The Lost Ways 2 Review – Works or Just a SCAM?

The Lost Ways II The Best Survival Guide

Have you ever thought about what you would do if disaster strikes? So, how would you survive a typhoon, a cyclone, an economic crisis, an adverse war, diseases, an earthquake, and related episodes? In short, what would you eat or drink? Where would you hide or live, or how would you make a quick shelter?

Fortunately, the Lost Ways 2 program book promises to help you with ways to survive skills. The Lost Ways 2 program will prepare you and your family to survive. But, read the Lost Ways 2 review presented here for you to decide.

What is The Lost Ways 2 by Claude Davis?

What is The Lost Ways 2 by Claude Davis

The Lost Ways 2 is a 300-page survival guidebook by Davis that teaches people to bring back the lost survival techniques of America’s ancestors. It also provides tips on foods and superfoods that may help people survive.

For instance, if there are any disease conditions, war, terror attacks, famine, economic crises, cyclones, typhoons, and natural disasters. Further, still, Lost Ways 2 says you need survival skills used by America’s forefathers like planting seeds, natural treatments, and building houses.

Who is the Author of The Lost Ways 2?

A review of the Lost Ways 2 says the author of the book is Claude Davis. The creator, Claude Davis, is also the author of The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies – with Dr. Nicole Apelian.

He lives a self-sufficient life using the survival guides. Davis built a log house on his own, where he lives with his family.

How Does the Lost Ways 2 Survival Guide Book Work?

The Lost Ways 2 survival book teaches you how to grow plants. You plant the superfoods to help cure your heart problems, diabetes, and other infections.

The survival eBook helps you to plant the natural painkiller foods from your ancestors. Are you worried about an Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack? You learn to build a log house and survive an EMP.

Features of The Lost Ways 2 Book

The Lost Ways 2 Features of The Lost Ways 2 Book

When you buy the 300 pages Lost Ways 2 book, you learn secrets previously unknown by modern people. Here is an insight into some things you will find in the book.

1.A lost super-food to bullet bulletproof you against any food shortage or famine

Apparently, the Incas used this food over 6 centuries ago. NASA rediscovered and used it to feed its astronauts.

The Incas stored it in holes for about ten years and survived a drought while eating it for four years. Therefore, if the Incas and the astronauts survived on it, you and your family can survive too?

2.A staple meal food used during the great depression

Here, discover how to make lard the right way. And know how to preserve meat in lard in mason jars for over 2 years without refrigeration.

Apparently, the meat remains fresh all the time. Plus, it’s tasty and mouth-watering, and you can’t get it anywhere else.

3.The Lost Samurai superfood

The vicious Samurai invented the Samurai food. It developed out of war and necessity.

And it’s rich in nutrients plus probiotics. The food helped the Samurai survive for long periods of war without starving.

4.Building log houses method used by the pioneers who settled in the West

Use this method to build your log cabin for shelter in a crisis. Still, you can use it for your holidays and enjoy the happiness of a simple life.

Learn from Kaylee, who started building her log cabin a few weeks ago using the method. She has spent about $500 and is almost done

5.Master the lost skill of wild plants

Learn the power of plants as food and medicine sources. And borrow from native Americans’ use of over one thousand plants for many foods in crisis.

This chapter is the biggest and contains all the edible and medicinal plants. And learn how to store the foods in pit holes for long.

6.How to test the edibility of plants with 100% confidence

How do you know which plant to eat or avoid? Here, you learn how the forefathers tested plants for edibility with 100% confidence. And they stored them in pit holes for survival.

This Lost Way 2 method reveals it, so you eat the right ones. And you learn to practice the process now, in the wild or your backyard, before crisis strikes.

7.Pioneer’s ways of hunting, preserving, and use of its other parts

Discover how the people from the Wild West hunted deer and butchered them. Then, learn how tanned hides without chemicals.

More still, know which parts of a deer are fit for various preservation methods. Finally, learn how to make tallow, a knife handle, glue, a bowstring, or a needle.

9.Rediscover how to get the highest purity charcoal and turn it into activated charcoal

Get the knowledge to use activated charcoal to build yourself a simple-reliable water filter to clean 800 gallons of water. And turn charcoal from a charcoal kiln into activated charcoal, the old fashion way.

Ultimately, your loved ones and family get healthy-clean water supplies. And you will survive when all water sources get contaminated with mud and diseases.

10.Making activated charcoal pills for medicinal purposes

Want to make charcoal pills to treat various ailments, food, and chemical poisoning? Interestingly, you can make charcoal gas masks to include in your stockpile.

In fact, you can use charcoal pills for indigestion, lowering cholesterol levels. Still, learn ways to store the natural pills in your log house cabinet.

Which bonuses does the author provide?

And getting the Lost Ways 2 guarantees you two bonus books below.

1.” How to Become Self-Sufficient On 4 Acres of Land

The Lost Ways 2 How to Become Self-Sufficient On 4 Acres of Land

Do you wish to become self-sufficient on 4 acres with a self-sufficient homestead? Learn how to build and divide the 4 acres of land into small portions.

Interestingly, you learn how to build a water store, filter rainwater, preserve food, and defend your home. More still, you can make a small medicinal garden in your backyard.

2.”What Do You Need to Have Ready Before An EMP”

The Lost Ways 2 What Do You Need to Have Ready Before An EMP

You learn the 43 things you need to have ready before an EMP hits America. This is because many disasters have come before and found people unprepared.

Supposedly, the ways give the most practical and accurate survival skills. Apparently, the information is from people leaving off the grid. And, they will teach you to become self-sufficient.

Frequently Asked Questions During the Lost Ways 2 Review

In summary, almost all reviews found users who sought answers seeking information or news about the Lost Ways 2 book.

This Lost Ways 2 review provides all information that we got as part of the Lost Ways 2 program books’ review.

Who can use The Lost Ways 2 book?

This book would benefit the following groups

1.Adventure seekers and survivalists

2.Preppers and History lovers

3.Practitioners of sustainable tourism

4.Missionaries taking the gospel to different remote areas

Is the Lost Ways 2 program legit or a scam?

The Lost Ways 2 review tested if this is a scam. For those who like investing in disaster preparedness, then this program book is a great read.

The book author, Claude Davis, wrote the Lost Ways book earlier. According to the Lost Ways 2 customer reviews, the paperback book and eBook provide practical ancestors’ survival skills.

How do I access The Lost Ways 2 program?

Some websites review and claim you can download Claude Davis’ The Lost Ways 2 for free. From the bait to–click menu, menu, toggle search, to false claims, and use of scam fear factor, just take care.

Download the genuine product from the official website only. Only then will you get the 60-day money guarantee on the survival skills book.

Does Lost Ways 2 have a money-back policy or guarantee?

Indeed, the creators give people a 60-day money back guarantee for the items. Interestingly, the Claude Davis price offers you a handshake money back guarantee. Plus, an option to send unlimited emails to his email address for any clarification.

Of note, the paperback book and the digital book cost the same. Any refund request on the Claude Davis contents will be in 24 hours.

Final Words

The Lost Ways 2 Buy Now

The Lost Ways 2 book is a fun book taking you to the pre-civilization days. Additionally, it reveals survival of the fittest skills plus self-healing. During the Lost Ways 2 review, we found customers saying The Lost Ways 2 program is worth it since it gives you ways to survive the unknown.

The Lost Ways 2 skills help you stay fed, safe, and ready. The Lost Ways 2 also provides a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you wish to boost your survival knowledge and become self-sufficient, the Lost Ways 2 program is the deal.

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