Reading Head Start Review – Should You Really Buy It?

Reading Headstart Improve Child's Reading

When children reach the right age, they need to go to school to learn how to read, write, and socialize. However, this doesn’t mean that parents should solely rely on their children’s education in schools. Instead, a parent should also introduce things, like writing, counting, socialization with peers. Also, they should hone the reading abilities of their children, and Reading Head Start can help make this easier.

The ideal age to hone the learning skills of children is when they are 3 to 4 years old when their learning process is faster. Despite that, teaching reading to children—especially those with reading problems—can be challenging. However, this may not be the case with Reading Head Start. This Reading Head Start review will tell you how this online program may improve your child’s reading ability.

What is the Reading Head Start Program?

Reading Head Start what is reading head start program

The Reading Head Start program is an online program that may help improve your child’s reading capability and communication skills. Also, it can help a child with dyslexia be able to read well.

Moreover, the Reading Head Start program has 4 lesson plans and requires 15 minutes each for every child. In this way, the lessons could be more comprehensive and easy for the kids to get the most out of its result.

In addition, Reading Head Start is an effective reading technique program that deals with dyslexia. The method of this program is scientifically verified. Also, it is 100% proven to boost the learning and brain development of every child in any age and any grade level.

The Creator: Sarah Shepard

The Reading Head Start program was made possible by the creator, Sarah Shepard. Sarah Shepard is a mother of three kids and is an English teacher.

According to her, her program is based on a reading method “the education system doesn’t want you to know.” She evaluated everything in the similar learning methods taught in every school and studied how it made the reading process difficult for children.

So, to bridge the gap between children and their reading skills, Sarah made this reading program. Later on, it became incredible reading shortcuts that gave light in turning children to readers, no matter what age or grade level they are.

How Reading Head Start Helps Your Child

Reading Head Start how reading head start helps you child

Reading is one important facet of a child’s education. Your son cannot be a rocket scientist and your daughter cannot be a teacher if she has problems with reading.

Hence, the Reading Head Start program can be an effective way to boost the reading skills of your child. Most of the reviews on the Reading Head Start program attest to its effectiveness in making children learn and master reading better.

Furthermore, these reviews and ratings came from parents who used Reading Head Start program as a way of teaching their child to read English words. Parents left various reviews, saying that it helped their children learn the meanings of more words.

Aside from that, the Reading Head Start program also teaches children to read and know the meaning of the signs they see on the roads, malls, and other common places. This program lasts for 30 days in order to get the best results.

Skills Taught in Reading Head Start Program

Aside from reading and learning signs, Reading Head Start program has a lot of skills to offer. For its price, this program has a lot to offer.

Reading Head Start skills taught in reading head start

Social Skills

Reading Head Start Program is available only on their site, online, and in PDF. However, despite that, this program also enables children to build a connection with other people.

The program improves the social skills of kids. This will help develop their relationship with their parents, peers, and others.

Positive Approach to Reading

As parents, you cannot make the child learn to read if they don’t want to. But this is n

ot the case with the Reading Head Start program.

This program gives access to the brain of the children, making them think that reading is fun. Not only that, but since a child’s attention span is short, the lessons are also short. Hence, this method by the author obtains great results by the end of the program.

Neurological Development

On the website, the author stated that this program was scientifically proven effective. The reviews and ratings of parents also support this claim.

Moreover, according to Sarah, it enables your child to reach its optimal brain development as a product of this program. Hence, it has significant results to your child’s future.

Psychological Fortitude

This program wants to generate more readers as its product. Not only that, but it also wants your kids, your son, or your daughter to have self-esteem as result. Hence, while improving the reading skills of children, this product also aims to develop their self-esteem.

Linguistic Development and Communication Skills

What makes the Reading Head Start program different from other programs is that aside from improving the reading skills of a child, it also builds a connection between a parent and her child. The Reading Head Start program serves as a guide for a parent or parents in strengthening their relationship with their child.

Features of Reading Head Start Program

In order to make reading fun and enticing for your child, the Reading Head Start program gives you free trial access to their site. This is for you to test the system of the Reading Head Start program as a product, and calculate possible results once your child finishes using it.

The Reading Head Start Program has various programs and lessons. Here are the essential things they feature on their website.

Lesson Plans

The Reading Head Start program has 4 detailed lesson plans in English. According to their website, this easily incorporates reading in the life of a child by the parent or the teacher.


If you purchase or download the Reading Head Start program on their website, you can get downloadable freebies. The Reading Head Start program has things like printable flashcards, phonic cards, and letter book series in English.


In order to review what your child has learned, worksheets are available. These worksheets can be used for rating and reviewing the answers of the child.

Member Login

On their website, Reading Head Start has a member login area for parents. This lets the parents access the content related to their site.

On the site, you can read customer reviews about the product, review the learning process of your child, and see how for lifetime subscription and compensation.

Furthermore, this is a risk-free deal. They have a 60-day compensation if their learning process is not effective for your child.


If you have no internet connection, the Reading Head Start program offers a free download trial on their website. With this, you can cancel easily any time when you are not satisfied with the program.


The Reading Head Start program also offers a bonus product! To entice your child more on learning, they included English word book series and interactive reading games in their product.


The Reading Head Start program itself is one to hundreds feature that makes this product outstanding. From the scale of ones to tens, it is a perfect ten with having the child learn and develop his skills enjoyably.


Reading Head Start why use Reading Head Start

Reading Head Start is not your ordinary program. Based on the Reading Head Start Reviews and customer reviews, it is an effective way of teaching kids to read in an enjoyable way.

The reading system program aims kids with learning disabilities like dyslexia to end their reading problems and read words without any difficulty. Also, this program aims to improve your child’s self-esteem and sharpen your child’s common sense principles and communication skills.

The Reading Head Start program does not only benefit the children, but also the parents. The program will make it convenient for moms in educating their children.

Just like as most Reading Head Start reviews say, this is an effective program in educating kids. In this Reading Head Start review, we too, agree. We hope that this Reading Head Start review was able to help you decide.

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