The Flight System Review – Does it Work or Not?

The Flight System

High school can be one of the hardest time of a young guy’s life. Now, as an adult you may trivialize all the worries you had to deal with – like making the soccer or basketball team or scoring your first girl as your friends prod you on. So while those challenges may seem insignificant to adults, it can make or mar your growing up years.

You’re probably wondering what I’m getting into going back on Memory Lane. I just wanted you to understand the background to my perspective first. Sports is not just about competing against another person or team, it is also about staying on top and always raising the bar.

The Flight System

This brings me to the most delightful thing I like to watch in basketball games – the incredible dunks that send the whole court cheering. I used to watch in both admiration and jealousy as my favorite athletes made those amazing dunks but I alwayscomforted myself that their height helped them.

Now,  I know that was a compensatory mechanism to make me feel better since I didn’t get into my high school basketball team because the coach said I was too short. It still hurts thinking about it now. My growth spurt actually waited until college to show up but by that time I had decamped to being just a fan.

So,  you should get where all these my emotions are coming from. I mean if I had discovered this Flight System course by Chris Barnard at that time, I would have been able to prove that my snobbish coach wrong.

How do those amazing dunks happen?

To the unpracticed eye watching a game,  it may seem pretty simple that the players just jump and aim but it goes beyond that.

The movement they attempt is known as a vertical jump.

I don’t know if you have ever noticed a natural thing about humans. When you are trying to make a jump,  it is quite hard keeping your body vertical. As your body will tend to bear down on its own.

That’s your body’s natural way of protecting itself against injuries because you know jumping that high and straight is not one of the natural body movements.

The Flight System How do those amazing dunks happen

So, you get it now that athletes actually have to push themselves beyond their natural body limit to achieve this vertical jump.

This natural body limit or block is referred to as the Golgi Tendon Organs.

Here on this program, Chris Barnard is promising that you can achieve the vertical jump at an optimum level regardless of your weight, height and size. So,  you see my beef against that my high school coach is justified. He didn’t know how to work with me!  Okay,  let me focus and not just make this about me alone.

Launching the Vert Release in 4 Steps

So Barnard has put all what you need to execute your ‘vert release’ as he terms it.

Step 1- Stretch Reflex

Remember the tendency I mentioned earlier about instinctively shrinking when you are about to attempt a jump instead of stretching?

To get the perfect vert release, you would have to work on stretching and lengthening your muscles.

Step 2 – Improving the stretch shortening cycle

Since your body is naturally not that way, it’s normal for your muscles to retract after a stretch or not even stay stretched for the duration of time you need it to do so.

That’s why Chris Barnard has included this important step in his program.

The Flight System Improving the stretch shortening cycle

Step 3 – Increasing your motor unit recruitment

Okay,  that sounds a bit off. I had to read that aspect slowly to comprehend it and make sure I haven’t delved into engineering already.

This is all about how your muscles work and how to improve on the contraction rate.

Step 4 – Increasing your rate of force development

If you are always a second too late, your vertical jump skills won’t matter. So,  this part is something most basketball players or other sports requiring this skill won’t want to miss out on.

You will be able to use your muscles at a strong and fast concentrated force.

 The Flight SystemGet The Flight System Here

More Highlights of the Course

Tips on training

As an athlete you would obviously realize that your training matters when it comes to your performance.

This Flight System by Chris Barnard prepares you just for that. You will be learning how to adapt your training to include your vertical jumping and realize it within a few weeks.

Get to jump even higher

I said it earlier that for most athletes, when you are your own competition you have to keep raising the bar for yourself.

So getting on the vertical jump won’t be your end point. You will also learn how to add even more inches to your vertical jump.

The Flight System

Identifying the 3 jumping mistakes

I can feel this aspect personally because even though I didn’t make the pro team that didn’t stop me from still playing basketball on my street.

The day I jumped and sprained my ankle will not leave my memory in a jiffy. I knew I did something wrong but I couldn’t place it. That even happens to the pro players too.

The magic ‘do’ before the game

Apart from psyching yourself before a game, there is something you can do just five minutes before a game that would ensure an increase in your vert release.

Barnard is keeping this secret close to this chest. So I guess we would all have to sign up to find out what the magic is all about.

Getting key drills to increase leg strength

I have been talking about jumping all the while and you know it’s all about the strength in your legs. Because you’re not a bird with wings, you would have to focus on building your leg strength.

That is why this is a major focus in this course.

The Flight System Getting key drills to increase leg strength

Using your vertical power for fluid movement

In the end raising your vert release would not only help you get that dunk. Remember, you would have to outplay those rock solid defenders first.

As your vertical power is increased, you would also be lighter and swifter on your feet and move in a dizzying circle around the defenders and while they are still reeling, you have your dunk in already!

And there is so much more to discover on this course!

Pro coaching

This is not just some textbook approach that has not been practiced on the court of play. It actually took Barnard many years or should I say most of his career to discover the secret of increasing your vertical jump.

So,  you can rest assured that you would be in professional and trusted hands that would guide you alright.

This is why he has amazing feedback from athletes he has coached who reported adding inches to their vertical jump or others restarting a forgotten ball play dream. Hmmm, I guess there’s also hope for me. I may not make the NBA but who knows, you might just see my name in neon lights one of these days.

The Flight System Pro coaching

Ease of access

Finding a coach can be a chore but finding a great coach can be nearly impossible especially when you want someone who can guide you to the next level, you desire.

Here, you are not limited by time, distance or location. You can get all of these training with the resources provided digitally and you can always have them at your arm’s reach to make reference to.

 The Flight System

So what are you waiting for?

I know I sounded like I was unsure at the start. I was just going through the product page because my eyes tend to catch anything that has to do with my favorite sport. I wasn’t intending to get it for myself.

But with all I have discovered, I believe no knowledge is lost. Who knows, I may be coaching my own son in the not too distant future.

And it looks pretty much affordable compared to what many have to pay for this kind of solution.  So,  I’m giving my word that the Flight System is a great bargain for great value.

New Update – March 2019

A number of people that wants to become great in basketball really want to have a high vertical jump to dunk or to dominate the game. However, not all people have such innate athletic ability this is the main reason why people are trying hard to achieve that high vertical jump but eventually become not successful.

Thankfully, this product has been created because of this product a lot of people have increased their jumping abilities. Since I posted this review several months ago many became professional athletes because of their impressive vertical jumping skill.

Not only basketball but it can also be used for other types of sports as well that is why your money is really worth it once you buy this.

Here are the following benefits that you can get if you buy the product:

  • Your vertical jump will greatly improve because of the techniques that you will learn from this product.
  • Your overall health will greatly improve because of the natural techniques from this product.
  • Your friends and other players will be impressed with your new improvement.

So if you want to bring your A-game to all kinds of sports then this product is will bring the best in you!

 The Flight System

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