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Since the verdict from many leading financial experts is that the US dollar will fall this year, this is a truly helpful guide on what to do to keep you and your family safe and secure

What is contained in the takeover survival plan?

The plan is divided into 5 different training modules. Each module is of equal importance to the other

What is contained in the takeover survival plan?

Training Module #1; Financial Forecasts and Preparedness. (Value; $99).

If you want to survive a crisis, your finances must be bouyant. It is a false sense of security if you believe that your money in your bank account or secret safe will be of help to you if there is an economic collapse.

To be sure you are finanacially empowered for the crisis ahead, you must know how to invest the money you have with almost zero risk.

This guide will expose you to the investments James has personally made over the last 5 years and the reasons why he chose those investment vehicles.

By having this information, you can then decide which investment vehicles will be a good fit for you and your loved ones.

This guide will expose to you to…

  • The most important investment james found
  • The ‘loophole’ about your savings account that can make you desire to empty it tonight
  • The checklist of James’ 8 investment tips that can come in handy during the time of crisis

With this module, neither you nor your family will be at the mercy of any government when the time of crisis comes.

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Training Module #2; Seal Secrets for Survival And Defense (Value; $49).

This guide gives a quick overview of the trainings by which navy seals fight and defend themselves.

You can also learn these training secrets no matter your size or age; it will be for your own good during the time of crisis.

This guide also exposes…

Takeover Survival Plan by James Wright Review: Read Before Buying
Takeover Survival Plan by James Wright

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  • The 6 tricks for crippling an attacker through the joint no matter the size of the attacker
  • How to easily weaken the positioning of your attacker
  • A ‘banned’ technique that is 10 times more effective than the biggest haymaker. This technique was banned because it was way too effective. Thus, it should be used only when you have no other choice
  • The body language of your attacker through which you will know their next move plus what to do before they make their move
  • The tactics known as ‘gutter brawl’ by which you can fight with multiple attackers at once
  • How to end a fight in under 10 seconds by targeting a ‘soft spot’. This becomes extremely helpful if you face a much larger attacker
  • James includes his 33 favourite moves that you can use on your attacker. Moves he will never expect you to make

Takeover Survival Plan

Training Module #3; The Ultimate Survival Food Guide (Value; $37)

Obviously, one of the items most treasured during the time of crisis is food.

An example of how important food is during the time of a crisis can be seen from the footage of hurricane Katrina.

There are ways to stock the right kind of foods without alerting the spy technology of the government since they are watching everybody’s moves.

In the ultimate survival food guide, you will also discover…

Get Takeover Survival Plan
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  • The 9 most common mistakes that can spell disaster for you and your family during the time of crisis. Sadly, most survival and preparedness’experts’ make these same mistakes
  • A checklist for 77 food items that will help you to survive for long periods during the time of crisis. James even includes the exact food items he stocks and why he stocks them
  • How to prepare your food without being worried about any disease causing bacteria or illnesses. James also includes his navy experience of how to prepare such foods even when there is no electricity
  • How to safeguard your stockpile against the attack of government agents particularly FEMA.

Takeover Survival Plan

Training Module #4; The Ultimate Survival Medicine Guide (Value; $37).

It is a proven fact that infection is the one of the leading causes of death during the time of crisis.

In order to avert this, you will need the right medical equipment.

Most of the time, people forget about having any medical equipment at hand.

In this guide, James will show you…

  • How to treat wounds even as you move from one place to another plus the cheap items to use in order to achieve this
  • The most effective ways of treating any kind of wound – gunshot wounds, stab wounds and other life threatening risks to life without the need to go to the hospital since there are no guarantees that hospitals will be opened during this times and even their medical items will have been stolen and the staff chased away or even killed
  • He also shows his own medicine kit which is useful both when inside the house or when on the move
  • How to identify the right kinds of plants which are useful for boosting immunity and treating infections

Takeover Survival Plan  Training Module #4; The Ultimate Survival Medicine Guide

Training Module #5; A True Survivalists Weaponry Guide (Value; $37).

If you are serious about protecting your family, then, you must have a wide range of weapons at your disposal.

The usual weapons – guns and knives will not be enough when there are lots of attackers. In this guide, you will discover…

  • The list of weapons you must have as well as the list of weapons you can make at home by yourself
  • This list of made at home weapons include but not are not limited to thermite bombs, and pepper spray. These home-made weapons can be made from the list of items you already have at home
  • The kind of guns you must have and where you should hid them. Plus, you will know how to pick the right kinds of guns
  • Plus a lot more

Takeover Survival Plan  Training Module #5; A True Survivalists Weaponry Guide


The takeover survival by James Wright  plan comes with 8 bonuses

These bonuses are worth a total value of $236 in value

BONUS #1 – THE SEAL DAILY FITNESS PROGRAM. This is a video and consists of james’ daily exercise regimen which helps his physical fitness

BONUS #2 – BUILDING A FORTIFIED AND INDESTRUCTIBE BUNKER. This is a guide  and it consists of diagrams and other necessary information you will need to build yours





BONUS #7 – DIY WATER PURIFICATION PLANS. VALUE $17. This is a guide that shows you how to create a water filter from your trash can.

BONUS #8 – TRUE SURVIVAL PLANS AND VEGETATION. VALUE $17. This is a guide that consists of lots of plants you can eat during the time of crisis.


This is a truly valuable material that will be of tremendous help during the time of crisis.

It is rated an 8.5 out of 10

New Update – June 2019

It will be difficult if you do not possess the knowledge in crisis situations and it mostly occurs unexpectedly. Most basically if it occurred within your place it is crucial that you have the knowledge on how to surpass it because the welfare of you and your family is at risk.

We must be thankful because a product has been created which the primary purpose of training people the important survival techniques through an effective training guide. Since we posted this review a huge number of people have used it to keep their families safe.

Here are some of the advantages that you can acquire if you will purchase this product:

  • You will feel very secure every time because you have the knowledge that everyone must-have.
  • You will possess the peace of mind that you and your family are always secure to those kinds of scenarios.
  • Your overall health will greatly improve because the physical activities that you will perform when you buy this product are really beneficial for your health.

So if you have the urge to gain fundamentals of the survival techniques keep in mind that this product will truly be helpful! I guarantee that you will not regret purchasing this product.
Takeover Survival Plan

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