Orgone Energy Motor Review – Is It Everything It Promises?

Orgone Energy Motor Save more Electricity

There are reviews where you will read about things so fascinating; you’ll almost not believe them. This review is one.

In this review/guide, I’ll be uncovering a device that can generate electricity at little to no cost. When you’re done setting up the Orgone energy in your home, you’ll have an energy generator that will significantly slash your electricity bills.

What is the Orgone Energy Motor?

Orgone Energy Motor what is the product about

The orgone energy motor is a source of electricity, or as some would technically call the service, a home power plant. It is one that, according to the official website, can generate enough electricity to power your home appliances, fans, tv, computer, and virtually anything big or small.

To begin with, the Orgone energy motor is built on discoveries and a lot of research by Dr. Willhelm Reich, whose invention and body of work was astonishing enough to pin down the interest of top scientists all over the world.

Dr. Reich was a famous scientist, constantly referenced in the day’s leading academic journals, and prominently listed as one of America’s top “Men Of Science.” Where there was a review of the Orgone Energy Motor by members of a select group of leading scholars, providing a simple way for everyone in America to create their free energy, It appeared as though Dr. Willhelm Reich’s Orgone Motor was about to take his place as one of the most prominent inventors in history.

Sadly, though, his work to slash energy bills was truncated, and the information and truth were swept under. It’s reported that all these were done due to selfishness and conflicting interests. The bottom line is, some people didn’t want the general public to get wind of the health truth – a free energy technology/devices which could run for thousands of hours and harness the incredible natural forces already present on earth which he discovered.

However, surviving blueprints of the Orgone energy motor were discovered in Kansas. They were in the custody of a man who claimed to be one of Dr. Reich’s assistants back in the day. Based on this discovery, a program called the Orgone Energy Motor was built and this is what this article review is all about.

This Orgone Energy Motor device works on the principle of magnetism. A magnetic force will be used to establish a permanent imbalance between the rotor and the stator, which continuously concentrates the flow of energy in the same direction as the motor rotates so that the nature of the motion achieved will be continuous and somewhat permanent.

Orgone Energy Motor Review – What’s in the Package?

Orgone Energy Motor Product Channel

For this product, there’s really no beating around the bush. The Orgone Energy Motor package consists of 6 videos and a PDF guide, all of which contain information on how to set the device up and running in your home. You access them when you purchase and log in with your email address.

Pros of the Orgone Energy Motor Program

It can be made locally:

The orgone energy motor can be put together with cheap parts and appliances or devices which can all be bought in local gadget stores. Not just this, but you can find, within the guide, the best places to get those parts/appliances locally and for a little amount of money. When you’re done getting the parts, the guide also has easy-to-follow steps on how to get it installed at home.

It has a detailed guide.

Orgone energy motor guide is self-explanatory and anyone that can do basic stuff is capable of building the system with the sole help of that guide/book. In essence, the building process is uncomplicated, requires little amount of money, and someone without technical knowledge can carry it out.

It works under any weather

The Orgone Energy Motor program works on superconductive principles and is almost 100% frictionless, which means that you never have to worry about the effect of heavy winds, storms, rain, or whatnot. The home power plant was built to supply power even when the electricity grid would not.

Money-Back Guarantee

Just like many other energy sources out there, this one too has a catch, and it’s the money-back guarantee. Within days of purchasing the service, you can request to have your money back in case you’re dissatisfied with the product.

It is maintenance-free

The Orgone Energy Motor doesn’t have many moving parts, neither does it generate excessive heat. In essence, the system, with its motor, requires little to no maintenance during its lifetime. Not only does the device save you the cost of electricity bill or energy bill at large, but the course also saves you maintenance costs.

Bonus materials

Off of the magnanimity of the creator, you’ll get the following materials for free upon the purchase of the Orgon Energy motor. Here they are:

  • Vann De Graff Generator– A clear guide on how to build the Vann De Graff Generator at your home
  • O’Neal Energy Slasher– A concise guidebook that teaches you tricks and ideas to significantly cut down your electric bills
  • Adam Generator– Adam Generator guide with video tutorials

Orgone Energy Motor get these free bonuses

Cons of the Orgone Energy Motor

Physical Product not Available

Some users are quite traditional and find it a little difficult to use online products or guides. So these people prefer DVD video guides and handy manuals. Unfortunately, the creator of this product didn’t make provisions for such people. Maybe in the future, though.

Breakdown of the Orgone Motor Energy Explainer Videos

If you’re wondering what is contained in the 6 explainer videos, which, by the way, make up a significant part of the whole Orgone Energy Motor, you’re not wrong to. Do we have sophisticated content in those videos, or are they just some fluff to buy time and make the product sound cool?

Well, this is that point in the review of the power source where I break down the videos and leave you to critique them yourself.

Video 1

As expected, this first video starts from the beginning of the building process of the system. Here, you’re guided on how to cut up a galvanized sheet for the orgone energy motor. Also, the video shows you how to keep the cube sealed and compact such that you don’t lose energy in the course of using the power plant.

Video 2

In the second video, you’ll be taught how to attach bitumen to the aluminum sheet skeleton you’d have made at this point. It is also at this point that you’ll be shown how to create the orgon box, which will serve as a sort of container to capture the energy.

Video 3

From the Orgone energy motor PDF, you’ll have been advised on some insulating materials to buy. This is where you’ll see the use to them. The instructor will show you how to connect the insulator to the power energy box created earlier and the square that you were guided to make in video 1

Video 4

The EPS board, which is also part of the materials listed in the PDF, will be needed at this point. You’ll be told how to use it to secure the box. After, a special hose will be inserted in the lid (EPS board)

Video 5

The fifth video is a thorough explanation of how you are to attach the iron protection hose to the insulated lid you were guided to build in video four. Alongside this, the instructor will guide you in making a cone of steel. This cone will funnel the energy into the Orgone box.

Video 6

The final video is about making the circuit that will convert the Orgone energy into electric power through non-polarised and polarised capacitors.

Once you’re done following every step in detail, the system should come alive, and you’d have your homemade power plant working in no time.

Individual Reviews of the Power Generator

“The month before I built my Orgone Electric Motor, my energy bill was $184.52. That was in February. The very next month, in March, my bill was $47.19. Simply incredible.”

Scott Renwick from Redondo Beach, California, says:

“Building this device is such a breeze! I’m 64 years old and built it in under an hour with my grandkids. It now keeps on feeding free watts into the grid!”

And Aaron Clay, a retired engineer in Henderson, Nevada tells us:

“As a former engineer, I’ll admit I was skeptical. But from the moment I looked over the blueprints, I knew this was the real deal. I can’t believe such an obvious energy solution has been sitting right in front of me the whole time.”


The Orgone Motor Energy is an innovative product that is capable of slashing your energy bills by more than half. Not only is that uncommon, but the product is also quite cheap to assemble.

I’d advise that you take your time to go through the information in this review. When you’re done, compare the product with other comparable ones out there, and I think you’ll find out that this one stands out in quite a number of ways.

My verdict: Not a scam

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