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This site is by Kevin Brown and it’s a swing trading site. He has 20 years of trading experience and shows his effective trading methods for getting real profits from the markets on the site. He has a book called Definitive Guide to Swing Trading Stocks where he provides great tips on swing trading.

Swing Trader Guide

The book and site is about giving solid advice on profitable trading and not by pretending to have secrets. He talks about using proven mathematical principles to make money consistently in the market place. Using the principles he can show people how he made money and be very successful in swing trading stocks. He explains why he has been winning as a trader and more importantly he explains how he did it.

The site and the book provides useful courses that provide great education to anyone who is interested trading education. They both talk about the basics rules of trading and learn what swing trading is all about. The book has an excel spread sheet that helps to keep track of your winners and looser trades that you had entered.  The excel spread sheet is always great for analysing your trading results. In the book he talks about importance of portfolio balancing, stop-loss strategy, profit taking, position size, and trading statistics.

Swing Trader Guide

Swing trading stock is one of the reliable ways to make money on the stock market and you don’t have to wait for a long while before your investments start bringing positive results. This is due to more profits are made if you traded the p and down swings versus if the stock was bought and held for a long period of time.

The cost of swing trading is much lower because commissions don’t start being generated on a daily basis making more efficient than any other day trading. As a result swing trading stocks make more money in less time and they are cheaper than other trading methods. Using the guide it will show how to maximise success in your swing trading career through learning how to spot and take advantage of the price savings in the market.



It is great for stock market beginners as well as experts as it adds value to the knowledge that was already present.

It will help to identify trending stocks in order to make the most from your portfolio at the same time reducing risk.

The book is value for money as it comes with:

  • Trading calculator
  • Trade planner
  • Trade simulator
  • Eight eBooks (7 Habits of a Highly Successful Trader; Trading the 10 O’clock Bulls; The 1-2-3 Trading Signal; The Penny Stock Trading System; Ultimate Trading Systems; Day Trading Mind; The Pocket Book of Economic Indicators; The E-Book of Technical Market Indicators; The E-Book of Technical Market Indicators)

The book is a result of years of experiments with various trading strategies. It has come from a lot of trial and errors that he later developed the methods that he is sharing in his guide. There is a lot of myths about swing trading but Kevin is able to dispel them and explain what it is. Through using a specific tested approach swing trading can be done successfully.

Swing Trader Guide Review: The Pros & Cons
Swing Trader Guide

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From the book he talks about a few laws of trading which are: keep your trading approach simple and a down to earth approach to trading.

From the book we get a new way at looking at the stock market. He covers all the mistakes that are made in swing trading and goes to explain how the people are able to make money successfully through the trading.

The book shows how to properly calculate all the methods listed in the book and you can utilize most of the trading software packages (megastork, TradeStation, Telecharts, eSignal/Advanced GET, Trade Navigator, Stockcharts.com, Incredible Charts, SwingTracker, AmiBroker, NinjaTrader, Spreadsheets)

About 10 – 20 trade signals, depending on the capital and market, are generated within a week. Swing trading can also be used for day trading depending on the daily chart price.

Get Swing Trader Guide
Get Swing Trader Guide

There is no minimal capital that is required for swing trading but the optimal amount should be around $ 5000 as this won’t be significantly affected by the cost of commission.

The stocks that are held for a swing trade are held for a period of 1 – 10 days depending on capital and market conditions. It takes 30 minutes per day to analyse stocks for swing trades so as to manage your current positions and look at new stocks for new trades.



  • Anyone can learn how to swing trade through the material provided by Kevin
  • More money is made in a shorter period of time through swing trade stocks than with day trades. As there are fewer commissions being paid out
  • The book is simple and concise and easy to understand
  • Through the guide book you will understand when is the best time to hold stock or to sell them.
  • With the knowledge acquired from the book, you can be involved with day trades as well.
  • There are people who made $ 5000 from $ 1000 using swing trade stocks.
  • There is a clear method to follow and the results gotten are from following the right path.
  • By reading the book and using the service any time you have a problem there is an excellent customer care team available to you to help with the problem.
  • With his 20 years’ experience you can leverage Kevin’s knowledge to make money through swing trading.
  • It only takes 30 minutes per day to look at how your stock is doing and for you to make a decision on what to do next.
  • There is an affiliate program available to encourage people to share the knowledge
  • Excellent client reviews on the website showing the product is viable and people all over the world are doing it.
  • The sample of the book is amazing as it gives you a glimpse of how the whole book will be and it does a great job encourage people to buy the book.
  • The course is affordable and the added advantage of having a money back guarantee makes this service the best option for swing trading stocks
  • In addition to the swing trading courses, he offers free course updates just in case the material becomes obsolete or something has changed in the market system and a new way of thinking is introduced. He will be constantly checking and revising his book and system to reflect what the market is right now and change it for the future.
  • The package is very affordable retailing at $ 97, which was once $ 675, which gives a lifelong membership with Kevin and endless supply of tips and ideas for what to do when it comes to swing trading.
  • You are able to personalize your design system as you are provided with trading methods of doing so. This way you are comfortable with the decisions that you make. In addition you can rely on trading methods that have been developed by others.
  • This system Kevin comes up with is a balanced approach that also offers flexibility while keeping things structured leading to success.
  • The system created works on non – US markets all over the world as long as there is free trade.



  • Very few people know about swing trading and looking for other experts in the field to check if the material is accurate is wrong.
  • Although this is touted as a guide for swing traders for beginners, it is mostly for experienced investors who ae able to understand the dynamics of the stock market in order to profit from it.
  • Despite him saying he has 20 years of experience in the stock market there is little information of Kevin on the internet to validate what he says.
  • After purchasing his book, there are other hidden additional costs that are included making the whole package become quite expensive in the end.
  • There is in success rate that has been mentioned as no one has independently reviewed the book.
  • It’s a new product and that is not easy to trust.

Swing Trader Guide


Swing trader guide is a great book by Kevin Brown, and it is worth the money that is paid for it. The book adds value to any trader who is involved in swing trading and offers supplementary software and other books with it. The supplementary materials are great as they help the traders or investors to completely understand what swing trading is all about and how to make the most money by holding stock rather by buying and selling.

Books that are backed with a money back guarantee are normally the ones you can trust as if the product or service doesn’t work for you, you can get your money back. This ensures that the author has gone out of his way to come up with tried and tested swing trading methods that would work for novices as well as experts.

The best part about Kevin’s ideas on his book is that his methods are adaptive to any kind of trader. If you are interested in oil stock, industrial stock or any other stock this product will work for you with little adaptation. You don’t have be confined in a certain field for you to make money.

The honest in the book is refreshing telling you that you won’t make millions in a few weeks but through a steady and gradual process you will start making consistent money that will later give you a fortune. I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in swing trading.

New Update – April 2019

Swing trading can be really hard especially if you do not have the fundamentals on how to trade successfully. Most often you will just lose your trades if you do not have any basic knowledge at all on the said field. But, if you are aware of all of the knowledge of Forex trading then you are in the right place because you will earn a lot of profit from Forex trading.

Thankfully a product which is focused on supporting you to become an expert in the said field has been created and is helping a lot of people since we posted this review. They have realized that such a product will help them to elevate their knowledge in swing trading.

Here are the following advantages that you will get if you will purchase this product:

  • You will have an understanding of the different techniques that you will need in order to profit from trades.
  • It will become your way in your desire to have financial freedom.
  • You will learn how to minimize your losses which will result in better profits.

So if you want to have a very great swing trading career then this product is definitely the best option that you should purchase!

Swing Trader Guide

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