Six Degree Flow Review – Is it Worth Your Money or Not?

Six Degree Flow

Everyone appreciates the fact that a healthy and a fit body is a secret to happiness. There are a variety of fitness programs that help a person to meet the fitness goals. However, every program is unique and has its own particular benefits.

Hence, it is critical to choose a program that meets your individual fitness goals. It is more important to select that program that not only helps to tone your body but also helps to increase your energy levels for improving productivity.

Six Degree Flow

Due to the time constraints, it is impossible to join a variety of different courses for enjoying various unique benefits of each program. Hence, there is a need to follow a single program that offers a range of benefits in a short span of time.

Scott Sonnon’s Six Degree Flow is a detailed bodyweight training system that offers a variety of advantages that is not offered by any other fitness program.  The program is a plug-and-play system that recommends unconventional body movements that help to build muscles and prevent injuries.


Six Degree Flow

Who is Scott Sonnon?

Scott Sonnon is prominent sports personality who has risen from the ashes by overcoming his disabilities. Besides holding a reputed position as an adjunct professor of physical education at Penn State University, Scott Sonnon has also been a world champion in martial arts as well as a US National Team Coach.

However, Scott was never born as a talented sportsman. As a child he suffered from joint disease and motor challenge. His learning disabilities were so severe that he was institutionalized in a psychiatric hospital for treatment. Almost all the doctors and teachers suggested that it will be challenging for Scott for to succeed in life.

However, Scott persisted and refused to surrender to the challenges that life has thrown at him. He sought alternative exercise systems to build his physique and strengthen his mind. He was successful in healing his own injuries and he soon gained prominence by sharing his healing techniques with military, firefighting and law enforcement.

His techniques won admiration even from the government agencies who hired Scott as a trainer for their health and fitness programs. Scott’s unique exercise system enabled him to fix  his own broken neck as well other injured parts like leg and arm.

His non-surgical healing techniques were also appreciated by Russian scientists who eagerly worked with Scott to understand his exercise system.  Scott’s techniques can be termed as the perfect ‘flow’ exercise system because the body movements are perfectly in synchronization with the mind and consciousness.

 Six Degree Flow Who is Scott Sonnon

How did Scott Sonnon find the Six Degree Flow program?

Scott Sonnon has been traveling around 32 countries where he has used his exercise to help men and women. However, Scot always felt that he should have done more and this strong urge to help people has led him to launch the Six Degree Flow exercise manual.

The flow movements link each pose with breathing and mind thereby establishing a flow or harmony. The movements are neither strenuous nor painful and the person experiences moments of relaxation while fine tuning the body.

The flow exercises not only enable you to achieve strength and agility but also help you to enjoy and have fun.The Six Degree Flow program has been instrumental in dispensing the following myths:

  • Only painful workouts can burn fats
  • The intensity of the exercise decides the amount of fat burned
  • Flowing movements are not effective in burning unwanted fat
  • One must slog for long hours to have a fit physique

Six Degree of Flow is based on the principles of ‘Prasara yoga’, an ancient Indian exercise system, that flexes your body muscles while removing your fear of injuries. The system helps you to overcome the fears and push the limits. The body not only transforms your body but also your personality.

Scott Sonnon guarantees that you will feel energy surging through your body after every sessions that typically lasts for around 45 minutes. In fact, you will feel more energetic the next day and every day you will experience that your sleep patterns are improving. The program is result-oriented and you will be experiencing positive results within the first few days itself.

Six Degree Flow

Get Six Degree Flow Here

Key benefits of Six Degree of Flow

  • The step-by-step program is action-oriented
  • This program is easily accessible and portable
  • The exercise schedule is extremely flexible
  • Customers are not required to purchase any gym equipment
  • It is a program that is suitable for any time-constrained individual
  • The program is extremely safe and secure as it does not have any side-effects

Six Degree Flow Key benefits of Six Degree of Flow

How will Six Degree Flow help me to beat stress?

It is widely known that an increase in stress level increases the cortisol in our body thereby decreasing our fat-reducing potential. However, the good news is that the cortisol level can be reduced by flow movements. Researchers at Thomas Jefferson University have proved that one hour of flow exercises can reduce cortisol and ‘eustress’ the aggrieved person.

There are some medical conditions like fibromyalgia that reduce the overall cortisol level in the body. Low levels of cortisol are unhealthy because the hormone is also n anti-inflammatory as well as an anti-allergy agent. Flow movements help to control cortisol level and patients do not require cortisol replacement treatment.

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research has verified the benefits of flow yoga by assessing the health of 15500 middle-aged men and women who followed flow yoga for reducing weight. It I clear that Six Degrees Flow is an effective way to reduce weight and eliminate muscle pain while strengthening muscles.

Six Degree Flow How will Six Degree Flow help me to beat stress

What are the course materials?

Six Degree Flow comprises of the following components:

A handbook that costs $21

73-video tutorials that is priced $55

3 follow-along video session that are priced at $55

Manuals that are priced at $30

Bonus #1 FlowFit video program priced at $39

Bonus #2 Unbinding mobility video that costs $15

The cost of the entire package is $225. Moreover, Scott Sonnon is willing to offer the product at a discounted price of $117. The program is a great value for money because people usually spends thousands of dollars to obtain gym memberships and private fitness coaching.

How do I purchase Six Degree Flow?

Six Degree Flow can be purchased from the product website and Scott Sonnon is making his course manual available through ClickBank, the most secured payment gateway. Customers can try the product for a period of 60 days and they can get back their money if the product proves ineffective.

Scott is confident about his course and hence the product comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. There isn’t a single customer review that has criticized the product and hence there you can buy the product with an open mind.


Six Degree Flow is a cost-effective alternative to expensive fitness programs that are meant for a privileged few. Moreover, other fitness programs require you to slog for hours to build your body. Additionally, other programs help you to focus only specific muscles of your body.

Six Degree Flow is a perfect way to flex each and every muscle while achieving the necessary levels of flexibility. At $117, it is perhaps the best fitness program that is available in the world.

New Update – July 2019

There are times that we get injured on every physical thing that we do and it is very frustrating for people to get their condition better however because they lack the financial capacity to cure their condition. That is the primary reason why they just take their condition for granted which just makes things worst.

Thankfully this product has been created which will teach you on how to recover on different problems regarding your physique. As a matter of fact, since I posted a review of this product a year ago a lot of people have gotten a lot of benefits from it.

To give you an insight into what you will get from this product here are the following benefits:

  • It will help you recover on all kinds of damage that your physique has got such as injuries and diseases.
  • Your overall health will significantly improve because a better physique means better health.
  • It will help you increase your performance especially on the physical activities that you are doing.
  • The appearance of your overall physique will significantly become better.

So if you want to get the most out of your physique then this product is definitely the best one that you can buy.

Six Degree Flow

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