Stroke by Stroke Review – Does it Work or Not?

Stroke by Stroke

Stroke by Stroke is the relationship advice guide written by Michael Webb.

The key point of the guide is that while sex is an important part of a modern relationship, people will often neglect other forms of sexual pleasure. This book seeks to teach you the proper techniques for giving a proper handjob.

Stroke by Stroke

The core tenet of the book is that most women do not know how to properly give their partner a handjob. It’s not something they’re used to doing, so it can take a long time to learn the technique. They can hold on too tightly, too loosely, or get the pacing all wrong. Stroke by Stroke wants to teach women the proper techniques for giving their partner a handjob and spicing up their sex life.

Stroke by StrokeThe book is broken down in to a series of simple steps to make learning as simple as possible. It begins by telling you exactly what you need to know before you start, like advice on lubricants. It also has advice on foreplay and getting him ready for the handjob, with a focus on three key techniques to get him going, as well as tips on using clothing and other objects to spice up your sex life.

Stroke by Stroke
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Webb also breaks down advice on the different focus parts of giving a handjob, because it’s not all just about the penis. In the guide he gives advice on:- the penis itself, with stroking advice, and brings attention to the corona and the frenulum of the penis, which are extra sensitive and deserve greater attention.- the scrotum, where he explains how to stroke, tickle, or otherwise touch it to make the experience even more enjoyable.- the perineum, the secret zone on a man below his scrotum, where touching this area will make his orgasm huge.- the thighs and stomach, where you’ll learn that these areas are sensitive, and with properly applied pressure and touch.- the anus, which can be a bit of a divisive areas, but some men love being touched there while receiving a handjob, and from there you can even reach the male G-spot.

Stroke by Stroke

One of the key tips that you’ll learn in this book is the secret erogenous zone on the man. Webb contends that most men don’t even know what or where it is, and when you touch it while giving a handjob it will greatly enhance the experience. He also lists several tips and tricks for increasing his pleasure, like tickling the balls, dirty talk, and some advice on common mistakes most women make.

The book by Michael Webb is a fairly comprehensive guide to giving your partner a handjob, and is especially useful for absolute beginners. There are some strange areas regarding using fruit and other objects, which may or may not work, it is an easy to read and easy to follow step by step guide that covers all the basics and much more, including how to get prepared, different positions, and different key techniques, so that even the most experienced will get something out of it.

New Update – August 2019

There are times that there is no contentment sexually in a relationship because the woman does not know how to perform properly particularly in handjobs. This is the primary reason why a lot of them compromise their whole relationship because they do not know how to improve.

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Stroke by Stroke

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