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What is deadlift?

Deadlift is a weight training exercise that involves the lifting of a loaded barbell from the ground to the knee then putting the weight back down again. The weight training exercise is also referred to as the lifting of dead weights. Becoming an expert in deadlifitng is not an easy task and that is why it is important for you to make an approach.

There are two major approaches that one can use in deadlifting which are the sumo deadlift and conventional deadlift. For you to understand the ideas that the two approaches entail you will need an in depth explanation about them for you to be able to follow and complete the two approaches.

Get Off The Floor
Get Off The Floor

There is a product called deadlift of the floor which has got the instructions to be followed in the approaches. Anybody interested in conquering the deadlift weight exercises should consider reading the off the floor deadlift which is a program designed to help you advance in these exercises.

What is off the floor?

Off the floor is a program that was designed to help people interested in lifting weights to build muscles on their arms and shoulders, traps and back. It is a great program that has helped many people to improve their ability in dealifting. It commonly referred to as the program a manual for deadlift domination by people who know about it.

Who authored the program?

The man who authored the program is called David Dellanave. He previously was computer work in Minnesota. He got to discover a unique way in which he could raise the numbers of his deadlift from 245lbs to about 600lbs. This development made him gain so many muscles on his chest, back, arms, and also his shoulders.

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What does the program contain?

The information contained in this program is of great benefits to people involved in deadlifting. Below are some of its contents;

  • The program contains guidance and instructions on the actual method that helped David and his clients to get great and instant gains in their lives.
  • The program outlines for the users the best nutrition guide and plan that will help them in supporting their strength and changes that they are enduring physically.
  • By accessing this program you will be able to get feedback and adjustments to your training that is majorly based on your progress.
  • By accessing the program you be able to constantly contact David’s support regularly i.e. from Google hangouts and also in the private community.

How does off the floor work?

This program is designed to help users know almost everything with regards to deadlifting. The program will work for you especially if you follow the instructions and techniques to latter. You will see that if you follow what the program teaches your muscles will get strengthened in no time. Some of the muscles that will get strengthened include the following; spinal erectors, the lower back, quads, hamstrings, the upper and middle trapezius, forearms, calves, lats and delts.

In order for you to get the best results you are to follow the instructions and contents of the program absolutely well.

Who can use this program?

This program can be used by people who want to learn about the best methods and ways to do deadlifting on their own. The program will come in handy for people who are having issues with their muscles. If you get the program you will be able to rid yourself of the muscle pains.

Off The Floor Review: What You Should Know Before Buying
Off The Floor

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What are advantages?

Below are some of the advantages that the program will bring to you;

  • By getting the program you will be able to find thoroughly researched information from it about deadlifting which is available in large.
  • Another interesting thing with this program is that once you get it you find it easy to learn from it because the information available on it is well designed with a cool layout.
  • The program is made in such a way that users find it very easy to read it. Most users say that they were able to peruse its 90 pages in just 35 minutes.
  • The information on the program is so detailed that you get an almost instant results meaning in a short span of time you certainly become a star.
  • The program features a superb customer service that most of its users are so happy about.
  • The author Mr. David has explained in great detail how to set up each lift thereby making it easy for the user to know exactly how to go about the whole process.
  • The program offers its users a sample week of training.
  • Users are entitled to a supplement guide, a bio-feedback training course and a 60 minute audio conversation between Bret Contreras and the author David Dellanave.
  • You will be able to get all the information about the frequency, volume and load. You will find it very easy to master what is contained in the information even if you do not have any experience at all.
  • The book is very useful for exercisers and strength coach.
Off The Floor
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Does the program work?

Reviews of the people who have used the program prove that it works really well. The book is the best product currently on the market about deadlifting. All the information on the book is well explained in great detail and even if there is any error that is very minimal.

The off the floor book is an ideal tool for those interested in weight training by lifting dead weights. It is highly recommended by many experts and researchers. You can trust all the instructions from the book because they are safe and have helped so many people to build massive muscles in just a very short period of time.

Does the program have any money back guarantee?

Absolutely yes it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee so that should you purchase it and feel that it did not work for you will free to request for a refund.

Is the program good for ladies?

The program is useful to ladies too because it helps them to become more fit and get stamina. Ladies who follow the instructions from the program will notice their legs, arms and butts looking even much better.

What does it do for men?

It works out wonders for men who use it. Men following the instructions from the program will continue to pack even more muscles in their toughest areas. The result of this will be bigger shoulders, bigger arms, and bigger backs. And all these you will be able to achieve in just a short period.

Why is the program preferred fitness coaches?

This program is preferred by fitness coaches because it works really well. Unlike other programs that will inflict injuries on users the program in so different. It can be used by people who have injuries and there are certain injuries that the techniques contained in the program can help to heal.

What are some of the revelations in the program?

  • You will discover how the core training is really costly.
  • You will discover the kind of deadlift that will help widen your back, blow up your traps, and those that will enhance your erectors.
  • You will know about the truth about the lifting of straps and you will be shocked about it.
  • You will discover deadlifting to get high volumes.
  • You will know about a certain thing that you need to add to your gym bag that will improve your arm strength.
  • Your back pain is something that can be cured by one simple deadlift variation.
  • The kind of techniques that if you use will certainly unlock your greater potential in deadlifting.
  • You will discover the secret that world champion Dmitry Klokov know about.
  • You will learn about why it is important for you to change your form as you progress from a beginner to an advance deadlifter.
  • You will also discover the secrets of deadlifting more to add more muscles.


This program is really helping many people unlock their potential and I would definitely recommend it to those who want to become deadlift champions. It was created by an experienced person and it has also received endorsement from professionals meaning it is very effective program.

New Update – June 2019

One way that you can do to build solid muscles throughout your upper and lower body is by doing deadlifting however most of the time we do it incorrectly that’s why our progress is compromised. Thankfully, a product like this has been created because of this a lot of people are now gaining a decent amount of muscles.

Since I posted a review of this product several months ago a lot of people have achieved their dream body in no time. To give you an insight into the benefits that you can get from this product please refer to the bulleted points below:

  • It will help you know the proper form in deadlifting which will surely be beneficial to you in terms of building your muscles.
  • You will avoid injuries which will surely ensure that you are safe at all times while you are doing your deadlifts.
  • Your overall health will significantly improve which will make you become more proactive in everything that you do.

If you want to become successful in achieving a rock hard solid muscular physique then this product is definitely a must-have and you will surely never regret anything if you will purchase this product.

Off The Floor

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