Odds Worth Betting Review – It Is Effective?

Odds Worth Betting

Odds Worth Betting is a digital product you can purchase through internet. This is a sports betting tipping service developed by James Jones, a Las Vegas sports handicapper, joining hands with a former athlete, who is referred to as ‘7’. As all the bettors need an advisor at some or the other level of their betting spree, Jones’ carefully designed system is very much in demand.

Unlike the other systems who concentrate on the experienced bettors, this system concentrates more on beginners. So they have developed a very simple system which can be used by anyone even without knowing much about the technicalities of sports betting. All you need to know is how to engage a bookmaker for placing your bet.

Odds Worth Betting

On getting a Premium membership of the program, you will receive emails containing the day’s pick on a daily basis. James Jones does not give you just the picks. He gives you a brief explanation and analysis of the picks he has suggested. This perhaps is a specialty of this system.

Odds Worth Betting

James Jones gives you one or more picks every day. The number of picks is not constant. He looks into the days sporting activities, analyses the situation, teams, matches etc. and selects the picks that are viable. These are the picks he sends to you. If there are no activities worth putting your money on, he does not send you a pick.

In short, this is not a random selection of picks. The picks you get everyday are properly tested and run through a 10-step evaluation formula. No wonder the Odds Worth Betting picks have a striking rate of 65 -70%!

Odds Worth Betting

Besides the day’s feasible picks, you will receive valuable instructions as to which team or which game and what line to play, through your email. Every part of this information is based on thorough analysis of available statistics. Another important fact is that you will receive your email very early, so that you get adequate time to decide up on which game you are going to place your money on and inform your bookie accordingly.

Odds Worth Betting Review - It Is Effective?
Odds Worth Betting

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The benefits of Odds Worth Betting

  • Since Jones sends a detailed assessment of the picks he sends every morning, you are able to view the facts from various points of view. It gives them a total understanding of the scenario.
  • The program is well supported with a number of vital guidelines. The guidelines you get from the author of the program are very simple. You do not need any special skill to follow them.
  • This is a perfectly designed product and it is affordable.
  • This is a system that functions and yields results.
  • Odds Worth Betting is easy to download and very user friendly.
  • Every pick you get daily is run through a rigorous 10-step appraisal process. This evaluation process considers every variable that could influence on the game. So at last when the picks are chosen, they stand a fair chance of winning.
  • Jones’ calculated betting skills combined with experience of his partner referred to as ‘7’ gives you quality picks which stands almost sure chance of winning.
  • You get to-the-point information about all aspects of sports betting which widens your betting experience and enhances your betting skills. Jones takes utmost care to give his customers a complete insight into the wagering art.
  • Each pick is accompanied by a suggestion of how many units you should play. Usually this number varies from 1 – 5. 1 unit equals 1% of your bankroll.
  • This is not a system which is developed on simple guess work or vague ideas. This is a system which is wholly backed up by hard facts.
  • The user interface is very workable. Even a beginner can navigate through it.
  • You will get a 24 hours friendly customer service. Apart from that if you are stuck somewhere while using the system you can send an email and James Jones himself will answer you
  • If you are not satisfied with your trial run, you may apply for a refund within 60 days. You will get 100% of your membership fee refunded.

The Details about Odds Worth Betting membership

There are two kinds of membership.

  1. Premium Membership
  2. Syndicate

The premium membership will entitle you to get

  • Access to their daily big games and college sports picks
  • Access to the Road Dog betting system
  • 7’s insider analysis
  • Push Button Picks website which is actually a research tool. Here you get an collection of innumerable handicapper’s views.
  • Emails and phone support
  • Strategic instructions on how to place your bets

The syndicate is meant for bettors with a fat bankroll. The betting in their respect is more aggressive. You should be capable of investing at least $200 in order to become a syndicate member.

There is no doubt that Odds Worth Betting is a very effective system capable ofaccomplishing a high rate of winning for its customers.

New Update – June 2019

If you want to get into odd betting and increase your chances of winning bets then this product is definitely the best one to go for because as we all know betting is truly a risky field to get into. How did I say so? Since it involves money it can be really intimidating especially if you are losing that intimidation could turn into depression, embarrassment, and frustration.

Thankfully, a product that is aimed in teaching you how to improve in odds betting has been created because of this product a lot of opportunities will open for you which you can use to profit from your bets. Here are the following benefits that you can get if you will buy the product.

  • You will learn how to place bets intelligently which will lead to more profits.
  • It will give you the confidence that you will need in odds betting which will result in better performance.
  • You will minimize losing which will result in lesser frustrations and more satisfaction.

So if you want to be great in odds betting real quick then this product is definitely the best one for you. I suggest that you buy it now because it is really a great investment for your odd betting career.

Odds Worth Betting

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