Solar Air Lantern Honest, Detailed & Unbiased Review

Solar Air Lantern

Technologies, technologies, technologies.. Let us forget about what lies behind. Let us go at present and at the future. Technologies have been so great and getting even greater as time goes by.

Technology is everywhere. Even in our emergency kits. We all benefit from these tools that make our lives easier, competitive and advanced.Solar Air Lantern Honest, Detailed &amp

Have you ever heard of solar air lantern? Yes, you are right. Solar air lantern. In this review you will know more about this product and on how amazing it is.

It sounds so innovative because it is not common to anywhere. Let me show you how incredible it is and how could this be so unbelievable for you.

You light me up

In this world full of darkness, there is always the light that outshines everything. Light is everywhere. We have to be cautious enough in choosing what light do you want to shine upon yourself.

Solar Air Lantern Honest, Detailed &amp You light me up

But the one I am talking about in this review, is something that is special, wonderful and so fascinating. You never imagine that this is now up in the market and you can have yours at hand anytime you want.

We all need light to guide as even in the darkest part of our lives. Literally, during times of emergency. We always look for something to light our way and something we can lean on.

Solar Air Lantern: let there be light!

Imagine about the appearance of this wonderful product. It is a flat disc shape with bulb on one side and efficient solar panels on the other side.

It has its inflatable bad between the two discs corporate facing each other. There are bright lights that are reflective inside of it. That is how amazing this tool is!

Solar Air Lantern Honest, Detailed &amp Solar Air Lantern: let there be lightGet Solar Air Lantern Here

The specs represent its inflatable spaces that can be blown up using the air you breath. It is user friendly that it only requires just 5 to 6 blows respectively.

It is highly efficient during emergencies and are know to be used by survival specialists and for those people who love camping.

These lamps are well designed and innovated that you can use it in a lot of purposes. You cannot imagine with the way it looks, that it has a lot of features innate in it.

Maybe you are doubting, but just take a look and know further about the product, you will not know the truth, unless you buy one of it.Solar Air Lantern Honest, Detailed &amp

Product Description

The Solar Air Lantern is an inflatable lamp light that can give up to 12 long hours of light in just one time charging

There are 10 LED lights incorporated with it, the advanced feature of illumination that has shown by this solar air lantern is so promising.Solar Air Lantern Honest, Detailed &amp Product Description

In all places, whether inside your car, just at home, during camping, solar air lantern is incredibly advanced, efficient ans extremely powerful. It is something you can depend on during any situation you are into.

Solar air lantern has an impressive height of 5 inches tall and when deflated it will be just 1 inch! It weighs just 4 ounces or we can really say that it is weightless.

Other Features

The following are the other special features of this incredible and might light lantern:

1. High efficient built-in solar panel

It has a powerful high efficient solar panel in it. You can really determine how powerful it is due to the solar panels that are highly innovated with very good materials.

Each solar panels can receive and store a thousand fold energy from the sun that is why in just one charging time, you can extremely use this product for 12 long hours.Solar Air Lantern Honest, Detailed &amp High efficient built-in solar panel

2. Water proof PVC protector

It is enclosed with a polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a well known synthetic material due to its durability and thermal stability, making it water proof and can withstand to variation of temperature.

It can also resist damages due to breakage because of its durability. Whether it falls to the ground or even if you throw it far away, it will still be working.

3. Emergency settings

It has 10 high powered LED lights that is configured with options such as low, high and emergency flash settings. You are free to configure it depending on your need.

The good thing is that you can really rely on this equipment every time you are in need. Amazing and unbelievable!

Solar Air Lantern Honest, Detailed &amp Emergency settings
Photo by britsinvade

4. Full charged for 3 months if not in use

Here is another great thing with this product. You can totally conserve energy for your future use. It can store up energy in full charge for three months long!

Whenever you need it, you do not have to worry if you have charged it. Just get it and you are good to go. A round of applause for this amazing product!

Ways on how to make use of solar air lantern

  • Light during power outage

Say no more to dark places during power outage. You can always have your reserved source of light in times of power outages and in other kind of emergencies.

  • Handy and user friendly

You can use it anytime and anywhere you go. It is almost weightless and it has an extreme power that can totally light up your darkest days.

  • Light in camping

You can also use this inside tents and in open areas such as in campings. You can totally rely on this during this moment wherein the source of electricity is so limited. Solar Air Lantern Honest, Detailed &amp Light in camping

  • Accessory light

You can definitely use this as an accessory light in your vehicle when you get stuck in the middle of nowhere at night. This is to preserve and save the battery of your car.

  • For out-house or latrine

You can stay late at night outside your house. With solar air lantern, you can cherish your leisure time even outdoor with someone.

  • Emergency signal

Because of its dazzling lights, you can actually use it as an emergency signal to call out for help from other people around you.

  • House light

You can also use this as your light at night to shed light for your house and to rely guard your house even when its the common time of attacks from bad guys.Solar Air Lantern Honest, Detailed &amp House light

  • Spotlight

It can be a spotlight for certain purposes such as in mechanics, outdoor repair of objects or even to focus on somebody to keep an eye on them.

  • Light for your kids

You can use this as a light guide for your children when they are afraid to sleep alone in dark room or even during storms and power outages.

Keep the lights on!

The power of solar air lantern is so incomparable and intense! It is small but terrible. This is how far technology have gone through times.Solar Air Lantern Honest, Detailed &amp Keep the lights on

Technology has been a great game changer for the lives of the humanity. We really benefit from it and we are enjoying everything from it.

It gives us light when we do not see. It makes our lives comfortable and satisfying. It is now the time for you to have your own power of light through solar air lantern!

New Update – September 2019

Well, there are times when a power interruption happens and it can be pretty frustrating because there will be complete darkness in your house at night. This makes our tasks really hard because there is no light that will give us a vision whenever we do things. So most probably we just tend to sleep and just do the things that we supposed to do the next morning.

It actually stunts our progress especially if we are doing things that are super crucial for our success such as doing our projects, school works, and businesses. Thankfully, there is this product that will help you out in those kinds of situations. This product is a solar-powered light that does not consume any electricity at all. It can actually save you a lot of money as well in your monthly electricity bills and at the same time have some light when power interruption happens.

You can also save the environment as well whenever you will use this product because it reduces the greenhouses on our surroundings. So it is crucial to buy this product now until it is still available because it will do a lot of good things for you and your family.
Solar Air Lantern Honest, Detailed &amp

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