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The Jump Manual

The Jump Manual by Jacob Hiller is a program that offers training .Its effective to basketball,football,volleyball and even athletes for improved vertical jump.It offers right principles and techniques for a fruitful training as compared to other training programmes. Its compatible with most platforms such as Linux ,Windows.It helps optimize strength and quickness within a few weeks of proper training.

The Jump Manual

The Jump Manual consists of multiple variables that will help increase performance by offering right attitude to trainees and they include:

· It has complete training video library for every exercise and you are able to observe as you perform .

· Through an email the Jump Manual offers one on one training information and helps raise trainees confidence.

· It offers a nutrition manual for the right diet that will increase weight for strength and muscle development.

· The Jump Manual by Jacob Hiller  has a complete work out chart where a trainee is able to observe results after each training exercise.

· The program does not require an athlete to have a weight room as it is able to offer other options for those without access to a weight room making it best option .

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The Jump Manual is highly recommended for its effective results and customer satisfaction. Also it provides guidelines in training forums that are the best for every athlete.Furthermore it offers one on one interviews from coaches and professional athletes who have used it in training and found it the best ,due to the increase of vertical jump achieved with a short span of time.

Guidelines are also offered whereby a trainee can make a nutrition centre that can used even incase of travelling .It also recommends best diets that can get you immediate gains for toning of body and muscle development.If the trainee has difficulties in any vocabulary a glossary is provided so that the best results are achieved.

The Jump Manual Review

The Jump Manual covers all aspect of training that ensures a vertical jump is achieved. It helps build stability and flexibility. The persistent training improves the muscles and they are not susceptible to injuries and they can withstand harsh conditions. Upward propulsion is increased due to the power to build and balance raised. Also, confidence is build and the trainee will be competitive in all occasions due to the increased performance.

The Jump Manual increases neurons sensitivity and can be used by persons of any age and has no age limits.It can be used by trainees for competitive and recreational purposes at home.

New Update – March 2019

A lot of aspiring basketball players are really wanting to have a high vertical jump to dunk or to dominate the game. However, not all of us are born with such athletic ability this is the main reason why people are trying hard to achieve that high vertical jump but eventually fail

Thankfully, a product which is called “The Jump Manual” has been created because of this product a lot of people have increased their jumping abilities. Since I posted this review several months ago many became professional athletes because of their impressive vertical jumping skill.

Not only basketball but it can also be used for other kinds of sports such as football, volleyball, tennis, and etc.

Here are the following benefits that you can get if you buy the product:

  • Your vertical jump will greatly improve because of the techniques that you will learn from this product.
  • Your overall health will greatly improve because of the natural techniques from this product.
  • Your friends and other players will be impressed with your new improvement.

So if you want to bring your A-game to all kinds of sports then this product is definitely the best one for you!

The Jump Manual

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