Perfect Weight Forever Review – Is it Worth Your Money or Not?

Perfect Weight Forever

Weight loss diets??

Exercise programs??

Weight loss pills??

All the above methods of weight loss have you tried but with little or no success at all.

For you may be it has been a back and forth thing. You shed the weight, then, suddenly you gain back even more.

If you are experiencing or have experienced this kind of situation, then, know that you are not alone. So don’t be in a haste to condemn yourself or worse still give up.

To lose weight and maintain the weight lost requires some diligent approach from you.

Here are 2 factors to consider when choosing your weight loss solution:

  1. Ensure that the diet weight loss plan you are advocates for a balanced diet, the fact that you have to lose weight doesn’t mean you become a toothpick in the process. So, watch out for diet plans that only recommend that you eat only certain types of food. While their suggestion may work for a while, on the long term, you will still gain that weight back.


  1. Know the amount of calories that you are currently taking and work with a weight loss expert on how you can reduce your calorie intake without craving for more after this reduction. With this, you will achieve 2 things; number one is that you will be able to stay the course. Number two is that you have someone to talk to if you have any burning issue on your mind.


If you are confused about what I have said above, the key takeaway is that for you to lose weight, number of calories you take in must less than number of calories you release

Perfect Weight Forever

Speaking of experts, I found a hell of a resource that you might enjoy. It’s called Marisa Peer’s Perfect Weight Forever.


Here is my full review


Before the full details,


Here is the basic detail


Brief Details

Here’s a brief summary of what the Perfect Weight Forever is all about

  • Product Name:  Perfect Weight Forever
  • Product Creator: Marisa Peer
  • Guarantee: “60 days money back and satisfaction guarantee”
  • Mode of Delivery: Digital download
  • Summary: The Perfect Weight Forever Program is a program whereby you are able to lose fats from your body using the power of your subconscious mind


In this full review, I will be covering

  • What The Perfect Weight Forever Is?
  • Why You Should Be Using This Program
  • How Does The Program Work?
  • The Pros And Cons this Program
  • Why Is Marisa Peer Qualified To Teach This Kind Of Program?
  • What You Stand To Gain By Making Use Of The Program
  • Testimonials
  • Conclusion

Follow me along as we go through a detailed review together


What is the Perfect Weight Forever Program?

The Perfect Weight Forever Program is a program whereby you are able to lose fats from your body using the power of your subconscious mind.

With so many glowing testimonials, the program has achieved profound success.


Why You Should Use The Program

You definitely should be using this Program if you …

  • want to start seeing real results in as little as 14 days
  • are tired of pills, tired and highly stressful long workouts
  • are interested in losing that weight forever – long term solution
  • are too busy to stick to the other weight loss programs out there
  • want to chop off consultation fees as much as possible and still get the results you so much desire
  • are interested in meeting with others who share a similar story with you and thus, can create a positive vibe in you


How it Works?

With a one-time payment of $47 (47 dollars), here’s what you get;

  • A complete step by step Audio & Ebook
  • A Q & A session with Marisa Peer & Niraj Naik MPharm already transcribed into a readable format
  • Four MP3 audios which covers the following Hypnotic Gastric Band, Hypnotic Weight Control, Perfect Weight Forever Hypnosis, The Regression Session

The Pros and Cons


  • The audios and pdfs makes it simple to understand. You can read along as you listen or plug into your car stereo as you drive along
  • Each module  covers almost all the different bases so that you will easily be able to identify where you are and relate it to a particular module
  • Each module has a different learning format and thus it is easy to use
  • Specific results for each stage of the fat loss is clearly spelt out in the program
  • It is available in portable digital format (PDF) and Audio which makes it easy to download such that you can start to put what you have learnt into action as soon as you want
  • No need to be afraid of adding weight after stopping the program, it works well even if you stop using the program
  • It comes with a no questions asked money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the program provided you inform the support team within the first 60 days of your purchase
  • The wonderful 24/7 support which the program provides makes it easy for you to have your queries answered almost immediately
  •  Testimonials abound – just check the sales page. So no need to worry



  • Follow the rules; if you don’t follow the instructions as stated, you stand a chance of gaining more weight rather than losing it
  • The fact that it is available in digital format means if you are averse to reading stuffs on your PC, you have to take the extra step of printing it out yourself. This should have been taken care of by Marissa. A way of having it in different format is by making the guide available in a book format and thus, it can be made available in the nearest bookshop and not just the official website
  • More people are prone to learn more about something when there is a video there to explain it, and to show them that the business is serious about its customers. However, this program comes in pdf and audio formats only. It would have been better the video format is also included.



