during times of crises.

This bonus guide will teach you life saving skills in searching and storing water for your use.

And there are still two more bonuses. You will be getting more information on storage of your plants. Definitely, you can’t go to all the trouble to plant and have them waste away. Wow!  It almost feels too good to be true but it’s real.

 My Survival Farm


A Great Bargain

You would be wondering how much you would have to part with to get all these wonderful benefits. I was amazed to see that it is all under $40! That’s why I won’t be stalling on this one. I love great bargains and who knows, the price might just go higher tomorrow.

I don’t know about you but I sure don’t want to starve when the food crisis knocks at the door. I want to be able to have plenty to eat and probably share with others.

New Update – January 2019

In the world that we are living today where fast foods and instant foods are abundant, our health is put at a significant risk simply because these foods are not healthy at all and must not be taken excessively. Some the bad effects that these foods can bring to our health are the following:

  • Increased risk of certain diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and cancers.
  • Reduced energy and loss of interests in physical activities.
  • Excessive weight gain.

These are the most common bad effects that we can encounter if we continue to eat unhealthy foods. Thankfully, there is this product which is called as the “My Survival Farm” it teaches us, people, the methods on how to create our own farm in the comforts of our own home.

By doing this you are giving yourself a privilege to have easy access to healthy foods which will help you become healthier and save money as well. That is why if you want to become healthier and help our environment too definitely this product is a must-have!

I suggest you buy this product now and give yourself the best gift ever by becoming healthier because of eating the right foods!

My Survival Farm

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