The Secret of Deliberate Creation Review – It Is Effective?

The Secret of Deliberate Creation

The Secret of Deliberate Creation is authored by Dr. Robert Anthony. It is a self-development program in audio format that is meant to help its listeners in the attainment of their lifelong goals. Dr Anthony is certainly qualified to teach a subject such as this, for he has a Behavioral Psychology Doctor of Philosophy degree.

In addition he has also been a practitioner of NLP, a psychotherapist, a trainer for personal performance, and a master hypnotist. He also devoted thirty years of work in studying and researching the mysteries and potentials of the human mind.

The Secret of Deliberate Creation

In this program, he thoroughly explains the nature of the Law of Attraction, as well as Life’s Natural Laws. This is an essential part of his audio course, because if the listener does not understand these laws completely, they can also turn against him and work in destructively. These two concepts are the backbone of creating your future and destiny in life.

In this program, emotions play a major and important role, and Dr. Anthony excellently explains how. Emotion has a direct impact on life and how it is experienced. It is also a major factor in creating wealth, health and happiness.

The secret key to deliberately creating what you want in your life, says Dr. Anthony, is to employ the Law of Attraction. Thoughts that are strong and dominant will ultimately manifest in the physical plane. If the desire or intention is not strong enough, or if it is not adequately and clearly defined, then the dream will not materialize.

The Secret of Deliberate Creation Review - It Is Effective?

This is one of the key concepts that I have found very helpful in the audio sessions. I have desired things in the past, but I did not manifest them because of fear, uncertainty, or because I had unclear intentions. In those times when I wanted them badly and had clear intentions, I doubted the universe or my own worthiness to have them in my life.

 First step

So the first thing to do is to have a definite, concrete and specific desire. Dr. Anthony has been very helpful in helping listeners attain this step.

Second step

Next is to understand how to make the Law of Attraction work to manifest this desire. This step is a mental and emotional technique wherein affirmations, clarity of thought and clear intending are incorporated.

The Secret of Deliberate Creation Second step

 Third step

This last and final step is to manifest the desire through action. You must act as if you already have what you desire, and that the universe deems it fit to give it to you. Thinking and emotions are not enough; one must align the body through right action.

Dr. Anthony discusses a lot of illuminating topics by which these steps can be achieved. He explains in layman’s terms how to understand Quantum Physics and the Law of Attraction. He gives the key needed to create a brighter future. He discusses how the collective consciousness affects one’s thinking and manifestation of desires. He attunes his listeners to their internal guidance systems and how to flip switch their minds and open it to the universe of possibilities. He teaches listeners how to know what they really desire. He points out the way how to perform right action.

And ultimately, he teaches how to design one’s personal life and lead it to its peak performance and fulfillment. This is what I find most rewarding about this program. Others may find flaws with it, but if there ever was, they are minor and do not diminish its effectiveness and profundity in any significant way. Slowly but surely, the course showed me how to firmly understand the Law of Attraction and make it actually work in manifesting my goals.

New Update – February 2019

A lot of us, at one point in time, experiences the so-called “identity crisis” and when we experienced it we are really lost in terms of our goals. This is probably one of the most difficult periods in our life that we must surpass.

This usually happens between the ages of 20 to 40 years old. Since I posted a review about this product several months ago a lot of people’s identity crisis problems are resolved without any hassles. Here are the following benefits that you can expect if you buy the product:

  • You will have a stable state of mind which will result in much better decision making.
  • You will have clear goals imprinted in your mind which will give you a lot of chances of achieving those goals.
  • The positive mindset within yourself will significantly improve which will give you a lot of motivation to achieve your dreams and aspirations successfully.

If you are serious in getting yourself at the right track then this product is the perfect one that you should buy. I advise you to buy it now until it is not yet too late because it is one of the best in the market right now.
 The Secret of Deliberate Creation

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