Why Marisa Peer Is Qualified?

Simply put, this is her field. Apart from having studied hypnotherapy at the Hypnotism Training Institute of Los Angeles, she was awarded “UK’s best therapist” by top magazine men’s health.
Perfect Weight Forever Why Marisa Peer Is Qualified

Also, she was voted the most successful therapist by Celebrity Fit Club UK and USA.

She has published books on the same subject that has been translated to several languages and thus read by millions worldwide.

Also, she has 25 years’ experience in this field and during this time, she has worked with celebrities, entrepreneurs and fashion moguls.

Marissa’s program was compared with popular diets, pills, surgery and treatments by the TV series “Supersize Superskinny” and found out that her method works better

Since the program has been developed, thousands of others have made use of it and have achieved success in their weight loss quest. This makes them qualified.

Perfect Weight Forever Review: Read Before Buying
Perfect Weight Forever

Buy at the Official Website


What You Stand To Gain By Making Use Of Marissa’s Program

  • You will be able to save money on expensive pills
  • You will no longer need those highly stressful and long workouts
  • You can incorporate the program in to your busy schedule as it involves little amount of time.
  • You don’t have to worry about the program since it is a publicly verified program
  • If you are the type that prefers to learn in a format different format than the PDF format, then, the audio course, will suit you just fine.
  • You can be rest assured of the program’s credibility – a lot of others are using it and with success too.
  • You don’t need to worry about gaining back the weight, your weight loss is permanent
  • The program is not gender specific – has been proven to work with both males and females
  • You receive world class support any time you run into issues



“More Energetic Than Ever”

“Two years ago I started overeating because I was unhappy at work. My only exercise was walking to the shops to buy junk food. I didn’t even try to diet as I knew I wouldn’t stick to it.

During my session with Marisa Peer, I felt so relaxed. I discovered how I comfort ate from an early age, which foods would benefit me and how to visualise my ideal size.

Perfect Weight Forever Testimonials



In conclusion, this Program by Marissa Peer is rated 8.5 out of a possible 10. The rating could have been higher or even 10 out of 10 provided the program includes the video format to complement the other formats.

The score of 8.5 is mainly because the system is easy to follow and easy to understand which makes the implementation of the action steps very easy.

Perfect Weight Forever Conclusion

Thus, a lot of folks would be comfortable with making use of it.

With the money back guarantee provided by Merissa Peer, you can purchase with confidence.

In summary, The Perfect Weight Forever Program is a program that helps you to lose fats from your body using the power of your subconscious mind.

New Update – January 2019

Losing weight can be a really big problem especially if you are naturally born fat. It can be a tremendous work to lose those excess fats and many fail in this criterion.

A lot of people stops their fitness journey once they fail and that is the most common reason why a person does not achieve the body that they truly desire.

With this “Perfect Weight Forever” product it resolves the problem of being overweight buy teaching a lot of valuable techniques that will surely shred a lot of weight in a healthy way.

Here are the following reasons why people really loved this product:

  • The routines are very easy to understand and to execute.
  • It gave them a lot of energy too even they are trying to lose weight.
  • The routines are very fun and exciting that is why they never get bored while they are doing it.
  • It improved their overall wellness and at the same time, the method is all natural that is why there is no risk of having some side-effects from implementing it.

If you want to lose weight the healthy way then this is definitely for you! Buy it now until it is not too late because as we all know excessive weight can cause serious health problems.

Perfect Weight Forever

Thanks for Reading This Perfect Weight Forever Review.

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