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Quick Tip

How will you tell if the shed blueprint that is on your hands is written by a ghostwriter or not?

The Answer

Go through the whole blueprint, follow the step by step instructions and if any point you are stuck on how you can get from point a to point b, then, know very well that the shed blueprint in your hands was written by a ghostwriter who in most cases has never used a chisel nor seen how a lumber looks like all through his life

For you to understand a shed blueprint, it has to be written by a professional craftsman who specializes in shed making and who is willing to share his expertise with you.

Luckily, Ryan Henderson is one that fits the bill.

This is a review of Ryan Henderson’s perfect shed plan collections.

If you want to build a shed by yourself, then, you need a guide written by someone who does this and has made it available in an easy, inexpensive and in the fastest way possible.


The 6 Essentials of A Perfect Shed Plan

These are;

  • Views of All Angles And Details

See Ryan’s sales page for the screenshot of this. The point is you should be able to see with pin-point accuracy what your plan should look like before you build it.

If not, you will only succeed in building a shed that looks like what you have in mind but not exactly what you have in mind. And the reason why this will happen is that there was no plan to follow in the first instance.

To sum up your frustrations, what you built just looks like a pile of rubbish.


  • Simple Instructions

So simple that even you without previous knowledge of building a shed can follow through and make a near perfect shed. There is also a screenshot available on Ryan’s sales page for this.

The importance of this next step is to make you understand the building process even if you have no experience. In a sense, the shed practically builds itself.

Since the instructions are very easy to follow, building a shed is almost like a child’s play.


  • Materials Must Be Complete and Accurate

If you buy all the materials that you need, you will be able to build your shed in a complete manner. Buying a complete material means buying the exact amounts you need without the materials, not in excess and not limited.

It is only when you have a complete list that you will be able to buy the exact amount. In addition, you will be able to save time and money.

RyanShedPlans Review - The Pros & Cons

Buy at the Official Website

However, if you have the wrong shed plan;

  • You won’t buy all that you need – it is either you buy more than enough or buy less than you require
  • Not all that you need will be provided for you
  • Your measurements are not exact when you cut your lumber.


With the Ryan’s shed plan all these would have been taken care of.


  • 3 Dimensional Drawings

The right shed plan should provide you with at least views in 3 dimensions. With a 3D view, you do not need to worry about putting a joint or frame in the right or wrong way.


  • CAD Designed Drawings

A major advantage of CAD designed drawings is that it shows the drawings in its exact dimension. If you have a wrong, a bad plan or even a hand drawn plan, you will definitely have the wrong dimensions

There are comparable screen shots of a CAD design and a hand drawn version on Ryan’s website.


  • “For What” Labels

Much as a list is important, it should contain piles and each pile should be labeled accordingly. If you don’t, you will have some piles which are literally useless.

Some will be useless even till the last step. The plan should include a list, a pile and the purpose of each pile. For a screenshot of how this looks like, see Ryan’s sales page – the link is available on this page.


What Makes For a “Perfect” Shed Plan

A near perfect shed plan is only one created by someone with vast experience.


What Is Included

There are 12,000 near perfect shed plans. All of them were designed by Ryan Henderson himself.



Social Proof

Ryan Henderson has been featured;

  • On the woodworker’s journal
  • The new york times
  • The woodwork journal

This proves that he is an authority on woodworking and shed plans



  • You will be able to choose from the varying types and styles from Ryan’s 12,000 shed plans. Within each plan, all the components that make up a “perfect” shed plan are included.
  • Also, you won’t need to come up with any plan but rather chose from the available plans. This also saves you time and money.
  • You will plan better, save time, and save money since you will be provided with the exact lists, tools and the purpose of each.
  • Saving you time means you won’t have to be going back and forth from the store to purchase anything you may have left behind.
  • You will be provided with step by step instructions that will make your shed come out perfectly after you complete its building.

