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Never Lose Him

Never lose him is a series of books or program created by Nadine Piat. In this book she describes three unconscious actions that are pushing away your man of dreams. And explains exactly what to do that he will never leave you and think about any other woman again. Not only this, you will also two step strategy to keep you man wanting you and keep your man passionate about you. So, doesn’t lose hope if you broke up but you feel like you truly love him, is such case take this program, it is going to help you.

Never Lose Him

Package contains:

  1. Never lose him: e- book
  2. Never lose him workbook: e- guide
  3. Transformation series: 8 video files
  4. The man myth: Interview with Mathew Hussey – Audio file
  5. Romance Fire starter: e- guide
  6. Speed read him: e- guide
  7. 4 – quadrants of life: e- report
  8. 9 Personality types: e- report

There are some important points in the book that I would like to mention it here, Think of a scenario when you already broke up and now you try to call or message him repeatedly just to state that you still love him or to beg him to come back, what’s going to happen? Your situation is going to be even worse than before. Therefore your first step should be to avoid contacting him, your this unprofessional act is going to take him further away from you. Delete all his contact information as soon as possible. Most of the man gets annoyed by his ex because of the same, they feel guild about hurting their ex too much because at least he used to love you someday. Also please don’t irritate his close friends in order to get the information about your ex or to make a contact with your ex. Just wait for the right time to come, after all dusk is followed by dawn, your time will definitely come.

Never Lose Him

To get your ex back you need to do exactly what you ex is doing. In fact after the incident he asked for a break up reply him back that you agree on the break up and will be living you life happily even without him but Just clear him out that yes you are love with him and what he did you didn’t like and it was painful to accept it. But if he wants the same you are not going to stop him. After all relationship cannot be established if he doesn’t like you anymore and you are strong enough to forget it. The strategy is going to help you a lot. And in this way you are never going to irritate him anymore, which is a great improvement. This program is going to improve you as a person, as a human being. As a result your partner is never going to think about losing you.

Never Lose Him Review - What are the Benefits?
Never Lose Him

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  1. You will get immediate access to the package once you paid for it, you don’t need to wait for the order to get delivered.
  2. The program costs only $47, which is refundable if you ask for it within two months from the date of the purchase.
  3. Great customer support, you will get the e- mail responses within 24 hrs.
  4. The program is detailed and comprehensive; everything is mentioned in step by step format, so you won’t feel any problem following it.
  5. The e- book is very much readable, while writing it the readability has been taken care of that’s why you won’t feel any problem reading it online.
  6. Coming to the main point, this program is not based on the sexual things make the bond of the relationship stronger but it is based on interpersonal principles and skills.
  7. So, at the end of the program, you will meet improved you. And you will definitely say thanks to the author for the same.

Never Lose Him  Pros


  1. As you can see, the program is for women not foe men. Men are advised to stay away from it.
  2. Runs on a customized reader, i.e. you cannot download it into your computer, you will have to login to the website in order to read the book.
  3. Moreover it focuses on theoretical aspects of relationship, might be different in practical situations.


I recommend this book by Nadine Piat, although anyone cannot guarantee you to get your ex back but still if the fault was yours than your personality is definitely going to improve and there is a strong chance that you get your ex back and if the fault wasn’t yours and he didn’t realized it yet, then he don’t deserve to be in your life. In the other hand you will see your improved personality that no one is going to leave the improved you. And obviously you will realize that whether the program is going to improve you or not in the 60 days, If it didn’t improve you, you can ask for refund.

New Update – July 2019

Not all women are beautiful that is why their partners tend to cheat or not stay with them and that is the problem of some of the women out there. It primarily creates problems with their relationships and ends up in frustration.

Since I posted this review a year ago a lot of women benefitted from it because of the techniques that it will teach you which resulted in a better relationship with their partners..

With the help of this product, a lot of women who are not beautiful and that good in terms of their attitude have kept their partners for the long-term which is really amazing. After they have implemented the techniques and be good in it almost all of them became the apple of the eye of their partners immediately.

A lot of men are amazed by their charisma and charm, for this reason, some of these women is now in a long-term relationship and are presently on the man that they truly love.

So if you want to experience it then it is now the moment to purchase this exceptional product now. This will surely make you keep your partner forever and live happily ever after.

Never Lose Him

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