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Do you want to save your family from disaster? Are you looking for advice to deal with difficult life situations? If so, Survival Sanctuary is for you. Disasters can come anytime, but most people are not prepared for a disaster. That is why most families struggle in a crisis.

This survival Sanctuary review is for those looking for the best ways to learn safety techniques. As Covid19 ceases to exist in the world, it is more important now than ever to understand the importance of learning survival techniques.

What is Survival Sanctuary?

The Survival Sanctuary is a free pdf download that will allow you to learn more about food farming, electricity generation, freshwater production, and much more. The guide includes chapters focused on making electricity at home, raising food, preserving food, a simple aircon, storing water, and making traps and weapons.

Do-it-yourself techniques make it easy to prepare these tools. The book teaches all the self-made tools built on the SCARR principle- simple, Cheap, adaptable, resilient, and reliable. You will learn more about the real thing about this book after reading this review.

What is SCARR-Simple, Cheap, Adaptable, Resilient, and Reliable?

SCARR is the principle of the Survival Sanctuary. The author of this book used it as a guide for creating the projects included in Survival Sanctuary or DIY Sanctuary.

The theory says to keep things simple, cheap, adaptable, resilient, and reliable. They follow this principle to make this guide familiar to all.

All good things can be easily built with materials at lower prices. Designed to adhere to common principles, all of these items are also durable.

Creator of Survival Sanctuary

Mark Johnson and Lex Andrews are the men behind this survival book. Though they are from different working backgrounds, they work together on projects of this product.

Their creation, Survival Sanctuary Guide, is the most comprehensive guide. It will teach you more about the basics of survival techniques.

Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson is the CEO of Survival Sensai. He is a survival instructor, consultant, and director of the Survival Brain Trust.

As a survival instructor, he knows the strategies of survival. He and lex share these through Survival Sanctuary with the consumers.

Lex Andrews

Lex is a co-founder, avid blogger, and offline enthusiast for a graphic design studio. He is an architect who creat building designs.

He is a modern guy with no survival knowledge. The idea of Survival Sanctuary came to his mind when he met Mark Johnson.

The Story of James Miller

James Miller played a very important role behind Survival Sanctuary. He discovered a guide written by his father about homemade projects. The guide includes instructions on how to get a lot of creations from his father.

James Miller said the most ambitious projects his father undertook were a wooden hut to survive military aggression. James Miller kept that guide and published the family secrets with everyone through Survival Sanctuary.

What is in the Survival Sanctuary?

In this Survival Sanctuary review, you will know that this guide will teach you how to create many durable items to help you survive difficult times. There is much to learn from this guide.

This guide has several chapters. Every chapter describes a different survival technique to you. Let’s have a look at the chapters of Survival Sanctuary.

1st Chapter

In the first chapter of Survival Sanctuary, you will learn how to easily build your own home generator from used car parts. The chapter offers something more for you.

This guide also teaches the construction of a windmill, a water mill, and a solar power system at home by unused car parts. By windmill, you can generate 100 watts every day.

2nd Chapter

The second chapter is about growing your own food. You can grow your food in your room or rooftop. This chapter will teach you four gardening methods. These methods are given here-

  1. The Underground ‘Walipini’ Greenhouse
  2. Wicking bed
  3. Vertical garden
  4. Square foot garden

3rd Chapter

In this chapter of Survival Sanctuary, you will learn how to preserve food. You will not be using basic dryers freezers, freezers, or refrigerators. You create your own devices.

So for your electric dehydrator, you have a cheap solar dehydrator. Also, you will know more about the root cellar which is actually one of the oldest methods of storing food naturally.

4th Chapter

Here you will find an alternative to air conditioning. You will discover the creation of cheap and simple cooling equipment.

You will create air conditioning using terracotta and water. This way is better than the electric air condition.

5th Chapter

The fifth chapter of this safety product shows how to store freshwater over time. Water is an important survival element.

Storing water is during a disaster or when living off the grid should be a priority. Hence, they included construction projects for a water well, a rainwater collection system, a sandable filter, a cistern, a pipe system, and a hydraulic ram pump.

6th Chapter

Communication is an important thing in off-grid life. You have to communicate with people to survive.

Mark Johnson and Lex Andrews will teach you how to integrate your radio. They called it a “POW or Foxhole radio” that does not require electricity.

7th Chapter

Theft is a potential problem during a disaster. So it is important to protect your loved ones from any occurrence.

The chapter of the Survival Sanctuary is about how to create your own traps and weapons. You can make a bow, a three-pronged trap, a flamethrower, and more.

Bonuses with Survival Sanctuary

There are bonuses available with Survival Sanctuary. You will get these free bonuses with the content.

The creator of DIY sanctuary offers 3 bonus items with the Survival Sanctuary program. These bonuses are-

The Shoe Box Garden

The Shoe Box Garden program is about gardening at home. It teaches you to garden in a very small place.

Home gardening is very important for your family. It can help you with food supply in an emergency situation.

My American Castle

My American Castle is about protecting your home and family. We should be careful about any crises.

You have to find ways to protect your house. In this program, you will get techniques to prevent a home burglary during a crisis.

Home Energy Rescue Plan

Home Energy Rescue plan is about storing your energy. You have to save power for later.

This program will help to save electricity. If you can store the electricity, you can use it later.

How does Survival Sanctuary Work?

If you want to know how the Survival Sanctuary Guide works, you have to read Survival Sanctuary reviews. The techniques mentioned in the guide can be easily made with home materials.

If you want to be self-confident with common sense, you should try this survival course. This program has ways to make your life self-dependent.


  • This product is tested and not a scam.
  • Reviews say that this program will help you to store food and water.
  • You can make an electricity generator with this program.
  • It offers to do it yourself services.
  • Consumers will get a two-month trial.
  • The Survival Sanctuary offers several bonuses.


  • Survival sanctuary is digital-only.
  • Price is high compared to other products.

Survival Sanctuary Review- Scam or legit?

There is a lot of consumers sanctuary review of this product available on Youtube, Facebook page, and their website. There can be only one reason for this. Yes! this program is absolutely legit.

This Survival product is 100% safe. According to the review on the website, this program has no spam records. So, people can use it without any hassle.

How to Buy?

You have to buy Survival Sanctuary from their official website. You have to provide your email and password to open an account. Your password will be saved as site cookies.

Then they will send the product to your email address. You can access the product anytime as your details were saved on the site cookies.

Is this Product Recommendable?

According to the Survival Sanctuary review, this program is highly recommended. This program is at a reasonable price and not a scam.

After reading this review, go to their website and buy this program asap. Please don’t waste your time on fake things.


Survival Sanctuary is a program designed for people who want to prepare for a crisis. This is a great survival product to help you cope with difficult times.

On the bottom line, I want to say by purchasing this program, you will receive tips that will strengthen you to endure all the disasters in your life. Strength is one of the most important things for living an off-grid life.c

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