With this step by step instructions,

  • You won’t feel lost at any stage of the building process
  • There are color photos which remove any form of guessing
  • You will not be blind to any angle since you will be provided with 3d cad designed images
  • From the 12,000 designs, the design can be used for large outhouses, garages, small storage or garden sheds – the choice is yours



“Designs on all your sheds are exceptional!”

“Ryan, just dropping a note to let you know how stoked i am with your package. I’ve been looking for something like this for a while. The qualities of the designs on all your sheds are simply exceptional!

Paul Roberts

Atlanta, GA


“Great for a novice builder like myself…”

“I’ve used Ryan’s shed plans to build an 8×10 outdoor shed for my kids. Clear directions and materials list, assisted me, a non-builder, in completing the shed I wanted.

Get RyanShedPlans
Get RyanShedPlans

Aaron Knox

Moreno Valley, CA


“Details are easy and straight forward!”

Great stuff there Ryan! Plans and construction details are easy and straight forward. The designs are really nice yet practical. Thank you!

Thomas Rawnsley

Abrams, WI


More testimonials are available on the sales page.


More Proof

He has helped over 4,000 woodworkers build their desired sheds without spending over and above their desired budget.



Since Ryan uses these plans every day for himself and for clients, he is willing to give you a complete refund of your money within 60 days if for any reason you are not satisfied.

With this guarantee, you will enjoy woodworking more and experience the success associated with setting and achieving your goal of constructing a shed that you and your loved ones can be proud of.

As part of the guarantee, you are assured of the best customer support at any time you feel you are stuck.



Ryan shed plans comes with 4 bonuses;

Bonus 1: Advanced Woodworking Tips. Value: $129; The tips contained in this guide are a recollection of past Ryan’s experiences alongside the experiences of other woodworking experts.

With these tips, your chances of creating high valued projects are very high. The tips include simple adjustments to you set up, tool care, planning etc.

Bonus 2: Magic Modifications. Value: $79; This is a worksheet. With this worksheet, you will be able to modify of your chosen shed to the dimensions (cuts, lengths etc) that you wish.

Bonus 3: Directory of Suppliers. Value: $39.95; Since you will need to purchase equipment, tools, rare exotic woods and other materials that will make your shed come out the way you desire, this directory gives you the right suppliers for your needs.

The directory is updated frequently so you need not worry about any of the suppliers not being available. It is sorted by towns. So all you have to do is look up your town and check for the supplier(s) nearest to you.

Bonus 4; – 400 Woodworking Plans. Value; $97; No matter your kind of project, these woodworking plans will more than serve your needs. In these plans, you will discover all the needed materials for each woodwork plan, complete and self-explanatory diagrams as well as the right dimensions.

It also includes detailed user guide even if you are starting from scratch and the required tools for each design


With Ryan’s shed plans, you will be able to construct sheds of professional standard in no time.



In summary, with Ryan’s shed plans, you have all that you need to build awesome sheds without necessarily having to acquire that kind of experience over time. You will pay $37 to have access to these 12,000 shed plans as well as the bonuses that are valued at $340.

And since you are covered by his refund policy, you have nothing to lose.

New Update – January 2019

Creating professional shed plans can be tough especially if you do not have the experience. Added the fact that enrolling to a school will cause you a lot of money. This is unfortunate if you do not have the budget for enrollment.

The best thing that happened for aspiring shed planners is the creation of this “RyanShedPlans” product. It is the greatest decision on their lives for the people who already bought this product.

They became an instant shed planner expert in no time after practicing the techniques that are included in the product. They managed to get awesome drawings that they have done that looks very professional because of the product.

The techniques are much easier to learn too because it was explained in a beginners tone and well-detailed manner. That is why understanding the modules that are included in the product is really easy.

I suggest you if you have plans in being in the shed planning world buy this product immediately because we do not until when this will be available. Added the fact that there are only limited resource of products like this that are really effective.

The price is very cheap that is why it is truly worth it and at the same time does not impose any risk!


Thanks for Reading This RyanShedPlans Review.

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