Photography Masterclass Review – Does it Really Work?

Photography Masterclass

The course is made by Evan Sharboneau, who is a professional photographer with 10 years of experience in photography field. He studied almost 5 years about photography from the different sources including books and YouTube videos to solve the problems what a newbie faces, and designed a fastest course to help them learning photography.

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Who should take the course?

The course is designed for those who tried on their own to learn photography but couldn’t succeed. For example- your pictures are out of focus, you don’t know about the white balance, you don’t know how to frame your picture, you don’t know the post-processing of picture to make it look great and full of contrast. The reasons beyond these problems are simple, if you learn by your own you wouldn’t find all the relevant information in a single attempt or at the same place. If you will continue facing the problem on your own some day you will be fine but it will take a long time to do that. Using this course you will find all the relevant information collected at one place, so it will be easier for you to learn the most relevant things.

Photography Masterclass Review - Does it Really Work?
Photography Masterclass

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What makes it different from other products available in the market?

The other courses you might find on the web are not complete photography course, one course that will teach you how to use your DSLR might leave the “composition” the other one which teaches both might leave the post processing area. But this course is an integrated course, consisting of all the relevant information one photographer needs to know. It consists of 4 sections: How to use your physical DSLR, composition, post processing and light, which covers the entire thing that will boost your confidence after going through the course.

Course Contains:

  1. Photography Masterclass course consisting of four sections
  2. Module #1: Mastering your digital SLR
  3. Module #2: Photography equipment
  4. Module #3: Composition and Shot planning
  5. Module #4: Post production and software
  6. Bonus #1: DSLR equipment guide
  7. Bonus #2: Portrait mode simulator
  8. Bonus #3: Virtual lighting simulator

In the main course you will learn pretty cool things, basically in 2nd and 3rd module. Once you complete the module 1, you can go to module 2, which will build your fundamentals strong. The complete course (avoiding the bonuses) duration is 11 hours and 26 minutes (videos), which is divided into 29 videos and four modules in such a way that it is made easier to go through them.

Photography Masterclass


  1. What you will learn in the first section “Mastering Your DSLR” of the course is applicable to all the DSLRs irrespective of the brand and cost of the DSLR. You won’t learn the specific thing that applies to only one kind of DSLR, Instead you will learn the fundamentals which can be applied to any of the DSLRs.
  2. The course is integrated, i.e, you will find all the relevant information at a single place.
  3. It teaches the fundamentals, which make it suitable for all even if you are experienced. Your photography skills will definitely improve once you get to know all the fundamental concepts.
  4. You will learn the post processing and learn to operate the adobe light room and adobe photoshop.
  5. The course is in video format, which will help learning easy.
  6. Instant access to the material once you pay the fee, Just an internet connection is needed to view the videos. Zero waiting time.
  7. 60 days hassle- less money back guarantee, you can ask for refund anytime after joining the course if you won’t find it helpful. No question asked policy.
  8. It promises to be the fastest course.


  1. The hard copy of the course is not available, and you won’t get any DVDs delivered to your location, contents are provided just online in soft copy.
  2. You can learn things on your own, if you have plenty of time to spend on it. But it might take years to learn on your own.
  3. You must have a DSLR to capture photos and a laptop/ Desktop PC with Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom for the purpose of post processing.

Photography Masterclass  PROS


This is an integrated course, which makes it great; because you get to learn the entire thing in one go. Also, the course will teach you the fundamentals of photography, the most essential things to build your base concrete. I recommend this course. Even if you have doubts about the course, you can take the course because it is risk-free. You will get your 100% money back if you didn’t like it. As being a risk-free product at least you should give it a try if you want to be a good professional photographer.

New Update – February 2019

If you want to go into the photography business or just want to take good pictures as a hobby then you might need to have good fundamentals in order for you to take pictures effectively. Because not all of us are born with good photography skills.

Thankfully, there are available products on the internet that teaches people on how to take good photos of every niche that they want such as sceneries, people, skies, and etc. However, most of the time those products are completely a scam and do not work the way we wanted them to work.

But, there is this one product that is truly exceptional in providing great results when it comes to learning photography and this is the product that you should buy.

Here are the following benefits that you can get if you buy the product:

  • You will learn the different perspectives that you should know for you to become a professional photographer.
  • You will not have a hard time doing the techniques to take good photos.
  • The photos that you will take will surely get the attention of people which is a good thing because your works will be appreciated.

So if you want to become a master photographer and would like to take your picture taking to the next level ten this product is definitely for you!

Photography Masterclass

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