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Video creators are the current trend. Especially during the pandemic, a lot of people decided to become pro video creators and upload their own videos on the internet. However, what if you don’t have a good speaking voice for your videos? In this case, Speechelo may be the speech software for you.

A video’s voiceover may make or break your content. Hence, in order to engage your audience, boost your views, and even boost sales (if you are a business owner), you may need good and pro text to speech software, like Speechelo. In this Speechelo review, we will discuss what this tool is, how it works, what the features of Speechelo are, and its pros and cons. Read more to see how it may help you in your video content.

What Is Speechelo?

Speechelo What Is Speechelo?Speechelo is a pro-text-to-speech software. Unlike other text-to-voice apps and software, it generates human-sounding voices.

Furthermore, with Speechelo, you no longer have to look for pro and freelance voice actors/actresses. All you have to do is turn your script into speech, and you’ll have high-quality voiceovers for your videos.

How Do You Use Speechelo?

One reason why a lot of people prefer Speechelo is because of its variety of voices and easy interface. Furthermore, the whole voice generation process only needs three steps. We will explain those in this Speechelo Review table of contents.

Speechelo How Do You Use Speechelo?

1. Paste Your Text

To turn your script into a voiceover, you only need to paste your text. The pro software, Speechelo, will then automatically convert it into speech.

Moreover, the AI of the voice software will review your text. Afterward, the engine’s pro text editor adds all the necessary punctuation marks to make your text sound more natural.

2. Choose Your Language And Voice You Want

Aside from English, the standard version of Speechelo offers 22 other languages. It also has 30 types of pro-human sounding voices to choose from. You don’t have to worry about having the same monotonous English voice/voices in your Youtube videos!

In addition, the Speechelo software has a feature that allows you to add breathing sounds and longer pauses to make your voiceover sound more natural. Also, you can choose the voice tones you want for your videos.

In our Speechelo review, we think that this sets Speechelo apart from other pro text to speech apps. You can make your voiceover sound joyful, normal, or serious.

Furthermore, the software also offers voice previews as you go. Hence, you can review them to find the voices that fit your text the most.

3. Generate and Download Your File

After pasting the text and adjusting the language and voice, the software will then generate your voiceover within 10 seconds. After that, you can then download the file and use it for your blog posts, Youtube videos, or even add your favorite background music tracks in it.

Moreover, one feature of the Speechelo software is that it allows you to play the file directly in its interface. Through this, you may review if you like the final product, or you may change and adjust the voices used to your liking.

The Features of Speechelo

Speechelo The Features of Speechelo

In this Speechelo review, we will also talk about the features of the Speechelo software program. But what sets Speechelo apart from other voiceover programs and text-to-speech AI?

Top-Notch Voice Generation

Most TTS programs have a robotic and monotonous voiceover due to their artificial intelligence. In contrast to that, Speechelo uses pro-human voices, which make your voiceovers sound like they aren’t AI-generated at all!

Furthermore, this voice software has a lot of voices you can choose from. Even the standard version of Speechelo has around 30 human-sounding voice options you could choose from!

On the other hand, the Speechelo pro version has way more options for the voices. Nevertheless, even without the pro plan, you already have more than enough English human voice types to choose from.


English is not the only language available in this text-to-voice program. In fact, both the standard version and the pro version have 23 languages—including English—you can choose from for your video’s voiceover.

In addition, each language has a variety of voices! So, you can localize and make your content available worldwide.


Another feature of Speechelo is its conversion function. In this, you can transform your videos into text or caption.

Moreover, Speechelo has an English text editor that translates your content. This text to voice program automatically identifies the languages of your videos and converts them to the text of the language.

Speechelo Text To Speech Software: Standard Vs Pro

The Speechelo program has two editions: the standard version and the pro version. In the standard version, there are 23 languages available and 30 voices to choose from.

However, you can only have 700 words in one voiceover for the standard version. If you want more, consider upgrading to the pro plan.

Speechelo Pro Version

Just like the standard version, there are also 23 languages available in the pro plan. However, if you avail of the pro edition, you can unlock a total of 171 voices. Furthermore, we will explain more features of the Speechelo pro in this Speechelo review.

Use Dialogue Type Voiceovers

Having the same voice of one person all throughout your video can be quite… boring. So, why not spice it up by having two or more voices? With the pro version, you can make this happen.

Insert Background Music Tracks

Background music can set the mood for voiceovers, especially for audiobooks and educational videos. With Speechelo pro, you will have access to 40 pro BGMs of various genres.

Unlock The Bonus Voiceover Cash Machine

Aside from the bonus ebook, Speechelo pro lets you have access in the voiceover cash machine. This provides tips about affiliate id, or tips on how to have your voiceovers gain more clients.

Why Should You Consider Buying This Program?

Speechelo Why Should You Consider Buying This Program?

If you are a pro video creator looking for a text to voice software, Speechelo might be the best option for you. It is easy to use, and its artificial intelligence produces human-sounding voiceovers.

Furthermore, if you plan on starting an online business, Speechelo is the perfect tool for your content, sales video, and ads. What better way can you gain more customers than quality content with good voiceovers for your videos?

Speechelo is also a voiceover tool also saves a lot of your time, effort, and money. You can save thousands from hiring English or foreign voice actors, and you can save time by letting the software do all the work.

Money-Back Guarantee

In Speechelo, you only have to pay once to gain lifetime access to any edition you purchase. However, in Speechelo pro, you will need to pay the same amount for the standard edition, but for three months.

Also, Speechelo has a coupon code you can use to avail the software for a much lower price. So, you can visit their discount page and grab your coupon code.

Moreover, Speechelo also offers you a risk-free decision. You can have a 100% cash return within 60 days. Isn’t this a good deal?

Speechelo Alternatives

What if, for some reason, you don’t like using Speechelo? If that’s the case, here are some other pro voice software that you may want to consider.

  • Vidnami
  • Blaster Suite
  • Amazon Polly
  • LOVO Studio
  • Speakabo

However, in our Speechelo review, we think Speechelo remains the best pro text to voice software out there. It is efficient, realistic-sounding, easy to use, and has an interface that provides a great user experience. So, more than these Speechelo alternatives, this pro software is still worth the shot.

Speechelo Review: Conclusion

Speechelo AI Text to Speech

Voiceovers are essential in videos. With a good voiceover, you will likely increase your views. However, not everyone was gifted with good speaking voices. Hence, we rely our voiceover on text-to-voice software, just like Speechelo.

However, in our review, other TTS software often has robotic voices. This makes your content sound weird and less authentic. This is where Speechelo differs.

Speechelo has features that make voiceovers sound realistic. You can add breathing or long pauses as much as you like. Not only that, but aside from English, there are also other languages and voices you can use.

You may also upgrade into Speechelo pro to unlock more voices and other features. Its text editor also automatically translates English texts and corrects your text’s punctuation marks to make it sound more natural.

In our Speechelo review, we think that Speechelo is the best option for a voiceover tool. So, you might want to consider trying it out now.

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