Old School New Body Review: A Real, Honest, Weight Loss Guide

Old School New Body

Are you over 35 and willing to lose weight? Probably you are thinking it’s over for you. You may think you are too old for that. You are getting older and getting fatter. Statistics are saying that by the age of 40, the body starts aging much faster. That means you will lose more muscle tone and on the reverse, more fats will add to your body. The good news is there is a way to control that. There is even a way to slow that process. But you have to use the right technique. There are thousands of weight loss programs out there. How many of them claim to teach reversing aging? Not many. Fortunately, there is one out there that is doing just that. And according to the reviews seen online, it does work.

Old School New Body

The guide I am talking about was written by Steve Holman. Let’s look a bit at his history. Steve has worked for years for a fitness magazine called iron man. He learned many tricks and techniques that are used by experts to lose weight. He also learned different techniques that can be used to slow down aging. He developed a relationship with a lot of old school trainers including Vince Gironda. Vince was a world renowned trainer who worked with super stars like Clint Eastwood and Carl Weathers.

Through what he learned in his experience with old school trainers, Steve and his wife have finally come up with a simple strategy that can help you lose weight and also slow aging. They call it The “Focus 4 exercise protocol”. In short F4X. The program is about 4 exercises that you need to focus on daily. Surprisingly, these exercises will not take you more than 15 minutes a day.

The old school, new body by Steve & Becky Holman guide also talks about nutrition. In this case they don’t request that you give up on all your favorite foods. You don’t have to avoid cholesterol. You don’t have to be on low carb diet. In fact they even encourage to consume a reasonable amount of those products. Just that it has to be done the proper way.

Old School New Body


Here are the steps you must avoid to slow down aging

  • Low fat diet

This book does not need you to give up of food with cholesterol. Actually cholesterol is a required ingredient in the production of hormones in your blood stream.

  • Long hours at the gym

The book is based of a very simple 15 minute workout on daily basis. You don’t’ need to kill yourself at the gym to see any results. Guess what, a study has shown that less than 1% of gym-goers make any significant body change after a year. With the old school new body book, you will start seeing results within 90 days with just 15 minutes daily workout.

  • Don’t blame your age

The book also explains why you shouldn’t worry about your age. It is not the age the problem. The fact that you are getting fat is not due to the age. With the exercises and life changes they are offering, you can even slow down your aging. It even gets to the point where you may look 10 years younger than your real age.

  • Chronic dehydration

Some school of thought suggest you should dehydrate yourself to lose weight. That cannot be further from the truth. In fact water helps you cleanse your body and get rid of the extra fats. By avoiding water you end up putting too much pressure on your liver which also plays a role in your metabolism.

Old School New Body
Photo by Charline Tetiyevsky

The whole process is done in 3 phases.

In phase 1 you are given everything you need to lose weight within the first 90. It consist of very simple exercises with slight variation in movement and some nutritional adjustment. It is important to note here that the exercises in the book are simple. That does not mean they do not require some form of hard work. In life nobody gets anything without some form of effort. Nonetheless, it is just a 15 minutes exercise. Combine that with a slight change in nutritional lifestyle and you will see incredible results. If your focus is only to lose weight, you can just focus on phase 1 and you will be fine.

Phase 2 is for those you have already lost some weight through phase 1 process and want to push it a bit further. In phase 2 you will learn to build your muscle. This is the phase where you shape your body the way you want it. Again that will require some change in nutrition and a variation in the type of exercise you are required to do. Nothing so difficult.

Phase 3 is for those you want to push this much further. You don’t have to go there if you don’t want to. If you are looking to look like a mini body builder, then that’s for you. You will just be required to do a slight change in exercise. The fundamentals are basically the same.

This stuff really works

Old school new body by Steve & Becky Holman does work both for men and women. It does not require a different set of exercises for each gender. Steve and his wife have tried it themselves and you can see the results on the picture they share.

Steve and Becky, Old School New Body

Steve himself has experimented with the exercises in the book and has seen good results in over 35 trainees he has personally worked with.

Get younger as you lose weight
The advantage of Old school new body book, is that you don’t just lose weight but you end up keeping your youthfulness as you get older. Your peers will see you years later and not believe how young you look. Steve and his wife are in their 50s and yet they look much younger than that.

The incredible thing about this ebook is the price. This is the reason for which I made the old school new body review. Considering the information in the book, one would have thought they would charge much more. Not only that, this low cost comes with a 60 day refund. They are so sure of their product that they are willing to take this risk.

Old School New Body

You should take advantage of this low cost and order the old school new body ebook now.

They might increase the price later on.

New Update – August 2019

As we grow old, it is given that we gain unhealthy weight which actually destroys our physical appearance and overall wellbeing. This is the primary reason why a lot of people are super frustrated because no matter how hard they try to bring back their old body, they just fail in the process.

Thankfully, there is this product that will help you reach your desired body much efficiently. Since I posted a review of this product a lot of months ago many individuals have achieved their dream body in no time.

So if you also want to experience the benefits that they got from the product then it is time for you to buy it now. But before that let me give you what benefits you can expect from the product.

  • It will help you reach your desired weight within just a few weeks of use.
  • Your overall wellbeing will significantly improve while using this product.
  • It will make you more energized while you are doing your tasks, giving you a much-improved performance.

Do not hesitate and buy this product now as you will experience a lot of advantages to your life. Buy this now until supplies last!
Old School New Body

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