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Our society has been betraying men and women alike, utterly devastating and destroying the natural joys of romantic life. We could list for endless hours the endless abuses men had to suffer which resulted in the movement Men Going Their Own Way, in which the most productive, intelligent, hard-working and virtuous men are abandoning the institution of marriage and relationship by the hundreds of thousands. But while men are very much aware of the wrong that has been done to them, and more and more are awakening by the day to these facts, women are still blind to how much they actually suffer.

They are being told that the virtue of a women is to work, to enslave herself to the extreme competition and toughness of an inherently male environment and life a life of constant suffering and victimhood as a result. Women who found value in being a great wife, a caring mother and an indispensable female who keeps fire of the family shelter alive, were tormented by the endless barrage of verbal abuse as they were told that they are just playing along and subjecting themselves to oppression.

And so they went into the workforce, pretending that this is what they enjoy, sacrificing their most fertile years, the years of their highest sexual market value as workers who can barely compete with men and can get employed mostly on quotas. Soon, they left their twenties and got into their thirties, and as they lost their youthful beauties, they grew unable to keep and maintain a partner. They turned 40, and by the time they realized that what they want is a children and a family life, they became infertile.

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Futile Efforts

The Pregnancy Approach is one of the most comprehensive books on the subject of pregnancy and fertility which offers tips on how to fight infertility that helped more than 700 thousand couples from all around the world. It was written by Lauren Lee, who herself has struggled to get pregnant for years before she found the keys. She is now a happy mother, and the author of a book that teaches women how to fight infertility even after their 40th birthday.


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Indeed, when the author talks about the struggle women has to endure to get pregnant, she talks from experience. For years she struggled with her husband to impregnte herself with no results, until, after she already turned 30, she almost gave up trying. Even though she dreamt about becoming a mother from the very first moment she was gifted a doll in the age of two, she almost decided to stop trying.

And then she stumbled upon the natural and inexpensive solution she is now sharing in her Pregnancy Approach with hundreds of thousands of readers. As the testimony of these satisfied customers show all around the internet, her method truly works even for those who only realized that they want children after they passed their fertile years and turned 40.

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Approach Pregnancy

The Pregnancy Approach of Lauren Lee is an extremely comprehensive guilde on the topic of pregnancy. It describes every single method that seeks to help women to get pregnant from drugs to surgeries and shows why some of them are utterly futile and not working. It is well written and the instructions are easy to follow.

The Pregnancy Approach includes, of course, the most important part, the 4 step plan for women on how to naturally get pregnant in under two months. But it also speaks for men and reveals 7 practices on how to raise their sperm count instantly.

Pregnancy Approach by Lauren Lee Honest Review - Read Before You Buy
Pregnancy Approach by Lauren Lee

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The guide also sheds light on practices couples engage in that look as if they were completely harmless, but as a matter of fact, they greatly reduce the fertility rate of women. This includes a stunning segment in which the author cites two very common advices given to the couples who try to get pregnant by doctors, and shows through logic and evidence how harmful those tips actually are.

Furthermore, you will also receive three bonus items upon purchase. First of all, you will get a Baby Name Book, which lists thousands and thousands of names you could choose from, including their origins and meanings. Choosing a name is always an excruciating mental task, but by using the abundance of names in this book, you will easily find the name you thing is worthy of accompanying your child forever.


Next, you will be given the chance to talk to the author, Lauren Lee one on one in coaching sessions. If you are having troubles following the advice of her book, or if her method does not live up to your expectations, she will help you create your own fertility plan to help you get pregnant in no time.

Finally, you will also receive lifetime updates on the book and its method. Any time she adds something new to the guide, she will send the updated version to your mailbox immediately.

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The current youth have forgotten what it means to have a child. This is a strange contradiction, since they are the most knowledgeable generation in terms of science and the history of our species, yet they are the ones who do not realize what it means for them to have no children.

Our species have come a long way through its evolution through eons. Every generation was strong enough to gather resources from around them and bear an offspring. Traits who served the best the survival and the reproduction rates of an individual were transported to their children, and spread more widely than genes without them. As this method repeated itself generation after generation, we became who we are right now. The most cunning, the most powerful and the most intelligent species, able to conquer the world and ascend to the stars. We all bear within ourselves a DNA that survived millions of years of struggle for survival and emerged as the champion of nature, as the very best life has to offer.

Those who choose not to have a child choose to end this circle forever, and purge that bloodline of life that succeeded in surviving and reproducing for millions and millions of years. Thousands and thousands of ancestors fought endless challenges to give birth to offsprings, until the youngest of their bloodlines could not or would not reproduce any longer. But now, the choice is in your hands and for $47 you can learn how to become fertile, how to get pregnant with completely natural means and how to give a life to a newborn child, carrying the torch of your ancestors forward.

New Update – January 2019

Getting pregnant is one of the most sought moments of married life because it brings joy to every couple. But arguments started to arise when a couple is having a hard time producing a baby. This is the main problem that has been solved by this “Pregnancy Approach” review a lot of my friends that had a hard time getting impregnated got pregnant eventually with the help of this product.

The techniques that you will find on this product are truly one in a million because it is all natural and at the same time very effective. The good thing with an all-natural product is that it does not compromise the health of the person that will implement the techniques.

Here are the following benefits that couples are getting from this product:

  • Women will get impregnated easily without the need for medical intervention.
  • It is completely safe and free from any health hazards because it is all natural.
  • Will nourish the relationship of couples more because of the coming of a new baby.

A lot of cold relationships became intimate again because of this product and thankfully it resolved the problem of having a hard time getting pregnant. It also has a handful of useful tips that you can use to make the pregnancy go smoothly.

Buy now if you think you have a problem getting pregnant because this product will truly save you and your partner’s  relationship as a whole.

Pregnancy Approach

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