Does Strikepen Black Really Work? – Complete Review!

Strike Pen Must Have for protection!

Are you looking for a versatile tool that allows you to stay safe in a variety of situations and enjoy a great performance? Then this Strike pen review is for you.

A Strike pen (Strikepen) may be the right product for you. If you want to know more about this tool, how to use it, what its benefits are, how much it costs, how to get it, and more, just read this article.

About a Strike Pen

It’s a tactical pen or tool that looks like a pen, but it is a pen and a weapon, and it is small like feathers, as a result, it is portable. The lightweight material will likely serve for a long time.

This is a physical product and not just for online instructions, and it is not like an ordinary ballpoint pen. You can use this tactical pen in many ways, for instance, breaking car window glass with these pens, and even special forces carry this weapon.Strike Pen Danger Is Everywhere

Features of Strikepen

There are many reasons to buy a Strike pen, for example, self-defense. Therefore, this product is more than a pen. Everyone can use these pens every day.

But this pen can play an important role in our life. Let’s find the features of Strikepen black.

Body of Strikepen Black

This product bears an aluminum-made alloy body and because of its alloy body, this pen is a durable product. Aluminum is a tough material. Therefore, it is even used in aircraft.

No wonder it makes this pen strong. Therefore, we can assure you that your writing experience will improve.

Knife- A self-defense tool

This tactical pen (strikepen) bears a knife. Therefore, one can use this pen as a self-defense tool while in an emergency, a knife can be a great helper. It is an essential survival tool.

One can use it as a self-defense tool. The durable body makes the process better.

Bottle Opener

The pen can also act as a bottle opener. You can open a bottle any time with this tool.

You can use this bottle opener tip for anything else. Every instrument of this pen has several uses.

Blade Screwdriver

Strikepen black also can be used as a flat-blade screwdriver or an Allen key. We sometimes know this thing is very important.

These can be used as a weapon also. You can attack any attacker by using these instruments.

LED Flashlight

You don’t need to carry a flashlight because you can easily use this pen. Strikepen has a LED flashlight as default.

It has batteries for lighting at any time. The importance of a functional flashlight is really hard to overstate.

Glass Breaker

You need to be prepared for different situations in your life. For example, you may have to ever break the emergency window and how to do it without risk of injury.

You will be glad to know that, Strike pen has a tungsten tip. One can use this tip as a glass breaker.

Pen with Spare Ink Cartridge

You will find a ballpoint pen on the tungsten tip. This means that the Strikepen tool not only looks like a regular pen but can actually be used as a pen.

With such a versatile tool, you don’t have to carry a separate pen in your pocket. If you run out of ink, you can easily reload this device using the backup ink cartridge.

Some Other Features

In this Strike pen review, you will know about the extra features of Strike pens which come after the main features. Why Strike pen is a self-defense tool besides a tactical pen? Are Strike pen-like other tactical pens?

People will find this pen as a multi-functional device where; the author of this product makes this as a self-defense pen and the strike pen carries a great thing which makes this pen the best tactical pen. This article will cover special items of this tactical pen.

DNA Collector Head

If the attacker is nearby, you can get DNA with a knife attack. If the attacker guy escaped, the secret service can found him by DNA.

Apesurvival Strikepen black is a product with self-defense elements. It is a great tactical pen for self-defense.

Excellent Grip

Apesurvival Strikepen black give you the best grip you can manage. This tactical pen is best for someone with a sweaty hand.

Apesurvival Strikepen black will give you more than any other tactical pens. A guy with a sweaty hand will help with this self-defense pen.My-Cellulite-Solution You Can Defend Yourself Always

Pocket Clip

The pocket clip of self-defense tactical pens is secure, as all other parts of Strikepen are black. ApeSurvival Strikepen has a very strong pocket clip.

The author Apesurvival used strong material to make this tactical pen. They don’t follow a normal ballpoint ink pattern.

Ape Survival- Author of Strikepen

The product Strikepen was created by Ape Survival which is a company that has been in existence since 2014 and Ape Survival sells high-quality survival tools at a reasonable price. They provide self-defense guides with every product.

Ape survival is available in many countries where They sell life survival products, including jungle survival and self-defense, and Strikepen is just one of their product. Separately, you will also find a black and original version of the product on the company’s website, both of which are multi-tool.

Who Should Use Strikepen?

Terrorist attacks are growing day by day when something can happen with anyone in our life but no one will help you at the tie. People’s choices are becoming cruelest most of the time.

Since the tendency to help each other is gone where no one comes forward which results in self-defense becomes a mandatory course for every people. Apesurvival thought about this and make Strikepen a self-defense tactical pen.

Tips to Use Strike pen

This Strike pen review clears that Strikepen is a weapon besides pen; therefore, people should be careful while using Strike pen. Firstly, one should take into account that using a pen for self-defense needs practice, whereas one has to take a course to ensure the best use of Strike pens.

Since the author of Strike pen Apesurvival, provides a copy of the guidelines for using this self-defense tactical pen, it’s not something to use in any situation. This weapon, on a bad hand, can cause something very bad.

Don’t tell anybody that you have this pen which it may go otherwise, while suggesting this to your closest person is okay. But sort people before announcing.


This article is about the Strike pen review and this product has some benefits where we will search the pros of this tactical pen. Don’t forget Strike pen is the best among other tactical pens.

The pros :

  • The material of the Strike pen is strong.
  • The price is low.
  • A legal weapon with a head driver.
  • A bright flashlight.
  • Glass breaker with a strong grip.


We know Strikepen has a bright light, good grip, light on the tip, so let’s talk something negative about Strikepen. This tactical pen has some drawbacks; therefore, this Strike pen review will give you more ideas.

The cons:

  • The glass-breaking method is not strong.
  • More price than other tactical pens.
  • Unclear guidelines are given about Strikepen.Strike Pen Buy Now

How to Buy This Pen?

According to the Strike Pen review, you can buy this pen from Apesurvival’s official site where Navigation is possible in any country, and the price is not more than other tactical pens. It is the best in the industry.

At first search the Apesurvival Strikepen product. Then choose the best affiliate advertising program and buy this pen.

Strike Pen Review-Does it Works?

According to the Strike pen review, this pen is better than other tactical pens on the market, but by using this low-price pen, you can save yourself from any attacker. But the strike pen is perfect for hand-to-hand combat where it will help you in a bad situation.

So Strike pen is a legit product. Therefore, people should buy it for personal use, and Strikepens are easy to hide. Surprisingly, you can take Strikepen with you wherever you go, but people would never suspect you. Even when they see it, they don’t really know it’s not a pen.

Is It Recommendable?

This product is highly recommendable. The pen can save you from an unfortunate attacker.

You can fight at least. Buy a Strikepen. It will increase your confidence.


Consider changing or editing your mind while reading this review. This pen is more than an ordinary pen. Besides being a pen, it is a self-defense weapon.

Everyone should have a Strikepen to be prepared for the worst situation. It’s a quick weapon when needed, and there are plenty of instruments in it.

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