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TACFIT Warrior

According to success and fitness coach scott sonnon, he has been able to summarise all models of freedom to 6 which he named the ‘6 degrees of freedom’, they are;

  • Up and down movement
  • Right and left movement
  • Forward and backward movement
  • Forward and backward bends
  • Right and left twisting
  • Right and left turning

Why the TACFIT warrior program is unique

Having met the criteria met by the founders of this program – scot and steven, they made the program unique by ensuring that it is able to take care of different aspects of body training.

That is why each aspect is limited to 20 minutes workout.

The reasoning behind the 20 minutes is that if you take your fitness seriously, you will be able to carve out 20 minutes of your time to perform each exercise on a weekly basis.

These 20 minute weekly routines are;

  • 20 minutes of cardio plus
  • 20 minutes of strength training plus
  • 20 minutes of agility training plus
  • 20 minutes of meditation and mental focus.

What is contained the program

The program has 12 components

Component #1; TACFIT warrior mission brief manual

This guide contains simple methods through which you can create a tougher mind and body. This is the most fundamental component of this program

Component #2; TACFIT warrior mission calendars

Component #3; 4-Day Diet Book.

If you want short term weight loss results with long term sustainability, then, this component is tailor-made for you.

In addition to helping you lose fat and gain muscle, it also helps you to improve your mental focus and emotional control.

This guide is not your typical diet program that specifies what you should eat and how to eat them, this component will teach you why you need its recommended type of nutrition.

 TACFIT Warrior What is contained the program

Component #4; TACFIT warrior wall charts.

As the name implies this is a guide on what exactly you should be doing a daily basis.

The chart has been through a lot of testing and refining, thus, all you need to do is to follow the instructions as laid out without having the need to tweak anything


Component #5; Stress Conversion Video.

Let us all face it; your body is always resistant to any form of stress except you force it.

This component consists of what the authors have called ‘prasara techniques’.

With these techniques, you will be able to maneuver your body to free up the energy you need to accomplish your unique goal of going through these exercises.


Component #6; Video Mission Briefing Instructional Library

This is a video training. It consists of 15 videos in all.

TACFIT Warrior Component #6; Video Mission Briefing Instructional Library
TACFIT Warrior by Scott Sonnon

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In each video, Scott goes through each level of each exercise in the program very thoroughly so that you will understand what your unique goal is and how to achieve it.

The videos can be downloaded, streamed or viewed on an ipad


Component #7;  Warm-Up And Cool-Down Instructional Videos.

Obviously, this component has 2 versions the warm up version and the cool down sections.

During the warm up section, you will need the temperature of your body.

Thus, there is an explanatory video of how you can accomplish this without incurring any injury and risking being affected with amnesia.

Similarly, there is a careful video explanation of the kind of movements you need perform after your warm up is over so that your body can re-adjust itself back to normal in a healthy manner.

TACFIT Warrior Component #7;  Warm-Up And Cool-Down Instructional Videos

Component #8; Follow-Along Mission Simulation Videos

This is a video training where Steven takes over and explains what you need to do to mentally prepare for your exercise and mentally adjust after your exercises.

This training will help you to always achieve peak performance during each of your workout section.

The videos are available in the same way as the component #7 videos, that is, streaming, downloading and on ipad


Component #9; Warm-Up And Cool-Down Simulation Videos

This is an extension of what component #7 teaches.

The warm up part of this video teaches you on how to give yourself a reason for going through this exercises and also itemizes the tools you will require to help you.

This warm up part is just 6 minutes long.

The cool down part is 7 minutes long. It teaches you how totally recover from your daily routine and also how to face any obstruction human or otherwise in a focus and clear manner


Component #10; Strain Prevention Video

The creators of this program recommend that this component be used as a complement to component #7 if your body can allow and as a replacement for component #7 if your body can not go through the rigors of component #7 exercises.

This is true since the warm ups in this component can be regarded as a basic version of the ones in component #7.

In this component, you will also discover the joint health program scot performs on a daily basis that keeps his body healthy even as a 40 year old


Component # 11; The Exclusive Warrior Sleep Program

This is an audio training. In this component, you will discover how make a 20 minute nap feel like hours of deep sleep. It is based on a technique used by ancient Indian warriors.

TACFIT Warrior Component # 11; The Exclusive Warrior Sleep Program
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It makes use of brain map responsible for the control of the human body. This brain map is called sensory/motor homunculus


Component #12; The Nine Secrets of The Samurai.

This is a guide that is based on teachings of the great samurai warrior Musashi Miyamoto

One big advantage of training in these 6 degrees is that you will be able to maintain a balanced body.

Also, you will not be at the risk of injuries nor overcompensations.

Overcompensations are injuries that occur when the same type movements are performed in the same planes on a daily basis.


Who is behind the the program

Scott sonnon and steven barnes are the men behind this program. Scott is a world champion in his field – martial arts. While steven is a master hypnotist.

 TACFIT Warrior Who is behind the the program


To enjoy the benefits of the TACFIT warrior program, you will have to invest the sum of $147



The program comes with a 60 days risk free guarantee


The TACFIT warrior program is a combination of video trainings and instructional guides that teaches you how to master your life in a healthy and sustainable way.

The 12 components are valued at a total cost of $599.

However, you can invest the sum of $147 to get the complete package.

It is worth repeating that if you feel that you are not getting the complete worth of your investment, you can simply order for a refund of your money provided you do so within 60 days of your order.

New Update – January 2019

It is given that we are not all born with a very good physique and strength because good genes are inherited. However, we can do something about ourselves to improve our physical state with the use of proper training. It does not matter what is our previous physique either thin or overweight because there is the right fitness program that suits us to transform ourselves for the better.

Because of the urge to become fit many people just suddenly do a certain workout routine and eventually fail because it is not the right routine for them. This is the common misconception of people regarding fitness they thought that if they do a certain routine they will successfully achieve their fitness goals.

However, this is not the case because every person has a fitness program that is suitable for them. Thankfully, “TACTFIT Warrior” program has been created because of this product people can achieve the fitness goals that they wanted because of the workout routines that are included in this wonderful product.

A lot of people have already tried it and it is proven that it really works. Right now, they already have their dream bodies that they are all wanting for. So if you want to be like them I advise you to buy this product immediately and see the difference on yourself!

TACFIT Warrior

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